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Chapter 515: Golden Phoenix

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When Xue Fanxin received the spider lily’s call for help, she did not immediately respond. Instead, she looked at it inexplicably.

Even she did not know what was going on, so how could she help it? Furthermore, she herself needed help. She was still blurry and confused. In an unfamiliar place, she was a little panicked. She was wary of people and things that she did not completely trust; even this flower was no exception.

The spider lily was quickly driven out of this mysterious place by the powerful repulsive force.

Xue Fanxin was not moved at all, not even feeling anything. In her opinion, those were things that had nothing to do with her. There was no need for her to care too much. The most important thing now was to figure out where she was.

She remembered that she had been dealing with the Asura Warriors. As she had consumed too much energy, she had probably fainted from exhaustion. The outcome of that battle should not be bad.

But why had she come here?

What was this place?

While Xue Fanxin was confused, many golden lights appeared in front of her. They slowly gathered together and formed a huge golden phoenix.

The golden phoenix spread its wings and flew in front of Xue Fanxin as if it was examining her or as if it was getting to know her. It was like two strangers had met on a road and were getting to know each other.

“You are…” Xue Fanxin looked at the golden phoenix curiously. Just as she opened her mouth, the golden phoenix flew towards her. It was extremely fast, and she had no time to dodge. She could only let the golden phoenix pounce on her body.

Getting knocked by such a huge phoenix would definitely be tragic.

Just as Xue Fanxin was prepared to be sent flying or knocked down, her thoughts did not come true. Instead, the golden phoenix turned into a golden light that circled around her and slowly entered her body.

The golden light was that golden phoenix. Didn’t that mean that the golden phoenix had entered her body?

But her body did not have a golden phoenix.

Xue Fanxin suddenly noticed that the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel in her body was emitting golden light. A lively golden phoenix was carved on it. It seemed as if it could become alive at any moment and fly out of the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

This carved phoenix was exactly the same as the golden phoenix from before. The only difference was their sizes. One was large while the other was small.

“Is it the same golden phoenix from just now?” Xue Fanxin had a feeling that the huge golden phoenix must be related to the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel.

She wanted to continue studying the Reverse Spirit Heaven Wheel, but a restless aura affected her thoughts, making it impossible for her to calm down. She might as well not study it. With a thought, she returned to her consciousness and saw that the spider lily was emitting intense red light. It was a little hot and uncomfortable when it shone on her body.


Was the restless aura caused by this spider lily?

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