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Chapter 92

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Chapter 92 - What? Serpent Bearer? (3)


A BBQ restaurant near the dome.

“Damn it!” Lee Gun unconsciously cursed. He looked at the grill, which lay ruthlessly destroyed. “Shit! It still had some meat left.”

As he had been starving, Lee Gun had come to a BBQ restaurant in Belgium before leaving for his destination. He started eating immediately after he entered the restaurant, wolfing seventy servings.

Normally, he would be full after thirty minutes of eating, but for some odd reason, his stomach refused to become full this time. Therefore, he had kept eating on Kevin’s tab. He ate to his heart’s content.

The problem arose when he was almost done eating meat. As he was close to getting full, as expected of him, he tried to steal Hugo’s drink to finish off the meal.



However, when he grabbed the can, it exploded. This surprised him. Next was the grill’s turn.


Lee Gun was trying to pick up the remaining meat when his chopstick pierced through the grill pan. Lee Gun rolled his eyes at what happened.

As expected, all hell broke loose around him.

“What the hell? What was that sound?”

“Is it a terrorist attack?!”

“I heard another sound of an explosion earlier!”

“Kyahhk! Is it a terrorist attack?”

The culprit didn’t even pay attention to the surrounding hysteria. He continued to pick up and eat the remaining pieces of meat.

There was only one reason the hard can and the grill reached those states at his hands. He had made a mistake in controlling his strength.

‘Tsk! I made a rookie mistake.’

Yes, right now, Lee Gun couldn’t control his power at all. It was all thanks to the body upgrade, which he had received as a reward for the Trial of Strength.


[Your body’s upgrade has finished.]

[Your first shedding was successful. Your body has been strengthened.]

[You have shed your weak human body. Your body has once evolved toward the body of a Zodiac.]


The “Body Upgrade” that was supposed to take a full day was finally over. Of course, the only visible change was Lee Gun’s skin. It now looked very smooth, like a peeled egg.

Therefore, Lee Gun assumed even if he had undergone an “upgrade,” there weren’t any big changes.

‘This is….’

Lee Gun looked down at his hands in shock. He remembered this exact scenario. ‘This is like when I awakened for the first time.’

Around twenty-five years ago, he had experienced the same thing when he first became an awakened being. His body had suddenly become that of a superhuman. It had taken him about half a month to get used to his new body. In the process, he had destroyed his desk and TV. It had been a mess.

Him being unable to control his new power meant only one thing. ‘I’ve gotten stronger than before.’

This added to his surprise. The body awakening process had a limit. Moreover, Lee Gun had already awakened as a Saint-rank being, so his body had maxed out. There had been no reason for him to believe that his body would get stronger.

‘It seems my muscles ballooning before was a sign of things to come.’

This had happened at the Virgo Saint’s holy ground when Lee Gun had been killing the monster with his ax. 

Heaven’s Punishment, which Lee Gun had propped up next to him, let out a low cry. ‘I should test how much stronger I’ve gotten.’

Otherwise, at this rate, he might put several people in the hospital by mistake. It was best to rip off the bandage as soon as possible. Lee Gun wanted to test his body, but…

“Ahk! What happened to the grill?” Hugo, who had returned from the restroom, looked at his friend. “Gun? What pissed you off again— Huh? Ahhk!!”

Lee Gun had instantly grabbed his arm, leaving Hugo screaming.

“It hurts! Hey! Hey!! Let go!!”

When Hugo screamed, Lee Gun’s eyes sparkled. It was to be expected. A Saint’s body received protection from the Zodiacs. As a result, a Saint possessed monstrous defense. Moreover, Hugo was the Archer Saint, and in the past, Lee Gun had beaten him numerous times. Therefore, Hugo’s durability was good.

Yet, Hugo still felt pain?

“It seems I’ve become stronger. Or maybe you got weaker.”


“You son of a bitch! Let me go and talk— Ah-ya-ya!”

“Mmm! I can’t tell how much strength I should put into my hand. How about this much?”



“How about this?”



Unable to stand it in the end, Hugo started begging. “Gun! I don’t know what I did wrong, but we can talk after you let me go!”

“Sigh! You are so weak.”

Hugo couldn’t speak since the man had almost crushed his arm.

“Idiot! Don’t ever tell anyone that you’re strong.”

