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Chapter 882: 882

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882 Not Like This

After hearing the words of the person in the carriage, the surrounding crowd secretly mocked Ouyang Xiangxiang.

“One look and I can tell that this woman is a vixen who specializes in seducing men.”

“Isn’t that so. However, she didn’t ask around. Young Master Wuchen is someone who hates dirty people. With her looks, she still wants to seduce Young Master Wuchen. How ridiculous.”

“Not only is it ridiculous, but she’s also courting death.”

“Some time ago, the Ouyang family said that Ouyang Xiangxiang was such an outstanding descendant. It turns out that she’s just a vixen who specializes in seducing men.”

The surrounding people pointing at her made Ouyang Xiangxiang feel very embarrassed. Even if she was still blocking the carriage, she did not know what to do.

The person in the carriage was right. Her life was not in danger now. She just had to run away. How could she ask for help?

In other words, she was clearly attracting attention and seducing the person in the car.

Although that was indeed the case, the outcome was not what she wanted.

“Young Master, no, it’s not like that. I…”

“Noisy.” Bai Wuchen interrupted Ouyang Xiangxiang unhappily. With a casual wave of his hand, he struck out a palm wind and sent Ouyang Xiangxiang flying into a corner a hundred feet away.

“Ah…” Ouyang Xiangxiang screamed and smashed a small stall. It was a stall that sold rouge and powder. With this smash, she smashed all the rouge and powder on herself, making herself look even more miserable.

As for Bai Wuchen, he ignored Ouyang Xiangxiang’s tragic state and ordered someone to drive the carriage away.

Ouyang Xiangxiang looked at the slowly departing carriage. She was very indignant, but she was also helpless.

How could this be?

This shouldn’t have happened.

Why hadn’t the male lead come to save her yet?

Xue Fanxin saw everything clearly from upstairs. In the beginning, she thought that there was some important person in the carriage who would very likely save Ouyang Xiangxiang, especially those men who liked to save the damsel in distress.

Who knew that it was Bai Wuchen?

However, no matter who it was, it could not change Ouyang Xiangxiang’s outcome.

“I suddenly realized that Bai Wuchen’s mysophobia actually has some benefits!”

At the very least, he would hate Ouyang Xiangxiang because of this.

“How else do you plan to play?” Ye Jiushang did not like Xue Fanxin to pay too much attention to other men. He did not like even irrelevant praise, so he changed the topic.

If Xin’er paid attention to that Bai Wuchen again, he did not mind throwing him into the latrine again.

In the carriage, Bai Wuchen suddenly shuddered. Who was talking bad about him?

Xue Fanxin looked at the departing carriage and did not have any thoughts. She turned her attention to Ouyang Xiangxiang. “Continue watching the commotion. When it’s late at night, hehe…”

She would never let Ouyang Xiangxiang live past tonight.

Ye Jiushang did not say anything and continued to watch the show with Xue Fanxin.

Ouyang Xiangxiang spent a lot of effort to get up from the ground. When she saw the carriage that had already disappeared into the distance, she was unable to restrain her anger.

She wanted to resist, but she was powerless.

One day, when she stood at the top, she would definitely make those who bullied her today pay the price.

“Are you done causing trouble? The Purple Cloud Tower is not a place for you to cause trouble. Get lost quickly, or don’t blame me for being impolite,” the guard of the Purple Cloud Tower suddenly said.

Only then did Fifth Uncle Ouyang recover from his shock. After apologizing to the guard, he walked towards Ouyang Xiangxiang and pulled her away roughly. “You slut, bringing you here is indeed not a good thing.”


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