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Chapter 1031: 1031

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Chapter 1031 Together

Xia Xibei knew that Xia Jun did not have good intentions and that Qiao Haoming must have been involved.

However, she did not expect Xia Jun to be so shameless!

She was his daughter!

Even if they never got along, they were still father and daughter by blood!

Even if they were not related, even if they were strangers, he couldn’t be so heartless, right?

What kind of person would give a girl to someone to damage?

Xia Xibei felt very sad.

Although she had no confidence in Xia Jun, she still felt very sad when Xia Jun did such a thing.

After the sadness, there was strong anger.

If she didn’t have enough ability for self-protection, wouldn’t she be at their mercy now? It was disgusting to think about it!

Despite the anger in her heart, Xia Xibei did not move and continued to lie on the bed.

After a while, Xia Jun walked out, leaving Qiao Haoming and Wan Shicheng inside.

Qiao Haoming looked at Xia Xibei lying on the bed, and the corners of his mouth revealed a harsh, grim smile.

He had already given Xia Xibei many chances.

Since she was a girl, he tolerated her capriciousness and willfulness, but who allowed her to cheat on him?

At this moment, he completely forgot that there was no relationship at all between him and Xia Xibei. As for this so-called cheating, he put it on himself.

“Haoming!” Wan Shicheng shouted, his eyes on Xia Xibei, asking what to do with his gaze.

“I’ll go first,” Qiao Haoming leered, and his gaze became deeper.

She was already tainted, but she still looked tempting

When he was done with her, he would destroy her and make her lose her reputation!

As for how Xia Jun would react, he wasn’t worried at all.

As long as he gave Xia Jun enough benefits, any problem could be solved.


Wan Shicheng felt even more excited.

When Qiao Haoming was done, he would get his turn.

It was exciting to think about it!

Ever since he was rejected by Xia Xibei before, Wan Shicheng hadn’t been satisfied.

However, there were a lot of things happening at home, so he couldn’t find the time to track her.

Plus, she often traveled, so he couldn’t catch up.

That was why things had dragged on until now.

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However, it was okay. They had saved the best for last!

Wan Shicheng’s eyes were glowing at the thought of the fun that would come later.

Not only could they use her one on one, but they could also use her together!

Wan Shicheng was so excited that he was rubbing his hands together, as if he was a fly.

Qiao Haoming walked toward the bed, impatience and eagerness in his eyes.

When he reached the bed and looked at Xia Xibei’s peaceful and beautiful sleeping face, he showed a smitten smile and murmured, “Why are you so stupid? If you had obediently agreed to my advances before, you wouldn’t have to be like this now.”

Thinking about those drugs Xia Xibei had taken, he felt even more stimulated.

This was the first time he had drugged a girl, and it was this particularly magical drug.

It was also from a certain master!

After taking this substance, Xia Xibei would become very lustful…

Slutty, requiring many men.

That was why he called Wan Shicheng here too.

Moreover, after this, her personality would change drastically and she would never be able to leave men.

Turning a lofty and perfect girl into such a whore, he felt pity, but at the same time, he felt very happy. See, this was what happened when she betrayed him!

He laughed while reaching out to touch Xia Xibei’s face.

In the next moment, his eyes blinked, his wrist hurt, and his whole body fell hard on the bed!

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