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Chapter 1939: 1939

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1939 Can’t Be Compared

“Awesome! I’m a programmer, and my hair is the most annoying thing every day. I have to wear a hat every day when I go out! I had originally bought the hair tonic with the intention of trying it out. But who would have thought that I would only use it for two days and it would have such obvious effects!”

There were also two photos of him posted at the back.

In the first photo, there was a head with a Mediterranean hairstyle.

The central part was already bald, and there was not much hair to be seen. There was even a faint tendency to reflect light.

Beside it was a circle of hair. They stood stubbornly around it, making a final stand.

Looking at this photo made one’s heart ache.

In the second photo, the hair on the side did not change much, but there was a little black stubble on the scalp in the middle of the head.

Although it was just a little bit, the black color brought endless hope.

The comparison between the two was not extremely depressing, but it was very obvious.

This post also brought more discussion.

“I bought a bottle and used it for two days. Now, some hair has grown out! I’m about to cry!”

“For my hair, I used many methods. Take medicine, apply ointment, massage… I used all of them. I only bought a hair tonic for Qi Xibei’s sake. But who would have thought that I would really pick up a treasure!”

“It’s for my dad. My dad only used it for two days. Now he’s urging me to buy a few more bottles for backup!”

Looking at the comments that flooded in, almost all of them were positive comments, and the Internet was shocked.

Was it really that useful?

If it was really that useful, then they had to keep up!

If they could grow hair, they would do anything!

People whose friends used it and it was effective. People who saw it on the Internet…They all clicked on Hongyan Youth’s official website.

No matter what, they would buy it and try it out!

Qi Xibei could even come up with anti-cancer drugs, so what was a hair tonic? Although the difference between the two products was huge, she was a genius.

Very quickly, the large batch of goods that they had prepared earlier were immediately snatched away.

This time, many people bought several bottles at once.

Who knew if they would have the chance to buy it in the future?

Moreover, everyone was worried that if they did not use it, they might lose their hair again.

Although this product couldn’t cure this problem, it was very satisfying to be able to grow hair.

Regardless of the outcome, they had to be prepared.

Even if they had to use it every day, no matter how much money they spent, they would not spend more money than getting a hair transplant! Besides, a hair transplant was too difficult!

Everyone was worried about growing their hair.

Now that such an effective product has appeared, who wouldn’t be willing?

Looking at the good reviews online, the cup in Qi Xin’s hand was almost squeezed flat.

There were a few people sitting at the table in front of her.

“CEO Qi, even if our product is on the market, it won’t be competitive!”

“That’s right! Let’s not talk about anything else, just the price alone, our price is higher than theirs! Who’s willing to buy ours?”

“Most importantly, the effect is different! After using Hongyan Youth’s products, why would they buy ours?”

“That’s right! What should we do?”

The managers broke out in a cold sweat.

The current situation was not a good thing for their company.

Comparing the price? No. Comparing quality was even worse.

They had previously brought Hongyan Youth’s products back for testing. The quality was much better than their company’s products!

The effect was even more obvious!

Their products had to be used for ten days to half a month before they could see the effect. However, Hongyan Youth’s product only took effect after two days!

How could this be compared?

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