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Chapter 844: 844

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844 A Special Feeling

Luo Huaying’s remnant soul was very weak, like a small spark that could be destroyed at any moment. It could not be destroyed by any external force, or it would dissipate.

Because of the divine sense chain, Luo Huaying was in extreme pain. The power of her remnant soul was dissipating little by little. At most in fifteen minutes time, she would dissipate into the world.

Luo Huaying took a lot of effort to answer Xue Fanxin’s question. “I don’t remember very clearly. I don’t remember many things. I only know that the flower spirit has been locking me up and it doesn’t allow me to absorb any power.”

“Flower spirit? Are you talking about that spider lily?”

“Yes.” Luo Huaying nodded and took a moment to recover before having the strength to continue speaking. “I wanted to escape from her control, but she was much stronger than me. I couldn’t escape. Not long ago, she wanted to possess you and was very heavily injured, so I took the opportunity to escape and hid myself.”

Although she had successfully escaped from the spider lily, she had consumed too much energy and almost dissipated.

Fortunately, this sea of consciousness could nourish the soul, so she did not disappear into ashes. She used a few days to gradually recover a little strength before she could condense into a form and appear.

Xue Fanxin roughly knew what was going on now.

The Demon Lord had not taken away the Luo Huaying at all, but the spider lily spirit. The real Luo Huaying was still in her sea of consciousness.

Back then, the one who wanted to possess her was the spider lily spirit. As for the real Luo Huaying, she had been trapped for a long time, and her remnant soul was even dozens of times weaker than before.

If Ruiyuan and the Demon Lord Fuyan knew that not only had they failed to help Luo Huaying over the years, but they had also harmed her, she wondered how they would feel.

At this moment, Xue Fanxin suddenly had an evil thought: Let that bullsh*t Rui Yuan and the Demon Lord Fuyan continue to protect the spider lily spirit. When the truth is revealed, let’s see how they face the real Luo Huaying.

Luo Huaying curled up helplessly, her eyes filled with confusion. Although she was very afraid of death, she did not know what was the point of living.

She only knew that her name was Luo Huaying and could not remember anything else.

She seemed to have a master… but it was just that.

“Luo Huaying, back then, your master wanted to take you away. Why didn’t you leave with him? If you left with him, he would definitely help you deal with that spider lily spirit,” Xue Fanxin asked tentatively, wanting to know Luo Huaying’s true thoughts.

For some reason, she had a special feeling about this real Luo Huaying. She could not explain this feeling clearly.

Because of this feeling, she really wanted to save Luo Huaying.

“Master… Who is Master? I think I have a master, but I don’t remember. If the master you’re talking about is the person who took the spider lily spirit away previously, then I don’t want to leave with him. The aura on his body is very evil. I don’t like it,” Luo Huaying said in confusion.

It was precisely because she did not like it that she did not follow.

Furthermore, she had finally waited for a chance to escape the control of the spider lily. Of course, she had to cherish it well so that she would not leave with that person with the spider lily.

“Don’t you remember your master? Then what do you remember?”

“I remember that my name is Luo Huaying. I’m the princess of the Wuyu Kingdom. Do you know where the Wuyu Kingdom is? I miss Father and Mother so much…” Luo Huaying continued to shrink, immersing herself in her thoughts.

But suddenly, a powerful force pulled her out. It was so painful that she almost died.

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