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Chapter 709: 709 Unexpected Result

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709 Unexpected Result

Xue Fanxin scanned the people standing at the edge of the rock pit. Then, she smiled coldly and walked forward. She stood 200 feet away from everyone and waited for the rock monsters to appear.

Two hundred feet was actually not too far away. If there was any danger, she could completely escape back to the sand pit. But this way, she would not be able to kill the rock monster.

No matter what, she had to kill at least five rock monsters this time. Otherwise, when would she be able to kill five hundred and leave this place?

As time slowly passed, the moment the rock monsters appeared was getting closer and closer. Not only Xue Fanxin, but even the people waiting at the edge of the sand pit were very nervous.

They all knew how powerful the rock monsters were, so they had to be prepared to escape. No matter how much they wanted to see Xue Fanxin die miserably, they had to protect their lives first.

The rock monsters appeared on time. Just like last time, in the beginning, it was only a pile of sand that emerged and gradually turned into a human.

Xue Fanxin aimed at the sand pile. When the sand pile completely turned into a rock monster, she immediately rushed forward. At the same time, the dagger in her hand flashed and she dodged the red light beam shot out by the rock monster. When she reached the rock monster, she jumped up and used the time rule, making time stop.

Under the influence of the time law, the rock monster stopped moving.

Taking advantage of this critical moment, Xue Fanxin cut open the rock monster’s head and dug out the red crystal inside.

The moment she took out the red crystal, she removed the time rule. Then, the rock monster moved, but it fell to the ground with a bang and did not attack.

The people who were standing at the edge of the sand pit to watch the commotion only saw Xue Fanxin jump up. Then, they saw Xue Fanxin take out a red crystal from the rock monster’s head. As for how Xue Fanxin cut open the rock monster’s head, they did not see it clearly.

When the red crystal was taken out, they saw the huge rock monster collapse with a bang. Xue Fanxin turned around beautifully and jumped down from the rock monster’s shoulder, standing steadily on the ground. She ignored the stunned expressions of the surrounding people and was prepared for the second round of battle.

She had only used the time rule for a second, so it did not consume much energy.

A second of silence was almost undetectable, so the group of people present did not notice anything. They continued to watch Xue Fanxin’s next battle in shock.

At this moment, Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng were in a rather bad mood. Apart from confusion, they were also inexplicably nervous and panicked.

Xue Fanxin was clearly poisoned. Her spirit energy should be scattered and she should be unable to gather spirit energy… so how could she have the ability to kill the rock monster?

How could she be fine?

This was impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Du Yuxuan and Old Man Yin Feng were very close to each other. She questioned him on the spot, “Didn’t you say that the poison can make people’s spirit energy dissipate and they can’t gather spirit energy? Why is the outcome like this?”

Old Man Yin Feng questioned Du Yuxuan instead, “Are you sure you successfully poisoned her?”

If she had successfully poisoned her, Xue Fanxin would definitely not be able to kill the rock monster.

There was only one possibility for this to happen, and that was that Du Yuxuan had not succeeded in poisoning her.

Du Yuxuan was displeased that Old Man Yin Feng had pushed the blame onto her and she retorted. “I did everything you said and nothing unexpected happened. It was clearly your poison that was ineffective, but you’re blaming me? How ridiculous!”

“You…” Old Man Yin Feng really wanted to slap Du Yuxuan a few times and scold her. However, the surrounding people seemed to have noticed their argument. Many people had already looked over, so he could only shut up for the time being.

He would deal with this brat later.

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