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Chapter 871: 871

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871 Only One

He had returned to the Deity Position so easily?

Ye Jiushang was still in a daze. He felt that everything in front of him was unreal, but the truth was in front of him, so he had no choice but to believe it.

Returning to the Deity Position was something he had been working hard for all these years. Without the Tree of Life, the Dragon Blood Soul Lotus, and the Nine Revolutions Purple Leaf Orchid, it was impossible. Even with these, he might not be able to do it. He still had a long, long way to go. Now, he had reached the end in an instant.

Of course, the power in his body was still a little chaotic. He needed time to slowly sort it out, but this could not change the fact that he had already returned to the Deity Position.

A Master god… In the past, he had not felt that there was any meaning in being a Master god, but now, he knew… That being one was to have an even stronger power to protect Xin’er and make her even happier and happier.

The current him should have enough ability to deal with those clowns.

“Master god, it’s great that you can successfully return to your position,” a gray-robed elder said first, his words vaguely filled with nervousness and panic.

Ye Jiushang looked at the elder who spoke and felt that he was a little unfamiliar, but he roughly knew who he was. He said coldly, “Pass down the order. Although I have returned to my position, I need to enter seclusion for a few years. No one is to disturb me, otherwise… die …”


“Also, immediately prepare for the conferment ceremony. I will be getting married.”

Upon hearing this, the people kneeling on the ground were extremely shocked. All of them remained there in a daze, thinking that they had heard wrong.

What had the Master god just said?

He wanted to get married and hold a ceremony to crown the Empress. Didn’t that mean that he had already confirmed the candidate for the god Empress?

Who was the god Empress?

Some of the people kneeling had strange thoughts. They had objections to the Master god’s decision and even wanted to push their own people to the position of empress.

However, just as these people had this thought, they were attacked by a force and their bodies were instantly enveloped and burned by purple flames.


“How dare you have other thoughts in front of me? Do you really think I’m so easy to scheme against? Whoever I marry and who is the god Empress will be up to me. Who do you think you are? How dare you decide for me?”

Ye Jiushang’s words and the people burned by the purple flames had already clearly proved the reason why they had been punished by the Master god.

Who was the Master god?

That was a god who ruled everything. Who did not want to have something to do with the Master god, especially the position of the god Empress? It was something countless women dreamed of. Those with some status would want to push the women in their clan to that position, so it was very normal to use some schemes.

However, they had never expected the Master god to not even allow such a thing. From this, it could be seen that the god Empress was very important to the Master god.

“There’s only one god Empress, and that’s her. Whoever dares to snatch her position or harm her will die.”

After those who had designs on the position of the god Empress were burned to death, no one dared to let their thoughts run wild. Even if they had any thoughts, they did not dare to show them now. Instead, they tried their best to hide them.

Furthermore, so what if you have thoughts? How could the god Empress that the Master god had set his sights on be so easily changed?

“I will find a place to enter seclusion on my own. Go do whatever you have to do. I’ll warn you one last time. Whoever dares to touch the god Empress will be consigned to eternal damnation. Also, those women who are daydreaming, it’s time to wake up. If you still want to continue dreaming, then go dream at the King of Hell’s place.”

Ye Jiushang left behind many warnings before turning to leave. He did not even enter the palace in front of him. With a turn of his body, he disappeared.


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