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Chapter 705: 705 Split Up

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705 Split Up

After figuring out the truth, the Red Dust Emperor blamed himself even more.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to Ruiyuan’s request. What has the Freedom Domain got to do with us? That was a sin they committed themselves, so they should bear it themselves. Why should we interfere? It’s fine if we interfere, but we really shouldn’t have dragged Little Xin’er in. Wrong, wrong, it was a huge mistake.”

“Red Dust, don’t be anxious. At this point, it’s useless for you to blame yourself.” The Spacetime Emperor comforted the Red Dust Emperor first, then looked at the Heavenly Fate Emperor. “Since you long discovered this, you should have done something, right?”

“I weakened the two strands of luck in the spider lily and transferred them to the girl. Then, I changed the luck of the stronger one in the flower. In the future, even if it can come out and jump around, its luck will not be too good and it will be very difficult to succeed, no matter what it does.

“However, there are always exceptions, so I can’t guarantee that it will be unlucky to the very end. Coupled with the fact that my cultivation hasn’t completely recovered, the effect when I use the law of luck won’t be too great. For safety reasons, you’d best get rid of that flower as soon as possible. Just now, I calculated that the time for the luck of the spider lily is almost up. In less than a month, it will definitely take action, so there isn’t much time left for you.”

“How could this be?” The more the Red Dust Emperor thought about it, the angrier he became. He blamed himself for agreeing to this matter in a moment of weakness.

Wasn’t he harming Little Xin’er?

This was a child he had personally watched and raised!

In his heart, Little Xin’er was his child.

“Instead of wasting time here, why don’t you take action as soon as possible? Seeing that girl has done me a favor, I’ll point you in the right direction. The luck of that spider lily comes from the east, which is the direction of the Freedom Domain. Go to the Freedom Domain now and take a look. You might be able to gain something.

“The matter here is over. I should go back and settle scores with a certain schemer. See you again.”

As soon as the Heavenly Fate Emperor finished speaking, he disappeared into thin air.

The Red Dust Emperor and the Spacetime Emperor were not surprised by the ability of the Heavenly Fate Emperor to disappear without a trace. They did not feel anything about the Heavenly Fate Emperor’s departure. At this moment, they were thinking about how to resolve the matter of the spider lily.

“This matter must be resolved as soon as possible, or Little Xin’er will be in danger. Why don’t we split up? You stay for the time being and leave after Little Xin’er passes through Tomb Three. I’ll go to the Freedom Domain immediately and see what’s going on there.”

“Alright, go ahead. I’ll finish what I’m doing here as soon as possible and then go to the Freedom Domain to look for you.”

After the Red Dust Emperor and the Spacetime Emperor discussed, one rushed to the Freedom Domain first, and the other stayed behind to watch the tomb for the time being.

Xue Fanxin had no idea what had happened here, nor did she know that a huge crisis was slowly approaching her.

“What luck? I don’t understand at all.”

“Has my luck changed?”

“I don’t feel anything.”

Heiran and Heiyue had no idea what had happened. When their bodies could move, the man had disappeared and they only saw Xue Fanxin talking to herself.

“Your Highness, are you okay?”

“Your Highness, where’s that person?”

“He left. I wonder where he went.” Xue Fanxin looked at the place the man had been standing at. It was already empty, and no one had noticed his disappearance.

Who was this man?

Just as Xue Fanxin was feeling puzzled, she suddenly heard a tragic cry.


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