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Chapter 549: Speak Up

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After Xue Fanxin and the others left, someone immediately came to clean up the corpses, returning the place to its original calm. At the same time, a piece of news spread like wildfire throughout the city.

In less than half a day, almost everyone in Heavenly Saints City knew that the Ninth Lord’s Estate was about to hold some pill exchange activity. The most exciting thing was that the exchange item was not too precious. Even a piece of agarwood or a delicacy could be traded for a pill.

All of a sudden, everyone was rummaging through their houses to see if they could find anything valuable.

However, some people watched with suspicion, thinking that such a treasure falling from the sky could not be real.

No matter what happened outside, Xue Fanxin did not care. When she returned to the Lord’s Estate, she went straight to look for Ye Jiushang.

He was sitting in the half-ruined courtyard, drinking tea and reading a book. He couldn’t be more relaxed.

Xue Fanxin sat directly opposite Ye Jiushang. She supported her chin with both hands and stared at his handsome face. “Ah Jiu, why didn’t you teach Hai Lan a lesson? This isn’t like you. Could it be that because she’s a woman, you pity her and can’t bear to attack?”

Ye Jiushang used the book in his hand to gently hit Xue Fanxin’s head and reprimanded her dotingly, “What are you thinking about again?”

“I’m just saying what’s going on. Ah Jiu, why did you let that Hai Lan off so easily?” Xue Fanxin was not joking. She didn’t think that he would have any pity for Hai Lan. There must be another reason why he let her go.

“The Hai family is the richest family in the Mystic World. The Nine Cloud Palace has some business dealings with them. On account of someone, I let her off. It’s just a small punishment. However, if she doesn’t know what’s good for her and comes looking for trouble again, I won’t show mercy.”

“Who would be so important?”

“Her brother, Hai Feng, is the financial envoy of Nine Cloud Palace.”

“Oh, I understand.” Xue Fanxin looked like she had come to a realization. She got even more curious about the Nine Cloud Palace. Suddenly thinking of Ruying and Suixing, she asked, “Ah Jiu, who are Ruying and Suixing?”

“They are the left and right envoys of the Nine Cloud Palace. Most of the time, they work by my side. Ruying made a mistake this time and was transferred to another place. If you have anything else to ask, just ask. I’ll tell you everything I know,” Ye Jiushang teased, flicking Xue Fanxin’s forehead.

Xue Fanxin feigned anger. “I can’t be bothered to ask about your Nine Cloud Palace! I still have a lot to do here and don’t have time to care about you. There are still a lot of spirit coins. How should I spend them?”

Ye Jiushang asked speechlessly, “You’re troubled over such a small matter?”

“This is not a small matter. It’s a very, very big matter, okay? Billions of spirit coins and white silver are just scrap paper in the Mystic World. You can’t even buy scrap metal. I can’t bear to give so much money to others for nothing. I’m so conflicted.”

“It’s just a little money. What’s there to be conflicted about? If you really can’t bear to, I’ll take you somewhere. I guarantee you’ll spend all that money soon.”

“What place?”

“You’ll know once you get there.” Ye Jiushang did not make himself clear. He put down the book and left the courtyard with Xue Fanxin. In the blink of an eye, he had already gone somewhere else.

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