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Chapter 896: 896

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896 Fighting the Fierce Wolves Alone

The wolf pack did not think too much about it. In their opinion, Xue Fanxin was a weak human without any cultivation level. She was their delicious meal today. Now that this delicious meal had already been surrounded by them, it was difficult to escape. They only needed to pounce on her and eat her.

One of the larger ferocious wolves took two steps forward and stared at Xue Fanxin fiercely. After exerting all its strength, it suddenly pounced on Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin held a dagger in her hand. When the huge ferocious wolf pounced on her, she estimated that she could not kill the huge ferocious wolf in one strike, so she cleverly dodged it.

However, the ferocious wolf seemed to be prepared. When Xue Fanxin dodged, it continued to jump up the moment it landed and quickly snapped at Xue Fanxin.

The two ferocious wolves beside her seized the opportunity and surrounded Xue Fanxin from both sides, leaving her nowhere to dodge.

The other ferocious wolves were also prepared to pounce on her at any moment.

Xue Fanxin really did not know how to break through this trap. There was still some time before the fifteen minutes were up. There was no way to delay it, so she could only fight.

Xue Fanxin dodged the wolf’s claw attack again and looked at the ferocious wolf pack that had surrounded her warily. She said angrily, “Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wishes. I’ll use your fur as a cloak and your meat as delicious food.”

When the huge ferocious wolf heard Xue Fanxin’s words, it was extremely angry. It suddenly pounced forward and opened its bloody mouth, revealing its sharp teeth, wanting to bite Xue Fanxin to death.

“Screw you.” Xue Fanxin threw the dagger in her hand at the ferocious wolf. The dagger pierced into the wolf’s mouth, piercing its tongue and mouth into pieces.

“Awroo” The huge ferocious wolf fell from the sky in pain and rolled on the ground, blood flowing from its mouth.

That was a semi-divine dagger. If not for Xue Fanxin’s exhausted stamina and her cultivation and spirit energy being sealed, the dagger would have long pierced the ferocious wolf.

When the other ferocious wolves saw that Xue Fanxin had stabbed their boss, they were extremely angry. They all pounced on her, planning to attack in a group and tear her apart.

The power of the silver needles was far inferior to the semi-divine dagger. Furthermore, there was no poison applied to it, so it was not very lethal to the ferocious wolves. Even if a wolf was hit by the silver needles, it was not too injured. It was only beaten back a few steps before continuing to attack.

“There’s really no end to you!” Xue Fanxin kept shooting silver needles, but after a few rounds, she realized that the silver needles on her body were gone. At this moment, a ferocious wolf was about to pounce on her.

In a moment of desperation, Xue Fanxin summoned back the half-divine dagger.

The dagger received its master’s summoning order and took the initiative to fly out of the ferocious wolf’s mouth and return to its master’s hand.

The moment she received the dagger, Xue Fanxin made a prompt decision and stabbed it ruthlessly at the ferocious wolf that was pouncing on her.

“Awroo” The ferocious wolf was stabbed in the neck and screamed before falling to the ground and dying.

After fighting the ferocious wolf, Xue Fanxin’s stamina had been exhausted even more. At this moment, she sat on the ground weakly and panted. She did not even have the strength to stand up.

Fortunately, the wolves did not dare to rush forward recklessly. Otherwise, she would be in trouble.

The wolf pack had suffered at Xue Fanxin’s hands one after another and no longer dared to attack rashly like before. However, they could also tell that Xue Fanxin was already at the end of her rope. They only needed to wait for a while and find the right time to attack again to take down this delicious meal.

However, ideals were beautiful, but reality was cruel.


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