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Chapter 710: 710 Fighting Seriously

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710 Fighting Seriously

The people on the edge of the sand pit were shocked when they saw Xue Fanxin kill the rock monster with their own eyes. At this moment, they no longer wanted to see Xue Fanxin die tragically, but they wanted to know how she had killed the rock monster.

A little girl who was only fifteen or sixteen years old and who only had a Spirit Master cultivation level, could actually kill a rock monster that even they could not kill… If they had not seen this with their own eyes, they would not have believed it.

This wife of the Master of the Nine Cloud Palace was not simple.

The Palace Master of the Nine Cloud Palace was already unfathomable. Now that an unfathomable wife of the Palace Master had come, if these two people joined forces, no one would dare to provoke the Nine Cloud Palace.

Xue Fanxin did not have the mood to think about these messy things. She placed all her energy into fighting and fought seriously.

After the first rock monster was killed, in less than three seconds, other rock monsters appeared, and it was three at once.

Seeing the three rock monsters appear at the same time, Old Man Yin Feng was a little excited. He kept praying that Xue Fanxin would be killed by these three rock monsters.

If one rock monster could not kill this brat, those three could, right?

Du Yuxuan had the same thought. She hoped that Xue Fanxin would die soon.

However, things never went as they wished. The outcome was still so unexpected.

The three rock monsters appeared at the same time. Xue Fanxin was not nervous at all and was very calm. She ran towards the nearest rock monster and kept dodging the red light beams that were shot out. Then, she jumped up and used the time rule to make the three rock monsters stop moving.

With her current ability, she could at most stop time for a little more than ten seconds.

In a little more than ten seconds, she had no way of killing all three rock monsters. She could only barely kill one and a half.

In other words, when she finished killing one rock monster, she would have to kill the other. But before she could finish killing, the time law would have already disappeared, but if this happened the rock monster would not be dead. At that time, she would be in danger.

After weighing the pros and cons, Xue Fanxin decided to kill only one rock monster first.

Because it was only killing one, Xue Fanxin quickly completed the mission. Then, she removed the power of the time law and did not waste her energy on maintaining the time stop.

One of the three rock monsters had been killed, leaving only two. When the time law disappeared, they started to attack. The red light on their foreheads kept shooting randomly, and their fists and feet attacked randomly. Although they could not know Xue Fanxin’s exact location, they still knew the general location.

Xue Fanxin immediately dodged after killing a rock monster. Then, she used the time rule again and jumped onto the shoulder of a rock monster. She cut open its head and took out the stone crystal.

As for the last rock monster, she used the same method to kill it.

From the beginning of the battle to now, only dozens of seconds had passed, but she felt that a long time had passed; it was as if a century had passed.

Although she had only fought for dozens of seconds, using the time law consumed a lot of energy. At this moment, more than half of her strength had already been consumed. If nothing unexpected happened next, she should be able to kill two more rock monsters.

Seeing Xue Fanxin cut off the heads of the three rock monsters with just a few slashes, the people standing at the edge were completely stunned. They stopped thinking and all of them looked at the little woman fighting in front of them with wide eyes, feeling that she was simply a freak.

Even a Saint Realm expert could not deal with three rock monsters, but a little girl who was only in the Spirit Master Realm had completely won.

Was this real?

Or were they dreaming?

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