The Rise of Otaku - Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: 365

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Chapter 365: Chapter 365 Lousy Teammate

Lin Wan didn’t know if she was destined not to get the dessert, the next day, she had already come half an hour early, but there was still a long queue before the shop. Are these people crazy? Looking at the queue, it was mostly boys, which made her wonder why there were so many of them here.

Only until later did she learn that the emperor’s dessert has become a rare item among the amusement park visitors and whether it could be bought has become a test of how much those boys loved their girlfriends. Therefore, many poor boys could only stand in line for a few hours under the scorching sun.

However, the hateful emperor actually only worked for two hours a day. When the little maid walked out with a sign, the people behind the line would always be in fear. Because, if this sign was placed next to someone, it meant that this person would be the last customer they were going to serve today, and those who were queuing after that person should go home.

After waiting for a few hours, it turned out to be nothing. How sad was that?

Zhou Yu’s business was so good that although he only opened two hours a day, his turnover has already surpassed Renjia’s turnover. The owner of the shop has been paying attention to this corner all the time. With some simple calculations, he would have a rough idea of how much Zhou Yu was making. Then he would not be able to help himself but look at the desserts that were still left in his shop thoughtfully.

Although it was mainly because of Zhou Yu’s reputation, the high quality and novelty of the products were also an important factor. Compared with Zhou Yu’s desserts, his own desserts were indeed lacking in novelty, and it was no wonder that even though the flow of people became so large, his own business still didn’t improve much.

Originally, he was still hesitating whether to spend some money to decorate the shop, but now it seemed that the reason for the poor business performance was not just the problem of the decoration style, but the product itself also had problems. If he wanted to change this, he could only learn from Zhou Yu.

The shop owner was a relatively old-fashioned stubborn man, even though he had seen the crux of it, he was still hesitating. Another reason was that he was rather clumsy and did not know how to speak to Zhou Yu. Fortunately, his wife was quite shrewd. Seeing her husband’s awkward behavior, she knew what he was thinking. So she came forward and visited Zhou Yu in the villa area with a gift.

“Boss Zhou, I know that the reason why you set up a small stall in my store is not for the money. My little girl has told me that she asked Boss Zhou to help keep the shop in the amusement park. Now my husband also understands the shortcomings of our shop. I wonder what boss Zhou plans to do next?”

The shop owner’s wife also felt strange. Boss Zhou was really a strange man. Just because he liked children and the desserts they made, he could spend so much effort to help them. Didn’t he have anything else important to do? After all, the amusement park was so big, there should be many things to manage, right?

However, what she didn’t know was that it was Zhou Fu, who was in charge of everything. In terms of Zhou Yu, he had a lot of free time.

Actually, Zhou Yu enjoyed the experience of being a pastry chef. After all, it was an experience that he had never had before. Seeing that the desserts that were made by myself were so popular and attracted countless fans to go crazy for it, there was still some sense of accomplishment in his heart.

However, Zhou Yu has not forgotten his original intention of being a pastry chef, that was, to make the male owner of the shop Renjia change his business method. Now that his wife came to visit him, he knew that he had succeeded. Although he was a little reluctant, Zhou Yu was still ready to give up being a pastry chef. It would take only a few days to pass on his skill to them and let them become the successors of “The Great Emperor’s Desserts”.

However, just when Zhou Yu wanted to say that he was planning to accept the shop owner as his disciple, Uncle Fu suddenly ran with the maid, and before he even sat down, he said: “Boy Yu, I have discussed with several shops in the Gourmet Street today. They all hope to be able to sell the Emperor’s desserts as their signature item at the amusement park and even add the Emperor’s desserts to their chain stores.”

Only after speaking did he realize that the female owner of the dessert shop, Renjia, was also here, and the scene suddenly became very awkward.

Zhou Yu didn’t expect that when it finally came to the last step, and when he was about to score, a lousy teammate suddenly appeared and kicked the ball away.

Uncle Fu, you have ruined everything!

Zhou Fu was also quite helpless. In the beginning, he didn’t take Zhou Yu’s mischief seriously. But he didn’t expect that the reputation of the Emperor’s Desserts was getting higher and higher. It has attracted many people from places that were far away from the park. Moreover, the other dessert shops on the gourmet street unexpectedly found Zhou Fu at the same time, hoping to be able to sell Emperor’s Dessert, which really made Zhou Fu find it hard to believe.

Every time when this boy did something, a miracle would happen.

In this way, they shouldn’t teach other people those dessert making skills easily. Those who wanted to sell the emperor’s dessert must also pay them a franchise fee as well. Every theme of those desserts was based on the game or animation that was produced by Zhou Yu. If other people wanted to make them for themselves, it would be fine. However, if they wanted to sell them, without any license, it would be considered an infringement.

Those kinds of things, Zhou Fu naturally would not ignore it, and he would not show partiality to a specific shop. Moreover, amusement parks really needed more brands like Emperor’s Dessert, so that they would look more like an ACG world theme park.

Other brand stores didn’t mind paying for the license. After all, the Emperor’s Desserts were very popular. But Renjia was a very small shop, and it was quite difficult for them to pay for this fee.

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Actually, other shops also had no other choices. After all, every day there was a long queue before the shop Renjia. It even attracted their customers as well. Now that all of them could sell the Emperor’s desserts, the next step was to see who had the better business skills.

As for Renjia, if they could keep up with them, it would be a great thing, but if they couldn’t keep up with other shops, there would be many people waiting to join the park.

The female owner of Renjia had a helpless expression on her face, she got up and prepared to thank Zhou Yu and leave. Boss Zhou has already done a lot of things for them, they shouldn’t trouble him anymore. It seemed like they were destined to leave the park.

“Wait. Please tell your husband that you can give me some shares of your shop as the franchise fee. I will not intervene in specific operations, and the name of the shop does not need to be changed. Once you have enough money, you can buy shares back from me.”

Zhou Yu could only try to use this method to keep them in the park. The little girl has been working very hard to help him. So he shouldn’t break his promises as well. And Zhou Yu also didn’t want to fail the quest that was given by her as well. After all, he had also been working very hard to complete that quest.

This was their only chance, so the female owner of the shop nodded her head and left hurriedly.

In order to prevent Uncle Fu from starting to nag at him, Zhou Yu quickly ran away as well.

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