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Chapter 888: 888

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888 Personally Crippled

After Ouyang Xiangxiang’s soul dissipated, Ye Jiushang and Xue Fanxin left the inn and returned to the Lord’s Estate.

“Ah Jiu, do you have any thoughts about the Ouyang family’s Deviant Flame?” Xue Fanxin supported her chin with both hands and stared at Ye Jiushang’s handsome face. She felt that she could not get enough of him.

She couldn’t help it. Her Ah Jiu was so handsome.

“Of course I have thoughts. Deviant Flames are rare treasures in the world. I wonder what kind of Deviant Flame the Ouyang family has? According to what I know, there are ten great Deviant Flames that are the strongest. But even if they don’t enter the top ten, they are still very powerful.”


No matter if it was used to refine pills or artifacts, Deviant Flames had miraculous effects. Coincidentally, during this period of time, he planned to start refining those cars and planes. If he had the help of the Deviant Flame, it would be even better.

However, the spirituality of the Deviant Flames were extremely strong, especially the Deviant Flames ranked in the top ten. It was said that only the few deviant flames at the bottom had already been obtained by someone, and there was no trace of the others.

“Then what’s the most powerful Deviant Flame?” Xue Fanxin immediately asked about the strongest one.

“Based on the ranking of the Deviant Flames that we know of, the most powerful Deviant Flame is the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire. It is said that it is a fire that can burn everything, including gods. If gods encounter the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire, they will also be unable to escape calamity.”

Speaking of the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire, Ye Jiushang was still quite afraid.

Even if he was the Master god, if he really encountered someone who possessed the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire, he would probably die miserably.

However, according to what he knew, the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire had only appeared in the ancient times. Later, there was no news and it became the legendary Deviant Flame.

When a legend was around for too long, people would become suspicious of its existence. Therefore, most people now felt that the Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire did not exist in the world at all. It was all fabricated by the ancients.

“Apocalyptic Tribulation Fire!” Xue Fanxin firmly remembered this kind of deviant flame in her heart, but she did not have any other thoughts. She just wanted to understand a little more. After chatting, she started to talk about serious matters. “Ah Jiu, Pei Xiangxiang is gone. Next, I want to get rid of Jiang Donghai. I wonder who he possessed to continue living?”

“You want to use the power of the Purple Cloud Tower to investigate?”

Xue Fanxin nodded and replied, “Yes. With my ability alone, I’m afraid I might not be able to find out who it is in ten or twenty years. Since the Purple Cloud Tower is in the intelligence business, they should have their own intelligence network. Investigating is much faster than investigating blindly myself.”

“Then tell me about Jiang Donghai’s characteristics.” Ye Jiushang tapped his fingers on the table, and his gaze became darker and darker.

He could let Xin’er deal with Pei Xiangxiang herself, but that Jiang Donghai… he had to cripple him himself.

Xue Fanxin did not know what Ye Jiushang was thinking and went straight to the point. “That Jiang Donghai’s greatest characteristic is his greed. He is a sanctimonious hypocrite. Furthermore, he likes to rely on women to climb up the ranks and likes to use women to achieve his goals in everything he does. You can investigate. A few months ago, which was the time I transmigrated, who died and revived, or was about to die and suddenly revived or had a major personality switch.”

“Alright, leave this to the Purple Cloud Tower to investigate. You don’t have to worry too much. Rest well for a few days next. When you recover, you can begin to receive my training.”

“What training?”

“Devil training.”

Xue Fanxin looked at Ye Jiushang’s sinister smile and felt that her days ahead would not be easy.

However, this was not important. As long as she could become stronger, what does a little more suffering matter?


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