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Chapter 906: 906

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Chapter 906: Can’t Take Care of It

Ye Jiushang looked at the person in front of him who was drenched and still laughing. He shook his head helplessly and quickly used his spirit energy to dry her clothes. “You’re already drenched like this, yet you can still smile.”

“I was just drenched in the rain. It’s okay. I’ll drink some ginger soup later and take a hot bath. Ah Jiu, let me tell you. A five-colored elk came to look for me today…” Xue Fanxin chatted about what had happened today as she made the ginger soup.

Ye Jiushang had long known about the five-colored elk. Although he had not entered the cave, he knew everything that had happened inside like the back of his hand.

He had not expected there to be a descendant of a divine beast like the Five-Colored Elk in this small Moon Burial Ridge. Although the bloodline was a little mixed, it was indeed a descendent of a divine animal.


Even if they were descendants of divine beasts, because they did not have any inheritance, the two five-colored elks were at most spirit beasts.

“Ah Jiu, there were many colorful crystals in that cave of the five-colored elk. They’re very beautiful. That little elk was also so cute with colorful lights on its body.”

“Do you want that little elk?” Ye Jiushang suddenly asked.

“Why do you ask?” Xue Fanxin asked in return. She thought that Ye Jiushang wanted to snatch the little elk for her and quickly explained, “Ah Jiu, don’t act recklessly. Although I quite like that little elk, it’s someone else’s child. How can I take it just like that? Furthermore, that thing is too small. I’m afraid I can’t take care of it.’

She was not an elk. How could she take care of a newborn elk?

Furthermore, she already had quite a few little things by her side: the little white tiger, the little white kitten, and a little stone man. She could not even take care of these few little ones. How could she have the energy to take care of others?

Since the little elk had parents, it was best to let it stay by its parents’ side.

“Then I’ll listen to you and let it stay by its parents’ side.” Ye Jiushang did not say anything else about the five-colored elk. To him, the five-colored elk was not a powerful spirit beast. Furthermore, Xin’er had too many beasts by her side. It was indeed not suitable to bring another small one.

Furthermore, Xin’er still had a life-bound divine beast in her body. That was her true guardian divine beast.

Xue Fanxin and Ye Jiushang chatted for a while. When she felt tired, she fell asleep.

Ye Jiushang covered the sleeping person on the bed with a blanket and returned to his room. He took out the little stone man’s excrement during this period of time and refined some things.

The next morning, Xue Fanxin habitually woke up early. She had thought that she would be able to eat delicious food as usual when she woke up.

Unexpectedly, she didn’t even see Ye Jiushang, so she went straight to his room to look for him.

“Ah Jiu, what are you doing?”

After pushing open the door, Xue Fanxin walked in. She saw that Ye Jiushang was busy making various things, so she came to take a look.

“Ah Jiu, why did you make so many wrist guards?”

Ye Jiushang did not answer Xue Fanxin’s question immediately. Instead, he finished what he was doing and said, “This is something for you to use for the second stage of training. From today onwards, you have to wear these on your wrists and ankles. There are also these for your waist. Every wrist guard weighs

2.5 kilograms, and the 5 kilograms on your waist add up to fifteen kilograms. From tomorrow onwards, run ten laps a day with these for ten days.”

“Ah…” Xue Fanxin originally wanted to complain, but she immediately stopped herself and said, “Okay, I definitely won’t disappoint you.

“The training will only begin tomorrow. Get used to these things today.” Ye Jiushang used his spirit energy to control the wrist guards and personally put them on for Xue Fanxin..


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