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Chapter 927: 927 Poison in the River

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927 Poison in the River

Xue Fanxin did not have time to think about anything else. She was busy saving the demonic beasts on the verge of death. For this, she did not hesitate to use the power of the Wood Spirit Heavenly Pearl to extend their lives before using medicine to treat them.

Not only that, but she also instructed the demonic beasts that were fine to search for any demonic beasts that were in trouble. When they found them, they had to tell her quickly. At the same time, she reminded them that from now on, they could not eat anything or even drink water.

These demonic beasts were clearly poisoned, and it was a very domineering poison. Because some of the lower-level demonic beasts were not strong enough, they could not resist the poison in their bodies after being poisoned, so they died before she could treat them.

She had been here for more than twenty days, but she had never seen any signs of demonic beasts being poisoned. Furthermore, it was a large-scale poisoning.

What went wrong?

The demonic beasts were all very vigilant. When they realized that quite a few demonic beasts had inexplicably collapsed and died, they did not dare to act recklessly and hid in their nests.

Hence, there were not many poisoned demonic beasts there after. Xue Fanxin spent about two hours trying to save all the poisoned demonic beasts in the surroundings. Then, she started to investigate along the way. When she came to a small river, she saw a few low-level demonic beasts had died by the river, so she checked the river.

Poison… There was actually poison in the river. Furthermore, it was a mixed poison specially targeted at demonic beasts.

Such a poison could not be naturally produced. Only humans could make it.

In other words, someone had poisoned the river.

But Ah Jiu had set up a barrier here. Who could come in and poison the river?

Xue Fanxin followed the river and came to the upper reaches of the river to check the water again. She realized that the concentration of poison here was even higher. Clearly, the poison had been released from above, so she continued forward.

Not far ahead was the edge of the barrier. The river should have crossed the barrier. One part of the river was outside the barrier, another part was inside the barrier

If someone released poison from outside the barrier, then the poison would flow down the river and enter the barrier… Such a thing was not impossible.

At this moment, a group of large and small demonic beasts followed Xue Fanxin. They stopped when she stopped. Although they did not know what had happened, they could roughly guess that there was something wrong with the river water and it could not be consumed.

Xue Fanxin came to the edge of the barrier. Just as she approached, she heard someone talking in front of her, so she hid in the bushes by the side. She even gestured to the demonic beasts following her to hide well.

Even if the demonic beasts could not understand Xue Fanxin’s gesture, they could tell that she was hiding, so they followed and found a place to hide.

Outside the barrier and near the river, a group of people was gathered. From time to time, they would pour things into the river.

Xue Fanxin recognized two of these people at a glance. They were Yu Shuangshuang and Qin Yang, who had abandoned their fellow disciple and fled that day.

Yu Shuangshuang followed an elder and kept trying her best to curry favor. “First Elder, with you personally taking action, we will definitely be able to obtain the five-colored spirit crystals easily.”

“Don’t worry. If there really is a Five-colored Elk here, I definitely won’t treat you badly when we plunder its cave,” the First Elder said perfunctorily. Although he said it nicely, he did not think so in his heart.

Five-colored Elk and five-colored spirit crystals. How could he let others have such good things?

Of course, the premise was that there was really a Five-colored Elk here. Otherwise, everything would be useless.

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