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Chapter 624: 624

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Chapter 624: Hostile

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Qiao Yanjue came to Z City because, besides really having something to do, he also wanted to see Xia Xibei.

She had to stay in Z City for a while and couldn’t go back, so naturally he had to come over here.

Moreover, after reading about Xia Xibei’s capture of the fugitive on the Internet, he couldn’t help but worry.

Although he knew that with Xia Xibei’s skills, there would be no problem, he was still worried and made sure to ask Xia Xibei out for a meal so he could confirm her safety.

However, he didn’t expect Xia Xibei to have an unfamiliar girl by her side, in addition to bringing Pan Yan with her.

“Brother Jue.”

Xia Xibei walked in with Cui Tong and Pan Yan.

When she saw Qiao Yanjue, Cui Tong gave a surprised gasp..

So good looking!

Cui Tong had been in the entertainment industry for many years and had seen many handsome men, but there were not many like Qiao Yanjue.

His face was hot, his temperament was good, and he looked more handsome than those male artists. After all, his aura was different.

“She is…” Qiao Yanjue’s eyes fell on Cui Tong’s hand, which was pulling on Xia Xibei.

“Oh, she’s Cui Tong, my colleague.” Xia Xibei pulled Cui Tong’s hand away and pressed her into a chair. “This is Qiao Yanjue, my brother.”


Cui Tong’s big eyes blinked, looking back and forth twice.

Then she understood. He was not a real brother, but a lover brother, right?

“Hello, Mr. Qiao.”

Hearing this polite address, Qiao Yanjue’s face looked slightly better.

“Hello, Miss Cui.”

Xia Xibei ignored the two people’s addresses and naturally sat next to Qiao Yanjue.

“Brother Jue, have you ordered yet?”

“Yes, I did,” Qiao Yanjue nodded. “I ordered all your favorites and the signature dishes here. See if there’s anything else you want to eat.”

Xia Xibei handed the menu to Cui Tong instead.

“You guys see if there’s anything you want to eat.”

Cui Tong didn’t take it and handed it to Pan Yan.

“I don’t care.”

Pan Yan naturally had no problem with it.

While waiting for the food, Qiao Yanjue asked about how Xia Xibei’s life had been in the past two days.

“It went well, there were no problems. I just have to take more pictures tomorrow,” Xia Xibei said while eating a fruit appetizer.

“Hasn’t it already been shot? I remember that you had already shot it yesterday,” Qiao Yanjue said while giving her the fruit, carefully picking out the seeds from the watermelon.

“The photographer has other ideas, and we have to shoot again tomorrow.”

Xia Xibei held nothing back.

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“Then do a good shoot and remember to tell me if something goes wrong.”

“Got it.”

Cui Tong sat to the side, her eyes going back and forth over them, her gaze flickering.

This Qiao Yanjue looked like he should be in his twenties and carried the air of a successful businessman. However, Xia Xibei was only in her teens. This was a big difference, right?

This kind of “old man” who wanted to make a move on a girl would easily succeed.

Although the two seemed to be on good terms, Cui Tong could not help but worry.

What if Xia Xibei was deceived?

Due to this worry, Cui Tong did not eat very well during the meal.

Of course, besides worrying, it was also because Qiao Yanjue and Xia Xibei’s interaction was too intimate, the PDA too great.

When they finally finished eating, Cui Tong said, “Um, we have to go back, right? The director will scold us if we’re late.”

Since this was the case, Qiao Yanjue couldn’t afford to continue to keep them.

“Then I’ll take you guys back.”

“No need, we drove here!” Cui Tong flatly refused. “If you take us back, how troublesome would it be if the reporters caught us on camera?!”

Qiao Yanjue paused, his face slightly sunken.

Why did he feel that Cui Tong was hostile towards him?

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