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Chapter 1280: 1280

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Chapter 1280 - Opening of the Profound Wither Island

After putting his clothes on, Lin Yun continued to get used to his new body. The most obvious change would be the dragon runes reaching one thousand. Now, his physique alone was comparable to a thousand-rune saint artifact.

In the past, he was ‘nearly’ reaching the level of a thousand-rune saint artifact, but now, he had achieved it for real. Next would be the Innate Azure Dragon Saint Physique that still made him feel unbelievable.

“This is the true appearance of the Azure Dragon Saint Art,” said Lil’ Purple. “The Azure Dragon True Born can produce azure dragon blood, and as long as you cultivate long enough, it will slowly strengthen and transform your body. This is a slow and natural method, while my method is a little more overbearing because you simply underwent a nirvana rebirth.”

“It’s rare to see you being humble for once.” Lin Yun naturally knew that it wouldn’t be as simple as how Lil’ Purple made it sound.

As pride flashed in Lil’ Purple’s eyes, she replied, “Hmph. Good that you know how formidable this empress is!”

Lil’ Purple couldn’t be praised as usual or she could get too prideful. Looking at her, Lin Yun couldn’t help smiling and pinched her cheeks. When he raised his head, he noticed that the tornado enveloping the Profound Wither Island had weakened by a lot. The crack had grown a lot bigger and now looked like a huge gulf. “The restriction around the Profound Wither Island is about to disappear…”

“More or less.” Lil’ Purple nodded.

“Right, who took the saint elixir?” Lin Yun asked. After all, it was a completely natural saint elixir and not one born through heterodox methods like the Dragon Blood Fruit. He knew that the birth of the saint elixir would definitely spark a huge competition since many geniuses would compete for it. Lin Yun would be lying if he said that he didn’t want to join the competition, but he knew that it still wasn’t time for him to participate in it.

“Not too sure. I think a white-haired youth took it.” Lil’ Purple didn’t seem to be interested in this topic and continued, “I only took several glances at it. I heard that it’s a monstrous genius not from the Ancient Barren Domain, and no one knows about his origin. After all, the Eastern Desolation is huge, and there are also people like you who didn’t make an attempt on the Empyrean Ranking.”

The Empyrean, Elysium Core, and Dragon Pulse Rankings were established by the Divine Dragon Empire, and there was a stone monument in every prefectural city. As long as you leave an aura in it, you could fight with the geniuses on the ranking through illusions. Most people have gone there either to obtain a good ranking or to temper themselves through battles.

As Lin Yun held onto his chin, he wore a faint smile. It was really interesting to see that an outsider had taken the saint elixir when the powerful sects from the Ancient Barren Domain fought between themselves.

Right at that moment, a black figure flashed through and the speed was so fast that Lin Yun couldn’t catch up with it. The black figure was Lil’ Red, who stood on the ground with its legs, carrying a pile of interspatial pouches with its hands, and a quasi-saint elixir in its mouth.

“Hehe.” Lil’ Red stowed the quasi-saint elixir in the interspatial pouch before it gave Lin Yun a grin.

“You went robbing again?” The corner of Lin Yun’s lips twitched. Just from Lil’ Red’s smile alone, Lin Yun could guess that it did.

“Hmph, you’re not allowed to speak badly of Lil’ Red. Lil’ Red is now formidable, and its my pet now.” Lil’ Purple immediately glared at Lin Yun.

In the end, Lin Yun gave up as long as Lil’ Purple was happy. He could tell that Lil’ Red had also gotten stronger after basking in the blood pool, and it might be at an even higher cultivation compared to him.

“Let’s go and meet up with Luo Hua and the rest,” said Lin Yun as Lil’ Purple and Lil’ Red disappeared into the sword box. At this moment, Lin Yun really found it familiar, it just seemed a little desolate. But he didn’t dwell on it much and executed the Golden Crow Nine Transformation.

An hour later, he had returned to the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect’s camp. When he descended on the ground, those who were meditating opened their eyes. When Ye Ziling looked at Lin Yun, she was shocked because Lin Yun’s temperament had undergone a drastic transformation in just two days.

There was no change in his cultivation, but his temperament had greatly changed and became more natural.

“Innate Saint Physique?” She suddenly thought of something because Lin Yun’s current state was similar to her Divine Dragon Sword Physique. But it was also different at the same time, and now that she looked at him again, it seemed that Lin Yun had a lot of secrets.

“Junior Brother Lin, I heard that you defeated the geniuses of eight big sects all alone,” smiled Jiang Lichen, which Lin Yun replied with a smile. With the appearance of the saint elixir, it appeared that only those close to him still remembered him.

“Time to head to the Profound Wither Island…” Ye Ziling said before leading everyone to the Profound Wither Island.

