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Chapter 670: 670 Same Theory

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670 Same Theory

Xue Fanxin made a few sides and placed them on the table. “Everyone, come and eat. There’s no need to be polite or reserved.”

“Can… Can I really eat it?” A Black Shadow Guard stared at the hot porridge and dishes on the table. He was barely enduring his desires. He looked at Heiyue, hoping to obtain a satisfactory answer from her.

Heiyue knew that everyone was suffering. It was rare to see food, so she couldn’t care less. “The Consort cooked for everyone. Don’t worry and eat it.”

The guards immediately sat down, picked up their chopsticks, and ‘snatched’ a bowl of porridge. With a few gulps, the bowl was empty. Then, they snatched the dishes and wolfed them down like hungry ghosts.

“Slow down. Don’t choke. If it’s not enough, I’ll make more.” Xue Fanxin did not expect such a reaction. Her heart ached when she saw them. There were only a few bowls of porridge left in the pot. Heiyue had not eaten any, so she planned to make more.

Right then, a group of aggressive people walked over and surrounded Xue Fanxin. “My Miss wants to eat your porridge. Since this one has been contaminated by others, she doesn’t want to eat it. Cook another pot.”

Xue Fanxin waved the spatula in her hand and asked with a cold smile, “Who is your Miss?”

“She is the Young Miss of the Bai family, the head of the four great families of the Mystic Realm. It’s better to listen to her orders.”

“The Bai family! Does the Bai family have someone called Bai Wuchen?”

“How dare you call the Young Master by his name. Since it’s your first offense, I’ll ignore it. Cook the porridge, or else…”

“Else what? I’m not afraid of Bai Wuchen; why would I be afraid of a mere young miss? If you had politely asked, I might have given you some for Bai Wuchen’s sake, but now… go wherever you want. Don’t be an eyesore here. What young miss of the Bai family? I’m the wife of the Palace Master of Nine Cloud Palace!”

“Little girl, you’re really arrogant. You actually don’t even take my Bai family seriously.” A woman in a white dress walked over like a fairy. Her elegant and holy aura made people feel inexplicably reverent.

“You’re that Young Miss Bai, right? Had you been polite, I’d have fulfilled your request for Bai Wuchen’s sake, but look at you now. You’re arrogant and domineering like bandits. I’m not your slave. Why should I listen to you? If you want to compare statuses, then let’s do it. Let’s see who’s nobler, the Young Miss of the Bai family or the wife of the Palace Master of Nine Cloud Palace.”

“You said that you are the wife of the Palace Master of Nine Cloud Palace. May I ask where the evidence is?”

“You said that you are the Young Miss of the Bai family. May I ask where the evidence is?”

“The people around me can testify for me.”

“The people around me can testify for me. Besides, so what if I’m not? Why should I listen to you, Miss Bai? Who are you to me?”

“You…” Bai Shuiling was bombarded by Xue Fanxin until she was speechless. Her heart was filled with anger.

That damned girl actually dared to speak to her like this. How detestable.

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