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Chapter 925: 925 Praise Me Praise Me

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925 Praise Me Praise Me

After Xue Fanxin left the elk cave abode, she started today’s training. She jogged in the forest and did not feel tired after running one round, so she continued running.

The little and big animal companions ran with Xue Fanxin, but they did not seem to have Xue Fanxin’s stamina and endurance. After running one round, they collapsed from exhaustion and had no choice but to rest on the spot. Only some demonic beasts that were good at running and had extremely good stamina continued to run.

The little guys in the forest had been running with Xue Fanxin these few days, and unknowingly, their stamina and strength had increased a little too.

There were also other large and small demonic beasts who came to join in the fun. To be precise, they were waiting to eat roasted meat.

However, Xue Fanxin had not made roasted meat for many days. They could not eat it even if they wanted to. They could only occasionally eat small snacks and some dried meat. However, those weren’t bad either!

After Xue Fanxin completed today’s training mission, the sun was already setting and the sky was about to turn dark. Therefore, she did not stay in the forest anymore. She bid farewell to the little guys briefly and returned to the bamboo house.

“Ah Jiu, I completed the mission an hour early today. Quickly praise me.”

Ye Jiushang sat in the courtyard reading as usual. When he heard Xue Fanxin’s cheerful voice, he raised his head and watched her run into the courtyard excitedly. He said with a gentle smile as she ran up to him, “Not bad, your stamina has increased a little again. You have to remember that a true expert is not just defined by cultivation level. The strength of the body is also very important. Only by improving both in unison can you become a true expert.”

Many cultivators were often focused on increasing their cultivation levels and ignored the training of their bodies. Therefore, it was very easy for them to lose in battle.

“I understand all of this, so I’ll train harder. Ah Jiu, I took another look at the Seven-colored Divine Lotus today and realized that its bud has grown a little more. It’s already the size of a peanut.” Xue Fanxin would report the growth of the Seven-colored Divine Lotus to Ye Jiushang every few days.

This was because she realized that every time she mentioned the growth of the Seven-colored Divine Lotus, Ah Jiu would smile happily.

She liked to see his smile.

When Ye Jiushang heard the good news about the Seven-colored Divine Lotus, he was indeed very happy. A smile appeared on his face. “That’s all thanks to Xin’er. With Xin’er here, everything will work out.”

“Don’t praise me anymore, or I’ll feel smug.”

“My little consort is so outstanding. Can’t I praise her?”

“Then go ahead and praise me. Praise me more. I’m listening.”

If it was in the past, he would have long been unable to take it.

But now, he had actually fallen in love with this life.

It was actually not bad to watch the person you loved skipping around every day.

Back when he became the Master god, he did not know the meaning of his life. That was why he had chosen to enter the cycle of reincarnation and search for the meaning of his life.

Later, he encountered a powerful Star Diviner. That Star Diviner told him that as long as he could find the Phoenix Star, he could find the meaning of his life.

In the beginning, he could not understand the meaning of this sentence. Now, he finally understood.

Only by meeting someone who loved you and walking the world with her, and sharing the beauty of the world, would life become meaningful.

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