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Chapter 552: Only Eight Hundred Thousand

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Xue Fanxin entered the first floor of the nine-story tower. Inside was a spacious and bright comprehensive hall, housing the various service and management centers of Ghost Street. There was a sign at the door. No matter if you were a buyer or a seller, if you wanted to exchange for ghost coins or do business, you just had to follow the instructions.

There were also various Night Pearls and crystals used for illumination. The interior decoration was even more beautiful, like a tall modern indoor square.

Perhaps because the main hall was too huge, it seemed a little deserted. From afar, one could only see a few people walking around.

Ye Jiushang brought Xue Fanxin to a counter with copper coins hanging on it. “Take out all the spirit coins you have.”

“Oh.” Xue Fanxin was still admiring the various new things in front of her. She even forgot to feel sorry for her coins and obediently took them out.

When the person saw the spirit coins, although he did not have much of a reaction, there was a hint of disdain on his face. He picked them up expressionlessly and used the abacus in his hand to calculate briefly. “These spirit coins can be exchanged for a total of 800,000 ghost coins.”

Xue Fanxin could not help but cry out, “Only 800,000?”

With that, she was immediately ridiculed by the person at the counter. “A low-level currency like spirit coins is useless. It’s almost equivalent to being trash. It’s already very good that I’m willing to give you 800,000 ghost coins. People from remote places are just ignorant.”

“I’m ignorant?” Xue Fanxin wanted to retort, but she had nothing to say. What the other party said was the truth. She was indeed ignorant.

Forget it, forget it. After all, she was an ignorant person.

“Consider those two 200,000 ghost coins my reward to you,” Ye Jiushang suddenly spoke up. Then, without giving the person a chance to respond, he left with Xue Fanxin.

The person at the counter looked at Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin’s departing figures. For some reason, he was inexplicably panicked. He felt that the handsome man’s last sentence had another meaning.

He had indeed pocketed 200,000 ghost coins, but he had done this discreetly. Spirit coins, a worthless currency, rarely appeared on Ghost Street. Furthermore, the exchange rate of the currency was not public. How did that man know that he had pocketed 200,000 ghost coins?

He believed that someone who came to Ghost Street with spirit coins would not have a powerful background, so he had dared to secretly take it. Who knew…

The moment Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin left the exchange counter, a mysterious person on the top floor of the tower ordered, “Return the 200,000 ghost coins. It’s time to change the staff at the exchange counter.”

Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin did not know what had happened behind them. They were already strolling around with 800,000 ghost coins.

Touching her empty bag, Xue Fanxin felt indescribably depressed. “A few billion turned into eight hundred thousand. It’s too cruel. Ah Jiu, how much can eight hundred thousand buy here?”

“It depends on luck,” Ye Jiushang said indifferently. He only accompanied Xue Fanxin to shop and did not care about anything else.

“This also depends on luck?” Xue Fanxin was about to complain more, but her attention was attracted by something in a shop beside her. She stood rooted to the ground and looked at it in a daze, her expression turning uglier and uglier.

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