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Chapter 826: 826

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826 Back to Her Original State

When the eunuch who was issuing the imperial decree arrived outside Consort Dowager Jing’s chamber, he said indifferently when he saw her, “Consort Dowager Jing, kneel down and listen to the imperial decree.”

Because Consort Dowager Jing had Ye Jiushang protecting her all these years, not to mention palace maids and eunuchs, even the concubines in the palace, the Empress, and the emperor had to give her some face.

But now, a eunuch who was issuing a decree actually dared to speak so arrogantly in front of her. Had the world changed?

Although Consort Dowager Jing was a little displeased, she had no choice but to follow the rules and kneel down to listen to the imperial edict.

Seeing that Consort Dowager Jing had knelt down, the eunuch who was issuing the imperial decree began to read it. “The late emperor has issued a decree. Consort Dowager Jing has a bad character and temperament, so she has been removed from the title of Consort Dowager and demoted to a common servant…”

Hearing this, Consort Dowager Jing’s expression changed drastically. She seemed to have instantly aged ten years, and her heart was greatly stimulated. For a moment, she could not face reality and asked in a panic, “How is this possible? When did the late emperor leave such a decree? Why didn’t I know?”

“Consort Dowager Jing… No, you’re no longer Consort Dowager Jing, but a commoner maidservant. Maidservant Jing, please receive the decree.” The eunuch who was issuing the decree did not care about Consort Dowager Jing’s feelings and only cared about doing his own thing.

Ever since the people from the Ninth Lord’s Estate had entered the palace to meet the emperor and convey the Ninth Lord’s intentions, the emperor had handed this imperial edict to him coldly. He knew that Consort Dowager Jing was finished.

Although he did not know how Consort Dowager Jing had angered the Ninth Lord so much that he did not hesitate to sever ties with her, without the Ninth Lord’s protection, this Consort Dowager would only be beaten back to her original state.

“No… This is impossible. You must be lying to me, right?” Consort Dowager Jing still could not accept this fact and shouted like she had gone crazy, “I want to see Jiushang, I want to see him…”

The eunuch who was issuing the decree then said, “Pass down the emperor’s decree. Consort Dowager Jing has lost all her morals, so she has been banished to the Cold Palace and can’t take a step out of it for the rest of her life.”

Previously, it was the late emperor’s decree, and later, it was the emperor’s decree… Under the authority of the two emperors of the Ye Dynasty, Consort Dowager Jing would never have a chance to turn things around.

When Consort Dowager Jing heard such an order, she sat on the ground in despair. Even now, she could not understand why things had become like this.

No, she would never accept her fate like this.

Jiushang could save her.

“I want to see Jiushang, I want to see the Ninth Lord…”

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However, no matter how Consort Dowager Jing shouted, it was useless. Soon, her luxurious clothes were taken off and she was escorted to the Cold Palace.

The Empress quickly received the news that Consort Dowager Jing had been banished to the cold palace. Although this matter did not seem to have anything to do with her, she felt uneasy.

Consort Dowager Jing had just decided to join forces with her to deal with Xue Fanxin. Why had she been banished to the cold palace now?

If Consort Dowager Jing had been banished to the cold palace because she had joined forces with her, then it was very likely that something would happen to her as well. It was just a matter of time.

Ye Jiushang was far more powerful than she had imagined. She had thought that after joining forces with Consort Dowager Jing to destroy Xue Fanxin, she would think of a way to marry Yu Yuefu into the Ninth Lord’s Estate. However, before the plan could begin, something had happened to Consort Dowager Jing.

If Ye Jiushang was really behind this, would she end up like Consort Dowager Jing and be thrown into the cold palace?

It seemed that her plan had to be changed. Letting Yu Yuefu marry into the Ninth Lord’s Estate was simply harder than ascending to the heavens.

She could not place all her hopes on this marriage, because Ye Jiushang was not someone she could control.

Just as the Empress was panicking, the eunuch outside suddenly shouted, “The emperor has arrived.”


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