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Chapter 509: Everyone Exhausted

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Xue Fanxin had killed a total of five Asura Warriors. There were five left, and they were dealt with by Ye Jiushang, Little Lei, Ruying, and Suixing. Apart from Ye Jiushang, the others were all fighting one-on-one. It was not too strenuous. Everyone could handle it. If they couldn’t, they would hide. Anyway, those Asura Warriors were not high in intelligence and only knew how to fight.


Ye Jiushang did not want to waste time with these Asura Warriors. Earlier, as the opponents had numbers on their side, he could barely deal with them. Now, there were only two. He could exhaust the power of these two Asura Warriors quickly.

Every time the Asura Warriors attacked, they would consume a lot of energy. Ye Jiushang would take the initiative and let the Asura Warriors launch frequent large attacks to increase their consumption.

The Asura Warriors had been dealing with Ye Jiushang for a long time and spent a lot of energy. Now, they were frequently launching powerful attacks. Their reserves were running low. Especially the two who were fighting Ye Jiushang, they used up their energy in less than fifteen minutes. One moment, they were still alive and kicking, and the next moment, they collapsed and died.

After dealing with the two Asura Warriors, Ye Jiushang went to help Little Lei before assisting Ruying and Suixing. None of the Asura Warriors had much energy left. If everyone worked together, they could easily deal with them.

After the battle ended, Little Lei was so tired that he sat on the ground and said while panting, “I’m beat. These Asura Warriors are inhumane. I had to fight them to death to exhaust them.”

“They’re not human to begin with.” Ruying and Suixing were sprawled on the ground. Forget about them, even their incomparably powerful master was worn out from tonight’s battle. They were all drained.

It seemed that the Asura Hall was not weak. They had only sent ten Asura Warriors over, yet they were forced to this extent. If they went all out, they really did not know if their Nine Cloud Palace could defeat them.

Although Ye Jiushang was worn out, he did not rest. He quickly came to Xue Fanxin’s side and sat on the ground with her in his arms. He checked her physical condition and was only relieved after confirming that she had just overexerted herself.

In this battle, everyone consumed a lot of energy. If not for Xin’er helping them deal with the five Asura Warriors, they would still be fighting. They did not know the final outcome, but it would not be good.

“Xin’er, thank you!” Ye Jiushang hugged her tightly, his heart filled with gratitude and emotions.

If he had not met her, many things would not have been like this. It seemed like the theory of the Phoenix Star was coming true.

“Little Xin’er, where’s my Little Xin’er?” When the Asura Warriors invaded, Xue Batian was protected by the Night Shadow Guards Ye Jiushang had sent. Only after the battle ended and the Night Shadow Guards left could he run out and look for his precious granddaughter.

Accompanying him was the injured Gu Jinyuan. He was also protected by the Night Shadow Guards. He did not even take a step out of the room. He could only come out after the battle was over.

“How is Xin’er?” Gu Jinyuan saw Ye Jiushang sitting on the ground with the unconscious Xue Fanxin in his arms and was scared. He quickly came over to ask about the situation.

“Don’t worry. She’s just tired. She’ll be fine after sleeping for a day or two.” Although it seemed like Ye Jiushang was saying this to Gu Jinyuan, he was comforting Xue Batian. He carried Xue Fanxin away.

Ruying wanted to persuade Ye Jiushang to rest, but he swallowed his words and did not say anything.

He knew that his master was also spent, but it was impossible for him to abandon Xue Fanxin and rest alone. It was best not to say anything unnecessary. It was useless even if he said it.

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