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Chapter 825: 825

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825 Withdraw All

While Xue Fanxin was eating instant noodles with everyone and thinking about the gathering tomorrow, Ye Jiushang was busy with something else. He summoned Heilong and the others and asked them to immediately investigate if Consort Dowager Jing had joined forces with the Empress.

Because Ye Jiushang had already instructed him to keep an eye on Consort Dowager Jing during this period of time, no matter how busy Heilong was recently, he would send people to secretly keep an eye on her. Therefore, he had always known everything about Consort Dowager Jing like the back of his hand. However, his master was not around and the consort had disappeared, so he did not have the mood to care about this matter.

Now that his master asked, he naturally answered truthfully.

“Master, the Empress has been looking for Consort Dowager Jing repeatedly in the past few days. She’s talking about joining forces. In the beginning, Consort Dowager Jing did not agree, but after two days, she was tempted. She even sent out the forces she had secretly nurtured over the years to investigate Master.”

“I did not allow her to nurture her own power just to deal with me. The human heart is indeed a fickle thing.” Ye Jiushang thought of Consort Dowager Jing’s heart that had become greedy and smiled coldly. That coldness revealed a bone-piercing chill that made people afraid.

He knew that Consort Dowager Jing had started nurturing her own power five years ago. He did not interfere with this matter and let her do as she pleased.

No matter what it was, as long as it had nothing to do with him or his interests, he did not mind what Consort Dowager Jing wanted to do.

However, Consort Dowager Jing planned to use the faction she had secretly nurtured to deal with him, so he would no longer be silent.

“Consort Dowager Jing is extremely angry because Master is unwilling to see her. She has a grudge, so she wants to join forces with the Empress. Because this concerns Consort Dowager Jing, without Master’s permission, I don’t dare to act rashly.” Heilong waited for Ye Jiushang’s instructions.

Based on his understanding of his master, Consort Dowager Jing’s good days were definitely over.

“Order all our people to retreat and reveal a little information to the emperor. From now on, Consort Dowager Jing has nothing to do with me. I don’t care about her life or death,” Ye Jiushang ordered coldly.

He had already given Consort Dowager Jing a chance. Since she did not cherish it, she could not blame him.

Did a small maidservant really think that she was so great after being the Consort Dowager for a few years?

Consort Dowager Jing did not know how many consequences her actions would cause. In her opinion, no matter what she did, Ye Jiushang would tolerate her out of consideration for her care over the years.

She did not like Xue Fanxin, especially when she found out that her identity was extremely lowly.

How could a woman who was even inferior to her palace maid be worthy of that child, Jiushang?

Even if Jiushang did not marry Fuling, he had to marry someone of equivalent status.

Just as Consort Dowager Jing was thinking about how to cooperate with the Empress to deal with Xue Fanxin, a sparse commotion sounded from outside her chamber.

“What’s going on outside?”

At this moment, a palace maid came in to report. “Your Highness, the secret guards of the Ninth Lord’s Estate are retreating.”

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“What did you say?” When Consort Dowager Jing heard this news, she was extremely shocked and anxious. She personally ran outside and carefully checked every corner of the chamber, but she did not find any secret guards.

Although Jiushang had been angered, even though he had realized she had poisoned herself and half of the secret guards had been removed, there was still half left. This half of the secret guards could protect her under any circumstances.

But now, the other half had also left.

Why was that?

Just as Consort Dowager Jing was panicking and puzzled, a eunuch came with an imperial edict.

“The Imperial Decree.”

Why would someone come and read the imperial edict in the middle of the night?


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