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Chapter 633

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633 She Was Going to Earn It

Xue Fanxin asked curiously, Ah Jiu, who is the wife of the Grand Preceptor? Did I provoke her? Why does she want to buy my information?

For a person who had just come to the Mystic Realm and the Imperial City, she was not familiar with any Tom, Dick, or Harry. How could she know the wife of the Grand Preceptor?

She's Yu Yuefu's biological mother, Ye Jiushang answered Xue Fanxin before asking Steward Zhao, How did she reach the third level?

The Purple Cloud Tower had a total of five floors.

The first floor was a trading place for various goods and also hosted an auction house.

The second floor only served VIPs with Purple Cloud Towers VIP cards. The goods here were top-grade.

The third floor was a place to buy and sell information. As long as you could pay the price, you could buy any information.

The fourth level was a cultivation place that cultivators dreamed of having. They could also enjoy it at a high price.

The fifth floor was the most mysterious place and was not easily opened to the public. Up to now, only ten guests had gone to the fifth floor of the Purple Cloud Restaurant. These ten guests had different identities. There were poor ordinary people, rich tycoons, high-ranking officials, and carefree heroes.

No matter which floor it was, they all had their own rules. Even the first floor was not easy to enter. The higher one went, the harder the entry.

For example, on the third level, apart from taking out enough crystal coins as the entrance fee, there was also the jade badge issued by the Purple Cloud Tower.

The Purple Cloud Tower only distributed 100 jade badges every year, which meant that only 100 people could buy information.

The fact that the wife of the Grand Preceptors Estate could reach the third floor showed that she had fulfilled all the conditions.

Master, she brought over the 89th badge. I've already sent people to investigate. Just four hours ago, the 89th jade badge was in the hands of a person called Li Shu. He's quite a character. He is now the commander of the guards in the Royal Academy,Steward Zhao reported.

Everyone knew that one could only go to the third floor to buy information after taking the jade badge of the Purple Cloud Tower, but they did not know that there was a secret hidden in the jade badge.

They could monitor anyone who held a jade badge. They did not know how, just that these jade badges were all crafted by their master.

Ye Jiushang looked at the person beside him. I ll leave this to you.

Alright.Xue Fanxin accepted the task readily. Steward Zhao, according to the standard price, how much will the information cost?

Steward Zhao already knew Xue Fanxins identity. He thought that she would be enraged. After all, being investigated was not a good thing. Unexpectedly, she was smiling so happily. This puzzled him.

However, he had to answer the question. She will have to pay at least 50 million crystal coins.

50 million crystal coins. Xue Fanxins eyes widened. She stretched out five fingers and felt a huge fortune flowing into her pocket.

Her Ah Jiu was really good at earning money. He could casually sell some information for 50 million crystal coins Back then, when she requested Bai Wuchen to give her five million crystal coins for treatment, he looked like his heart ached and had yet to give her an answer.

If she did not earn money, she would be a fool.

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