Hugo wanted to drop Lee Gun as a friend at that moment. 

When Kevin came upon this scene, he was baffled. The Virgo Saint had gone back to his holy ground to fix his severed arm and get rid of Pelio’s remaining minions. He didn’t expect to come back to this. So, he muttered, “Tsk tsk! As expected of the last-place Saint, your arm is too weak— Kuhk!”

Kevin had been sent flying away! Hugo huffed in anger after sending the Virgo Saint flying with just a punch from his arm. “He’s the abnormal one!”

The Archer Saint used a bow, so in terms of arm strength, Hugo was either the best or the second-best amongst the Zodiac Saints.

Lee Gun was the abnormal one for being able to pressure him with brute strength!

This sight deeply moved Goat. ‘He sent the Virgo Saint flying with one blow.’

Goat had seen abnormal things from Lee Gun, so he had forgotten it. However, his Saint-nim was also amazing.

Kevin glared at Hugo. “You dare hit a Saint’s face?”

“You aren’t the only Saint here! I’m also a battle-type Saint! You’re acting high and mighty because you’re the second! However, everyone is the same if you aren’t the first!”

Both Saints knew each other for a very long time. They were about to throttle each other like children when…


[The reward for the Trial of Reputation will be released now that the body upgrade is finished.]

[Reward: Serpent Bearer’s awakened skill (SSS)]

[You have gained an advanced skill.]


A symbol made of light appeared on Lee Gun’s palm, then he saw familiar words appear in front of him. It was similar to when he normally checked his skill window, but there was a clear difference.


[Advanced Skills]

- Gaze of a God

- Creation Workshop

- 13th Sense

- Death Instinct (Trial Ongoing/Locked)

- Serpent Bearer’s Awakened Skill




[Aside from the Serpent Bearer’s awakening trials, other missions have appeared.]




[Disciple Missions]

- Create the Serpent Bearer’s Badge

- Appoint a Saint (At least SS rank)


Lee Gun furrowed his brows when he saw the new missions. This was like a side quest to the Serpent Bearer’s awakening trials. First, he had to make the badge. He could do that just with his Creation Workshop.

‘I just have to find ingredients that I like.’

The problem was the second part. ‘I have to find a Saint.’

Well, he did somewhat expect this, but… ‘I need someone at the SS rank at least.’

Lee Gun brought up Sungjae’s data just in case. The method wasn’t difficult at all. He used the same hand that brought up the skill list and made gestures with it.


[Human Familiar(Disciple) System has been activated]

[Serpent Bearer’s Human Familiar (1/?)]

- Chun Sungjae (Reawakening Complete)

(Advanced Skill was formed.)

(You can give him a Baptized name)

Awakened Rank: S

Disciple Rank: Rare

Faith: 300%

Contribution: 100%(Contribution EXP 1400p)

Role: None

[Contribution EXP can raise levels and skills]

[You can choose the disciple’s role.]


He had expected it. Sungjae wasn’t an SS rank. However, it was still a big deal that he was able to awaken from an A-rank to an S-rank. Nevertheless…

‘There are SS ranks around me…’

Lee Gun looked at Hugo, who had chased out Kevin in anger. “Hey, Taeksoo. Do you want to become my disciple?”

Hugo’s expression was a sight to behold. “Have you lost your mind?”

Was he really trying to scout a Saint under another Zodiac?

Lee Gun didn’t care as he laughed. “I can do the same thing I did to the Gemini Saint, sever your connection to your Zodiac. I need a Saint rank.”

This baffled Hugo. “Hey! I get you have high standards, so you don’t want at least a Saint rank. However, you need over 90% faith to become a Saint. Do you know this? I don’t know who you serve! There’s no way my faith would be to that entity.”

Lee Gun let out a wicked laugh.


[Hugo Otis]

-Faith 400%


The 90% was a joke.

“It’s more than enough.”


At that moment, Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he extended his arm.


[Act forbidden by the gods!]


This was the frightening skill with which Lee Gun had severed the connection between the Gemini Saint and her Zodiac. 

As he was about to use the skill, however…


Flames erupted from Hugo’s body.



[The Sagittarius is vigilant toward you.]

[It warns you to not approach its contractor.]


Lee Gun clicked his tongue. ‘Well, I didn’t plan on really doing it.’

Unclear if he had realized what had happened, Hugo looked confused. It was to be expected.


