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Chapter 1110: 1110

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Chapter 1110: Bell Ring (1)

Looking at the azure-clothed figure’s dumbfounded face, Lin Yun couldn’t help but smile. He knew that the azure-clothed figure was cursing on the inside. After all, even he thought Lil’ Purple’s title was a little ridiculously long.

By the time the azure-clothed figure recovered from his shock, Lin Yun had already walked past him and jumped into the sea of clouds. When Lin Yun fell into the sea of clouds, he began to laugh out loud because he finally saw the summit of Sword Saint Mountain. So it turns out that the three mountains were in an isolated space, and the real summit would appear after the tests were over. The path to the summit was in the sky, which was why no one made it to the top.

“Hahaha!” Lil’ Purple also laughed from inside the sword box because it was simply satisfying for her when Lin Yun recited her title. If she could fly, she would definitely soar into the sky and let everyone see her grace. She then asked, “Lin Yun, am I overbearing?”

“You are!” Lin Yun replied casually while examining his surroundings.

“Am I powerful?” she continued.

“Very,” responded Lin Yun.

Hearing that, a satisfied smile appeared on Lil’ Purple’s face, “Then recite my title again.”

“No way. It’s too long.” Lin Yun couldn’t deal with her smug face right now. Lil’ Purple probably thought her name was amazing, but Lin Yun was certain that the azure-clothed figure probably didn’t even remember it.

“Hmph, I don’t need you to say it anyway.” Lil’ Purple was smiling foolishly in the sword box.

When Lin Yun passed through the sea of clouds, he was instantly welcomed by a cold wind that made him shiver. Furthermore, he could sense a desolation here, which meant that it had been a long time since someone ascended Sword Saint Mountain.

Spreading his arms apart, Lin Yun quickly reached the summit. There was a stone monument that had the last sword of the Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords and final verse of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sutra. The entire journey wasn’t easy, but he had finally gathered all Fleeting Cloud 13 Swords and the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sutra. If he wasn’t successful, this would have been one of his greatest regrets in life.

Looking at the stone monument, Lin Yun muttered, “Fleeting cloud isn’t my will and ten thousand years in the flick of the finger.”

When Lin Yun read that, he instantly knew that he was destined to ascend the summit. Even if he couldn’t make it to the summit now, he would still make it to the summit the next time because the summit was too lonely, and no one could see or understand the verse.

But the summit wasn’t lonely anymore with Lin Yun around. Taking a big step forward, Lin Yun placed his palm on the stone monument and all the dust that covered it disappeared. Shortly after, a massive amount of information began to pour into his mind, which contained the last sword of the Fleeting Cloud Thirteen Sword.

“Above The Sky!” Lin Yun was stunned. He could sense that fate had decided on everything because there were too many coincidences. He had comprehended three swords in the Heavenly Path that could slay everything beneath the sky, and the name of the sword technique was Above the Sky.

Suddenly, Lin Yun smiled because no matter what path he walked, he was destined to reach this level. It was like the river converging into the ocean or the sky becoming heaven itself.

Lin Yun instantly had a deeper understanding of the verse. Ordinary people could only see the clouds and not the sky itself. So they would only think that the clouds were as high as the sky. But ten thousand years was just a matter of a flick. He didn’t need to bother himself with the clouds because he had a sword above the sky itself!

As the stone monument shined brightly, runes began to appear one by one. They were the core part of the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sutra. Lin Yun sat down and memorized every single one of the words on the monument and completed the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sutra.

Suddenly, the entire mountain began to tremble as spiritual energy and sword rays condensed at the summit. Then, they soared into the sky while being accompanied by a long and ancient bell chime that was filled with dao rhyme. This was the note of dao, the sound of sword dao.

As the sound enveloped Lin Yun, his sword intent began to rise violently and the surrounding spiritual energy poured into his body to greatly boost his sword aura and cultivation. As he sat on the ground, a boundless beam appeared in the sky that left everyone in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sutra dumbfounded.

No matter from which angle they looked, they could see the beam manifesting into a person. It was such a bright phenomenon that the whole sect was turned upside down.

“Lin Yun climbed the mountain!”

“He passed all thirteen tests!”

“Comprehend it quickly! That’s the sound of dao, the sound of sword dao! Legend has it that it’s a phenomenon that will only appear when someone becomes a saint!”

“How is that possible? Just what kind of secret is hidden in the Sword Saint Mountain?!” An uproar broke out in the Flying Cloud Palace as all the core disciples immediately sat down when the sound rang out.

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“Senior Sister, is that Senior Brother Yun?” Wang Yuruo looked at that figure in the sky with great shock in her heart. She didn’t know when, but Lin Yun’s figure had already been deeply imprinted in her heart.

“Cut the nonsense! This is a rare opportunity, so comprehend immediately!” Ye Ziling wore a grave expression as her sky sword intent at lesser mastery was swiftly ignited within her body when she heard the sound. Even someone as prideful as her couldn’t think of anything else right now.

Looking at that figure in the sky, Wang Yuruo became dazed and turned her head to look at all the disciples. Without exception, everyone sat on the ground to comprehend the bell chime. At this moment, sword intent was resonating in everyone’s hearts.

And above everyone was Lin Yun’s projection that made him look sacred. Realizing this, Wang Yuruo knew that she also had to comprehend it. Placing Lil’ Red down, Wang Yuruo sat down and swiftly comprehended the sound.

“What a heaven-defying genius!” The sect master who was suppressing the sword aura swept his glance down and looked at everyone who was busy comprehending the sound. As the bell chime rang out, the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect turned silent. It was a scene that made the sect master smile because he knew that the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect was about to transform. This transformation wouldn’t only affect the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect, but the entire Eastern Desolation!

He was absolutely certain that a swordsman by the name of Lin Yun would shake the entire Eastern Desolation a year from now. He was especially certain because Lin Yun would also become his master’s disciple. Meaning, Lin Yun would bear the responsibility as a disciple of a sword saint.

A long time later, everyone in the Flying Cloud Palace slowly opened their eyes while their pupils shined brightly. Everyone had benefited from Lin Yun, and their sword intent had become a lot stronger. Even their cultivation made swift improvements in the short period of time.

When the core disciples recovered from their meditation and opened their eyes, they emitted a terrifying aura. Every single one of them had satisfaction on their faces because they had benefited greatly from Lin Yun.

As swordsmen, they were naturally happy that they could make such great improvements in such a short period of time. So everyone wanted to laugh out loud to express their joy.

“Lin Yun!” Right at this moment, someone cried out and instantly drew everyone’s attention. When everyone turned their heads, they witnessed Lin Yun descending towards the Flying Cloud Palace with a smile that contained traces of disdain.

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