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Chapter 889: 889

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889 No Money, No Meeting

The next morning, the Ouyang family discovered that Ouyang Xiangxiang had died in her room. Furthermore, she had been killed.

However, Ouyang Xiangxiang’s death did not cause much of a stir. Even Fifth Uncle Ouyang did not feel much. He only gave a few instructions and got someone to transport Ouyang Xiangxiang’s corpse back to the Ouyang family.

Ouyang Xiangxiang had recklessly offended so many people yesterday and had almost provoked Bai Wuchen. Who knew what other important person she had provoked?

It was fine if such a scourge died, in case it caused trouble for the Ouyang family.


Xue Fanxin had long gotten someone to pay attention to news about Ouyang Xiangxiang’s death. When she found out that this matter had no effect at all, she smiled bitterly.

She had not expected Ouyang Xiangxiang to be so neglected in the Ouyang family. Even if there was the matter of condensate iron, she was still of the Ouyang family’s bloodline.

The Ouyang family was too cold-blooded.

But so what?

Anyway, Ouyang Xiangxiang no longer cared about the Ouyang family. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have told them the big secret of the Ouyang family before she died.

“Your Highness, Bai Wuchen from the Bai family is here to visit. I wonder if you want to see him?” A secret guard came to Xue Fanxin, who was sunbathing, and reported.

Xue Fanxin was basking in the warm sun and hugging a lazy little white cat. When she heard the news reported by the secret guard, she was a little shocked. “Bai Wuchen is here?”

“Yes. Does your Highness want to see him?”

“Pass my message. I’ll see him when he prepares enough money. No money, no meeting.”


Xue Fanxin watched the secret guards leave and suddenly thought of Bai Shuiling’s IOU.

The Bai family still owed her a lot of money!

It seemed like she had to find a time to collect her debt.

Back then, because of the five million crystal coins treatment fee, Bai Wuchen had not been able to give Xue Fanxin an immediate answer. Unexpectedly, it was extremely difficult to find this woman later. After struggling for a long time, he found out that she had already come to the Imperial City of the Mystic Realm and lived in the Ninth Lord’s Estate.

Upon hearing this news, he immediately rushed back and visited the next day, hoping to see Xue Fanxin. Unexpectedly…

“What? She really said that?”

This woman was greedy for money. She must be crazy about money. If she was only willing to see him after she had enough money, how long would he have to wait?

Five million crystal coins. If it were any other family, even an ordinary small family would be able to take it out. However, it was very difficult for their Bai family to gather it. After all, the person in charge of their family’s money was a miser.

Furthermore, the family had rules. They could not casually use the family’s funds. Unless there was a reasonable use for them, no one could touch them.

He had already explained to the family that he was using it to treat his leg, but his brother, who loved money, insisted that he give a guarantee that the other party was 100% confident in treating his leg. Otherwise, he would not give him money.

He had wanted to negotiate with Xue Fanxin and give her money after his leg was healed. This way, his elder brother would have nothing to say.

Unexpectedly, Xue Fanxin wanted him to gather the money first.

Wasn’t this making things difficult for him?

Sigh… He, the dignified Young Master Wuchen, had actually been reduced to worrying about a mere five million crystal coins. If word got out, he would definitely be laughed at.

Bai Wuchen knew Ye Jiushang’s temper, so he did not dare to cause trouble the moment Xue Fanxin spoke. Instead, he left sensibly and thought of a way to gather enough money before coming back.

If he dared to cause trouble, he would definitely be thrown into the latrine pit. That was why he was not so stupid.

Outside the Ninth Lord’s Estate, the moment Bai Wuchen left, the people secretly monitoring the Ninth Lord’s Estate appeared slightly and looked suspiciously in the direction Bai Wuchen had left in.

Wasn’t this Ninth Imperial Consort too powerful? She actually didn’t go see Bai Wuchen when he even came personally.

There was a need to report this to the higher-ups.


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