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Chapter 442: Changed Back

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Xue Fanxin slept for a long time and did not wake up for an entire day and night. As they had encountered this scene previously, Xue Batian and the others were not worried. Anyway, they knew that she was safe, and that was enough.

On the other hand, Little Lei hid in the small room after transforming into his dragon form. He could only move his body slightly. When he woke up, his entire body was numb.

“Grandpa Xue, didn’t you say that you wanted to take me out for a walk at night? But you fell asleep.”

“If I fell asleep, can’t you wake me up? Who asked you to fall asleep too?”

Initially, the two of them had agreed to go out for a walk at night. Perhaps it was because too much had happened recently and they had eaten too much, but in the end, the man and dragon both slept soundly. They only woke up late the next morning. The sky was already bright, so how could they go out for a walk?

“Then let’s go for a walk tonight. Anyway, it’s already past noon. It won’t be long before the sky turns dark. When the time comes… Hehe, it’ll be easier to do things when the sky turns dark.” Xue Batian smiled slyly.

Little Lei was rendered speechless. “Grandpa Xue, we’re just going out to take a walk and get some fresh air. We’re not going to do anything bad. Can you not smile so evilly?”

“Did I?”

“You did.”

“Then you must be mistaken.”

“…” Little Lei was even more speechless. However, he was already used to Xue Batian’s unruly personality. He felt that such an old man was more interesting, unlike others who always looked blank.

When Xue Batian was in a good mood, he was definitely an old urchin, so he was very playful. He gave people a comfortable and energetic feeling.

“Little Lei, we can’t sleep anymore tonight. Even if we want to sleep, we should go out for a walk first before sleeping. Speaking of which, do you know how to fly? If you can’t fly when the time comes, that won’t be fun.”

“Who said that I can’t fly? Even if I don’t transform into a dragon, I can still fly. I’ll take you flying as much as you want.”


“It’s more real than a pearl!” Just as Little Lei was bragging, he suddenly felt that something was wrong with his body. The powerful force in his body seemed to be slowly digested. Then, his body became smaller before returning to human form. He reverted to that handsome young man’s appearance.

“Eh, I changed back!”

“Why did you change back?” Xue Batian asked in disappointment. “Then can you change again?”

“I don’t know. I’ll try.” Little Lei tried to transform back into a dragon, but it was useless. He could not change at all. He could only maintain his human form now. “Grandpa Xue, I don’t think I can transform into a dragon for the time being.”

“Can’t change?”

“I can’t change.”

“If you can’t transform into a dragon, how are we going to stroll around tonight?”

“Even if I don’t become a dragon, I can take you for a walk!”

“That’s boring.”

“How is it boring?”


Xue Fanxin came out of the space and happened to hear Xue Batian and Little Lei bickering. Seeing Little Lei back to normal, she said happily, “Little Lei, you’re finally back.”

“That’s right! I transformed back. I don’t know why, but I changed to my human form. Furthermore, I can’t become a dragon. How strange.” Little Lei had a puzzled expression. He was depressed that he could not transform freely, but this was only a small matter to him. As long as no one despised him and did not abandon him, it was fine.


“In short, it’s good as long as I can change back. Otherwise, it’ll be very troublesome.”

Just as Xue Fanxin heaved a sigh of relief, Fuyun knocked on the door and entered to report. “Your Highness, the emperor is here. He wishes to see you.”

“He came pretty quickly.” Xue Fanxin was not surprised that Heavenly Saints Emperor had come to see her as if she had expected it.

If she did not appear, Heavenly Saints City would continue to be in chaos. There was also the matter of the three great sects. It would be strange if Heavenly Saints Emperor was not anxious!

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