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Chapter 474: You're the Most Useful

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A bright red spider lily entered Xue Fanxin’s consciousness just like that, but no one noticed that in the center of the spider lily, a beautiful woman in a red dress had slowly opened her eyes. She looked at the world in front of her in confusion and listened to the faint sounds in her surroundings. Her mind was blank, but soon, she closed her eyes and resumed her sleep.

Xue Fanxin had already left her sea of consciousness and returned to her main body. When she opened her eyes, she saw Little Lei staring at her. The young man’s clear eyes were filled with sincerity.

“Hey, you’re finally awake. You frightened me and Master just now. How can you faint just like that? How useless.”

Although Little Lei was saying mean things, his tone was filled with concern.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’m useless. You’re the most useful,” Xue Fanxin retorted warmly. The feeling of being cared for made her feel happy. She swore to protect the people who had given her happiness.

She had a big heart and wanted everyone who loved her and the people she loved to be happy. Yet it was also very small. It could only contain the people she cherished. She couldn’t care less about the others.

The wisp of divine sense that Ye Jiushang had sent into Xue Fanxin’s consciousness had also returned. He first took a deep breath and adjusted the spirit energy in his body before opening his eyes. When he saw that Xue Fanxin was arguing with Little Lei, he was finally relieved.

After this incident, he understood that no matter how hard he tried to protect her, it was not as effective as Xin’er becoming stronger herself. Only when she got stronger could those monsters not hurt her.

It seemed like he had to spend more effort on Xin’er’s cultivation path.

“My injuries are alright now. Let’s return to the Lord’s Estate,” Ye Jiushang suddenly said.

Xue Fanxin was still bickering with Little Lei. Just as things were getting heated, she heard Ye Jiushang say that he wanted to go back. The duo did not react and stared at him in a daze.

“Ah Jiu, didn’t you say that you wanted to play here for a few more days? Why have you suddenly decided to go back?”

“I want to settle the things here as soon as possible, then take you to the Mystic World. Only by going there can you really come into contact with the cultivation path, improving faster. Let’s go, we’ll go back now.”

Ye Jiushang got Little Lei to cast a spell to bring them back to the Lord’s Estate.

Of course, Little Lei followed the orders. Although he still wanted to play, he had to listen to his master. He could only take them to the Lord’s Estate.

The Lord’s Estate was not calm at this moment.

In the battle between Ye Jiushang and the Lord of the Nether City, half of the Lord’s Estate had been destroyed. Such a huge commotion would definitely attract the attention of quite a few people in Heavenly Saints City. If not for the fact that Xue Fanxin had caused a scene previously and that the Heavenly Treasure Trading Company, the four great clans, and even the three great sects stood up for her, after something happened to the Ninth Lord’s Estate, some restless people would have already acted. There were some exceptions though

Over the past two days, Bai Wuchen had been visiting Xue Fanxin, but he was rejected for all kinds of reasons. Today was already the third time he had come to seek an audience. The outcome was still the same. In a rage, he barged into the Lord’s Estate.

Zhuri led people to stop Bai Wuchen, but they were no match for him. All the Night Shadow Guards were beaten to the ground.

“I just want to see your consort. Can’t I do that?”

“The consort didn’t say that she wanted to see you, so that means no.” Even if Zhuri had been defeated, he did not compromise. He glared at Bai Wuchen, looking like he could rush up and fight at any moment.

“What if I must see your consort today?”

“Then step over my corpse.”


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