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Chapter 867: 867

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867 Revenge

Even though the Grand Preceptor’s wife knew that Xue Fanxin was Ye Jiushang’s only weakness, she felt helpless. This was because she currently had no countermeasure to deal with Xue Fanxin.

According to the people from the four great clans, Xue Fanxin’s strength was far higher than her cultivation level. Her movement technique was extremely mysterious, and her speed was astonishing. Furthermore, her courage and boldness were extraordinary. What was even more powerful was her superb medical skills.

Someone with extraordinary talent that was this outstanding, no wonder she could enter the eyes of Ye Jiushang.

Now, not many people in the Imperial City felt that Xue Fanxin, a woman from the secular world, was not worthy of the high and mighty Ninth Lord, especially the people from the four great clans. They did not say a word about this.

If this continued, her daughter would definitely have no hope.

She had long seen that Ye Jiushang was extraordinary. Only by following him could Yuefu have a better future. Perhaps she could go to a place higher than the Tongxuan Continent. At that time, she could also stand on a high place with him.

“Yuefu, don’t worry. I’ll definitely let you marry into the Ninth Lord’s Estate and become the Ninth Imperial Consort, standing by the Ninth Lord’s side.”

A blissful smile of anticipation appeared on Yu Yuefu’s face. She nodded heavily and said, “Yes, yes, Mother. I believe you. I’ll listen to you in the future.”

Since she was young, her mother had never lied to her. She would definitely do what she said.

Hence, she could definitely marry the Ninth Lord and become the Ninth Imperial Consort.

Just as the Grand Preceptor’s wife and Yu Yuefu were daydreaming, Xue Fanxin was still waiting anxiously outside the house. As time passed bit by bit, it had already been two days. Ah Jiu had yet to finish refining the remnant soul of the Shadow Clan’s ancestor. She was really worried.

However, it was useless to worry. At this moment, no one could help at all.

Ah Jiu had said it clearly previously that he could only rely on himself to refine the remnant soul. Others could not help at all, and they might even cause more trouble.

“Your Highness, don’t be too worried. Master is very powerful. Refining a remnant soul is not difficult for him. It might just take a little more time.” Heiran comforted the anxious Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin also knew this logic and knew that she was just being anxious, but she didn’t say it aloud. Hence, she tried her best to calm herself down and think about if there was anything she could help with.

At such a time, she had to calm down.

Only by calming down could she think of a way.

At this moment, a tragic roar sounded from the room. “Ah… Ye Jiushang, even if you refine me, I won’t let you have an easy time. Ah…”

It had already been two days, but the Shadow Clan’s ancestor was not dead. He still had the energy to shout.

It seemed that refining a remnant soul was indeed an extremely difficult task.

“What should I do to help Ah Jiu?” Xue Fanxin tried her best to think and forced herself to calm down. After thinking for a long time, she finally thought of something.

Back in the Second Tomb of the Spacetime Emperor, she and Ah Jiu had played the Soul Awakening Song and the Curse of Vengeance to deal with the evil bone spectral soldiers. The Soul Awakening Song had woken Little Lei up, and the Curse of Vengeance was the true weapon to deal with the evil bone spectral soldiers.

The evil bone spectral soldiers were activated with the power of vengeful spirits, which was equivalent to a vengeful spirit.

Since the Curse of Vengeance could deal with vengeful spirits, it could also be used to deal with the Shadow Clan’s ancestor, right?

Xue Fanxin felt that her guess was most likely correct, so she took out the Xue You Flute and played the Curse of Vengeance outside the room.

She would give it a try first. If it did not have any use or affected Ah Jiu, she would immediately stop.

A strange flute sound suddenly sounded and slowly spread into the room.


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