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Chapter 840: 840

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840 Tracking Spirit Art

As the biggest leader of the Black Shadow Guards, Heilong was not as drunk as the others. Although he had also drunk quite a lot, his alcohol tolerance was extremely good and he was not drunk at all.

Hence, if anything happened tonight, he would basically be in charge.

“Leader Heilong, just now, a woman in black was pacing outside the Lord’s Estate. She wanted to infiltrate the Lord’s Estate, but in the end, she gave up and left. I have already cast a tracking spirit technique on her. Please give me your instructions.”

“A woman in black.” Heilong really could not think of who this person was, so he said to the depressed Heiyao, “Go and take a look.”


“Let Heiyu go. I’m going to the Desolate Region tomorrow. I have to rest well.” Heiyao had a sorrowful expression, giving people the feeling that he wanted to cry but had no tears.

Of course, he wanted to cry but had no tears. He was clearly not in the wrong, but he was the one who was punished.

The consort was really scamming people.

“If you can redeem yourself, perhaps Master will change his mind and exempt you from the punishment of going to the Desolate Region.”

Hearing Heilong’s words, Heiyao immediately became excited. “Alright, I’ll go take a look.”

With a swoosh, Heiyao had already used his light-body technique to leave. He followed the tracking spirit technique and chased them out of the city to a deserted village.

At this point, the tracking spirit technique suddenly disappeared.

The tracking spirit technique had disappeared. Either the target was too far away, or the spirit technique had been removed.

He had been chasing after her so the former was unlikely, which meant that the spirit art should have been removed.

This tracking spirit technique had been taught to them by their master. It was an extremely mysterious spirit technique. Normal people had no ability to remove it or even sense it.

Now that the spirit technique had disappeared, it could be seen that the other party was not weak. It was very likely that they were far above him.

Just as Heiyao was wondering if he should retreat, a large amount of black aura suddenly emitted from the ground under his feet. It instantly enveloped him and trapped him in the dark world.

The darkness was incomparably powerful. Even he could not see anything. Everything in front of him was black and he could not see anything.

At this moment, an enchanting woman walked out of the darkness.

This person was none other than Su Baifeng.

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Su Baifeng did not know Heiyao, but she knew that he was Ye Jiushang’s subordinate, so she did not kill him immediately. Furthermore, she said seductively, “Young Master, you’ve been chasing me for a long time. May I know what you want?”

“I was just curious about you, so I chased after you to take a look. I didn’t expect you to be an expert. It looks like I overestimated myself.” Heiyao did not panic when he faced Su Baifeng. Even though he knew that his strength was very likely inferior to the person in front of him, he could still maintain his composure.

When had such a person appeared in the Imperial City? Why had he not known?

Even the Purple Cloud Tower had not heard any news. It could be seen that this woman was extraordinary.

“Young Master, have you heard of this saying? Curiosity kills the cat, so it’s best not to be too curious.”

“If I’m not curious, how could I have met such a beautiful woman like you? However, a woman like you pacing back and forth outside the Ninth Lord’s Estate and then leaving? I believe you should be like other women and admire my master, but you can’t find a way.”

These words really touched Su Baifeng’s heart.

Su Baifeng originally only wanted to chat idly with Heiyao before killing him, but now, she suddenly changed her mind and suddenly revealed an incomparably demonic smile. She turned around seductively by Heiyao’s side and said as she walked, “That’s right! I admire your master very much. I wonder if Young Master is willing to help me?”


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