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Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Escaping Death at Huayue

Just then, Gongyi Xiao had also thought of grabbing a random disciple and using them as a weight, but it was only a fleeting idea. Since Shen Qingqiu went ahead and did it on his own, Gongyi Xiao breathed a sigh of relief for not having to knock out someone from his own sect. The two of them walked out together. Seeing Shen Qingqiu gather the black robe closer around himself again, Gongyi Xiao felt as if there was a lump in his throat.

Gongyi Xiao couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. Though Shen Qingqiu was a Peak Lord, there was nothing he could do about being imprisoned and disgraced. Not only that, he could only cover himself up with the clothing of the same person who humiliated him. It really made people sigh with regret and pity!

Shen Qingqiu saw that Gongyi Xiao’s eyes seemed to flicker with sympathy and something like grief and indignation. He could only react by remaining expressionless.

Suddenly, Gongyi Xiao said, “Elder, please take it off!”

Shen Qingqiu: “…”


Without waiting for him to recover, Gongyi Xiao already started to take off his own outer robe. Shen Qingqiu was considering whether or not he should throw a critical hit at him to wake him up, but Gongyi Xiao had already taken off his outer robe and presented it to him with both hands. He said, “Please wear this one!”

Shen Qingqiu suddenly saw the light.

Oh, so this is what he meant. Even though Luo Binghe’s clothes were black, the clothing was similar to the person. It had the same low-key extravagant connotation that the protagonist himself did, and all in all, it was still very conspicuous if he wore it. If he changed into a common white robe, it would be quite beneficial to his escape, right? Gongyi Xiao was too thoughtful.

He resolutely took off Luo Binghe’s outer robe and changed into Gongyi Xiao’s. Before he left, he thought a bit and folded Luo Binghe’s clothes neatly before placing it onto the floor…

After leaving the water dungeon, he initially felt that the path wasn’t all that difficult to walk. But the further they walked, the more he felt that Huan Hua Palace’s maze was indeed very terrifying. It was all one cave connected to the next, one path interlocked with the next, circling nine times with every three steps, circling around until it made someone’s head spin. Gongyi Xiao’s back was clearly right in front of him, but he only narrowly avoided losing him on several occasions. If it weren’t for the fact that Gongyi Xiao knew the distribution of the water dungeon’s guards and their daily schedule like the back of his hand, who knew how many teams of patrolling disciples they would have run into by now?

Half an hour later, the two of them finally made it out of the underground water dungeon. They walked quite a few kilometers without stopping until they entered Bailu Forest. Even though they were about to leave Huan Hua Palace’s territory, the water dungeon’s alarm bell still hadn’t sounded, which meant that up to now they still hadn’t discovered that the prisoner escaped. Luo Binghe’s command that nobody else besides him could investigate the water dungeon had, in actuality, greatly helped Shen Qingqiu’s escape.

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After resting for a moment, Shen Qingqiu said, “Lord Gongyi, there’s no need to accompany me any further. You should take advantage of the fact that we haven’t been discovered yet and go back quickly.” He paused a little before adding, “In seven days, if you go to Huayue City, you will definitely be able to find me there.”

Gongyi Xiao said, “Since it’s like this, I won’t escort you any further. Although Elder knows what to do even after what happened today, please be extremely careful. And regarding the trial that will be held by the four factions in a month, please don’t worry, Elder. As you said, innocent people will naturally be cleared. The lords and the rest will definitely clear your name of injustice.”

Shen Qingqiu couldn’t help but laugh. First of all, his dark past was final and couldn’t be washed off. Second, he didn’t give a damn about the trial that was going to be held by the four factions in a month hahaha…. Immediately, yet leisurely, he cupped his hands in respect. “We’ll meet again.”

The path from the edge of Huan Hua Palace’s territory to Huayue City went straight through the region of the Central Plains, where the population was the densest and the economy was the most prosperous. This also meant that there was an extremely large number of cultivating sects and clans in the region.

The cultivators of this world greatly valued air defense. Just like Jinlan City, they would often create defensive formations in the sky above their territories. If a flying sword or spiritual weapon went over the speed limit as it flew across, it would undoubtedly be discovered, and the higher authorities of the sect would be notified as well.

As one could imagine, it would be like broadcasting his escape route with a megaphone set at full volume.

Shen Qingqiu flew part of the way and then walked without stopping to rest. Finally, he made it to Huayue City the next night.

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