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Chapter 520: Too Naive

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Xue Fanxin took a few more looks at the spider lily trapped by the divine sense chain. She did not think that there was anything wrong with Ye Jiushang’s actions. She did not have much sympathy for the spider lily, and the way she looked at it was much colder than before.

However, she still felt that something was wrong with this spider lily.


“Alright, you can ignore it for the time being. When you begin to cultivate the power of your divine sense, you can control your sea of consciousness and drive it out.” Ye Jiushang was a little relieved. This was because he could constantly monitor the movements of the spider lily. As long as it did something strange, he would immediately notice it.

A person’s sea of consciousness could only be controlled by themselves. Xin’er had not started cultivating the power of divine sense and did not understand the control of the sea of consciousness at all. She did not know how to exclude the spider lily.

If he forced the spider lily out now, Xin’er’s sea of consciousness would be injured if he was not careful.

The damage to the sea of consciousness was a serious matter. It was harder to recover than any internal or external injuries. Unless he had no choice, he would not do this.

“Then when can I cultivate my divine sense?” Xue Fanxin asked anxiously.

“Your cultivation level is still too low. You haven’t even built a good foundation, so how can you cultivate the power of the divine sense? When you step into the Mystic Spirit Realm, I’ll teach you how to cultivate the divine sense.”

“The Mystic Spirit Realm again?”

It seemed that the Mystic Spirit Realm was an important mark.

“Alright, let’s talk about the future in the future. Aren’t you hungry? Go eat first. Later…” Before Ye Jiushang could finish speaking, a commotion suddenly sounded from outside the courtyard.

A few high-ranking officials of the Imperial Court brought their followers and barged into the Ninth Lord’s Estate. They used all means to ask to see Ye Jiushang, even if they had to fight with the guards.

“Get the Ninth Imperial Uncle to come out and meet us. Just one meeting will do. The Ghost King is on a massacre in the palace. Only the Ninth Imperial Uncle can deal with him.”

“His Highness is resting. No one is to disturb him. It’s best for you to leave. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Zhuri used all means to stop these first-rank officials of the Imperial Court, but he did not dare to really attack them. In the end, they caused a ruckus in the courtyard.

A little further ahead was where Ye Jiushang was resting. If these people still did not leave and the Lord did not have any other instructions, he could only throw them out.

The butler was pacing anxiously outside the room, hesitating if he should knock on the door and report this matter.

The Lord had previously instructed that no matter what, no one was to disturb the consort’s rest. However, so many high-ranking officials of the Imperial Court had come, and they were all the most influential people in Heavenly Saints City. If there was no order from above, they really did not dare to act recklessly.

Without going out, Ye Jiushang knew what was happening. He smiled coldly and did not mind them. “That useless ruler still wants me to save him. Isn’t he too naive?”

“What’s wrong with the Heavenly Saints Emperor? Why did the Ghost King start a massacre in the palace?” Xue Fanxin’s five senses had improved dozens of times, so she could hear everything the people outside said clearly.

“To put it simply, a child is taking revenge for his mother, and his enemy is his father. I wonder if the Ghost King can really kill him?”

He was actually quite interested in this matter. He really wanted to know if Heavenly Saints Emperor would die at the hands of his son.

“Xin’er, I’ll take you to the Imperial Kitchen to eat delicious food.”

“Sure! Let’s go and watch the show,” Xue Fanxin replied readily.

There were some things she wanted to settle with the Ghost King.

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