She and Luo Hua were taking the lead with everyone else following her. When Lin Yun heard that the Azure Thunder Sect came to look for them, he was briefly stunned. He already guessed that those people would end in a terrible state, but he didn’t expect that Ye Ziling and Luo Hua were so ruthless.

There were countless people heading towards the Profound Wither Island. But when they got close, everyone stopped and didn’t enter the island. They could sense that the restriction had lifted for Empyreans, but the powerful sects have sealed off the entrance because they were trying to let Elysium Core Realm experts enter, including the Sword Sect.

“The powerful sects really have a lot of means,” sighed Jiang Lichen. If Elysium Core Realm experts really entered, then they were practically invincible. Even if the Empyreans made their breakthrough on the island and imprinted an origin saint rune on their core, it was still impossible for them to face Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts.

“It’s not that easy,” said Ye Ziling.

There were eight elders donned in ancient saint armor who flew towards the Profound Wither Island wielding secret artifacts. They were quick, and the auras they were giving off were also strong. It didn’t take long for them to break through the first layer and enter. They were cautious because the tornado was terrifying.

“They entered!” Exclamations resounded from the surroundings. If heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts managed to enter, it wasn’t a piece of good news for them. But Lin Yun wasn’t too bothered by it. Even without them, the core disciples of the powerful sects weren’t pushovers, and one could tell just by the rapport between the big sects that Lin Yun had experienced.

The moment they entered, the various treasures in the Profound Wither Island would definitely be monopolized by them. After all, the path of a powerhouse has been built on corpses since ancient times. Everyone knew about this logic, but no one was willing to give up because if they managed to survive on the Profound Wither Island, it would save them decades of effort.

As for those who didn’t dare to enter, it was destined that they would be thrown behind and they wouldn’t be able to catch up in their lifetime. So they had no choice but to compete or they would never be able to stand out.

Right at that moment, the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm expert from the Emerald Jade Manor was suddenly rejected by the restriction around the island and a thunderstorm enveloped the old man. It didn’t take long for his saint armor to shatter into pieces, and the secret artifact in his hand couldn’t even do a single thing.

In the end, he burst into a cloud of blood mist and the explosion of his elysium core created a huge energy shockwave that made everyone’s hearts throb. At the same time, that had sparked a chain reaction as the other heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts were also being discovered one after another.

“Come back!” The Samsara Edict Realm experts from the powerful sects finally couldn’t maintain their composure and made their moves to try and save their men. They each manifested a gigantic hand with their energy, but their efforts were futile because the power of the restriction wasn’t just the method of a great saint.

Just like that, the eight experts exploded like fireworks one after another. The Heavenly Elysium Core Realm expert from the Profound Sky Sect made it a long way and was nearly out of the restriction. But he was instantly devoured by the thunderstorm at that moment and died.

“Oh my god!” Everyone from the powerful sects had their faces change because it looked like it was impossible for Heavenly Elysium Core Realm experts to enter. Their faces were ugly, but they also let out a breath of relief at the same time. At the very least, everyone failed and not a single one managed to succeed.

But they soon dispatched Greater Elysium Core Realm experts. Clearly, they still hadn’t given up yet. The outcome was terrifying and most of them had died in the tornado. Even those who made it in were heavily injured, and it would be questionable about whether they would survive on the Profound Wither Island.

This instantly made Lin Yun’s face change, and he turned to look at Luo Hua.

“You’re worried about me?” Luo Hua asked. “Don’t worry. I’ve already made preparations before I came and I’ve told you before.”

Lin Yun was truly worried about Luo Hua because he couldn’t see through her cultivation, and this meant that she was at least in the Greater Elysium Core Realm. Although most of the Greater Elysium Core Realm experts who tried making it in died, this still made the powerful sects happy.

With greater Elysium Core Realm experts, this meant that they would have a higher chance of competing for the great saint origin. Shortly after, they began to send out lesser Elysium Core Realm experts, and the success rate was a lot higher. But even so, the casualties they suffered was still close to half.

This scene made Lin Yun let out a sigh because they were being used as pawns, and only the powerful sects could afford to sacrifice so many Elysium Core Realm experts.

“It’s time for us now. Hehe. Where are the disciples of the Profound Sky Sect?” A voice resounded as the top three on the Empyrean Ranking from the Profound Sky Sect gathered together.

“Heavenly Blade Pavilion’s disciples follow me!”

“Where are the Emerald Jade Manor’s disciples!”

“Where are the profound Valley’s disciples!” The leaders of the powerful sects called out to the core disciples of their sects.

“Where are the disciples of the Sword Sect!” Sikong Zhou was donned in white as he soared into the sky with a group of disciples closely following behind him. Lin Yun could see Mu Qingqing, Qin Tian, Zhang Ting, and the other disciples amongst the party, and all of them had excitement on their faces.

Just like that, the eight strongest sects of the Ancient Barren Domain were gathered together, and this majestic scene made everyone’s blood start to boil.

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