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Chapter 686: 686 Giant Rock Monsters

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686 Giant Rock Monsters

There was no night in this desert. Everyone woke up naturally after getting enough sleep. Xue Fanxin was the same.

Everyone in the sandstone pit knew that it was time for the rock monsters to appear, so they stayed in their territory. At most, they would move around in the sandstone pit.

But there was one exception.

Xue Fanxin learned the exact time the sandstone monsters appeared from Heiyue. When the time was up, she left the sandstone pit and went to a nearby place.

Initially, she planned to investigate the situation alone, but Heiyao, Heiran, Heiyue, and the other Black Shadow Guards insisted on following her. She spent a lot of effort to persuade Heiyue and the others to only bring Heiyao and Heiran out. Of course, Little Lei could not be excluded.

Many people mocked her secretly, especially Du Yuxuan. She hoped that Xue Fanxin would die in the hands of the rock monsters.

“How reckless.”

“Sigh… Young people nowadays are too impulsive and reckless.”

“A newborn calf is not afraid of a tiger!”

Old Man Yin Feng ran out and said coldly, “Hmph, this is courting death. She deserves to die. She’s not worthy of sympathy.”

Heiyue became furious. She could not help but roar at them. “All of you, shut up. If anyone dares to speak nonsense again, I’ll cut out your tongue.”

The Black Shadow Guards beside her all released warning stances. They were like wolves and tigers, scaring the crowd into silence.

Xue Fanxin had no idea what was happening here. She had left the sandstone pit but was only moving around the edge. Once there was an insuperable1 danger, she would retreat and try her best to protect herself and her companions.

“Your Highness, those rock monsters are about to appear. You can still change your mind. Let me do such a dangerous thing. You don’t have to take the risk yourself.” Heiyao had already advised Xue Fanxin more than once, hoping that she could return.

Unfortunately, his persuasion was useless.

“Heiyao, how many times have I told you that I have to do this myself? Otherwise, everyone will likely be trapped here for the rest of their lives. Although I brought quite a lot of water and food, the amount is limited. We can’t stay in the sandstone pit and wait for death…” As Xue Fanxin spoke, she suddenly saw a pile of sand start rising up in front of her as if something was about to emerge from the ground.

Soon, the sand condensed into a human form and turned into an incomparably hard rock monster.

Just as Heiyue had said, the rock monster was twice as tall as a person. Just by looking at it, one could tell that its brute force was extremely great. There were no facial features on its face but there was a red dot on its forehead that emitted a red beam of light, like an infrared ray. Wherever the giant looked, the red beam of light would sweep the area.

“Is this the rock monster?” Xue Fanxin stood to the rock monster’s side and studied it, wanting to find some clues.

Unexpectedly, the rock monster looked in her direction. Then, a red beam of light shot out of its forehead and shone directly at Xue Fanxin.

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