[The Sagittarius is giving its contractor various benefits.]

[The Sagittarius is burning with fervor!]


It was as if the Zodiac was saying Lee Gun shouldn’t even think about stealing Hugo. Hugo was receiving all kinds of skills and items all at once.


[You have been given this and that item!]

[This and that benefit is continuously being placed on you!]



The baffled Hugo watched the hair loss drug, vitamin supplements, and vitality tonics that suddenly fell in front of him. Well, it didn’t matter. In terms of potential, his children were way ahead of him.


[Chun Sungjae has been given the role of disciplining the familiars.]

[Chun Sungjae: Head of the eighty-eight Constructs!]


This basically transferred the annoying work of managing and disciplining his familiars to Sungjae.

‘This will also be good training for them.’

The Constructs normally ignored humans. Moreover, his Constructs were violent generals, and they would probably try to kill a rookie like Chun Sungjae. However, it wasn’t his problem anymore.

‘If he doesn’t want to die, he’ll grow into an SS rank’

If that didn’t work, he might toss Chun Sungjae in the middle of a Red zone. At that moment…

“It’s time for us to leave. So you want to meet the Scorpio Saint regarding the Libra Saint?”

Lee Gun nodded. The Libra Saint was the one behind Pelio. She was ranked number one amongst the Zodiac Saints, and she was the one who Lee Gun hated the most.

‘She’s a waste like the Cancer Saint.’ That wasn’t all. ‘If I want to fight that woman, I need Death Instinct.’

If he was being honest, the Libra Saint was very strong. She was the only one Lee Gun wasn’t sure of defeating.

She was a great fighter, but the problem was her abilities. The Libra Saint was a special Saint. She could achieve anything if the price was right. That wasn’t all.

‘She can call forth her Zodiac.’

Since the old days, the Libra Saint had always been closest to her Zodiac. 

‘If things go south, there’s a chance I’ll have to fight a Zodiac.’

Therefore, Lee Gun wanted to finish his trials first. In many ways, he wanted to be fully prepared.

And so, he had decided to meet the Scorpio Saint, who had given him a clue regarding his current trial.

‘There’s no way she would give up the fountain pen without any ulterior motives.’

Didn’t the Goat Saint say the Scorpio Saint had foretold his death?

As the group was about to leave…


Hugo received a call. “Uh! It’s Yooha.”

For some reason, his daughter was calling him often today. The happy Hugo picked up the phone. However…

“Yooha! What’s wrong?” Hugo’s face turned pale after hearing his daughter’s voice. “Why are you crying—”

The next second, he was the one who became unable to talk. Biting his lips, Hugo waited for his daughter to stop speaking. 

“Really! Mom is awake?”

His daughter replied with a voice tinged with tears.

- Yes. But she went back to sleep.

Hugo understandably nodded. 

Lee Jaewon was an awakened being. Hugo didn’t know the full story, but Lee Jaewon had gotten up from his bed with the help of Lee Gun’s power.

His wife was a different story, however. She wasn’t an awakened being. To be precise, she wanted a normal life, so Hugo hadn’t even gotten her tested. She had received no blessings. Basically, she was a civilian.

She probably needed more tests, but she probably couldn’t get up immediately like Lee Jaewon.

- Also, Dad…

Hugo, who had been massaging his eyes, opened them.


- Was Mom a fan of uncle?

The Archer Saint instantly stiffened. His daughter continued.

- I didn’t know about it, but Mom spoke about Uncle. She seems to like him a lot.

“…” Hugo started to sweat. He hadn’t expected this, so it had flustered him.

That was correct. In truth, his wife was a fan of Lee Gun. 

When Hugo had lost his friend twenty years ago, he had been in a dark spot. His and Chun Jiwoo’s relationship had started as they consoled each other over Lee Gun’s death.

Hugo’s eyes started to shake. Did Lee Gun hear the conversation between his daughter and him? 

Lee Gun showed interest in the matter. “What? She’s awake? Should we go see her? It has been a while. You probably want to meet your wife.”

Hugo flinched in surprise. “N-No! It’s fine! Your… Your business is more urgent!”

Lee Gun pushed back. “Why? Let’s go see her. I want to see your wife. You said she’s pretty.”

“No!!! Let’s just leave!!!”


Hugo was desperate.

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