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Chapter 582: Chapter 582: Feud

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Chapter 582: Feud

“As I live and breathe, Pang Yujuan?”

Tie Ying roared with rage at her sight.

Yujuan scoffed, “Senior brother Tie Ying, even you ran to the Labor Office? Well, you are made for this place. Of all the places in this world, this filthy place is the only one to accept someone like you.”

“Pang Yujuan, we all know exactly what happened. Just a 4th layer of Radiant Stage yet got into the elite area? It only proves that you were up to something just like last time.” Tie Ying snorted.

Yujuan mocked without a care, “My grandpa is the seventh elder, no one will ever mess with me, no inner or outer disciple. Only an ignorant nobody like you, a mere top outer disciple would be dumb enough to mess with me. Yet look where that has gotten you.”

“So you do admit it, you skank…”

“Tie Ying, they’re elites, the best of the sect. Try to leave that for later.” Gui Hu cut his swearing short, “Senior brother Chi Feng, how would you like to test us?”

Chi Feng grinned, “Simple, we’ll test your strength personally. Anyone who becomes an elite has to have some power.”

“I’ll go first!” A tough guy came over excited.

But all he got was a round of sighs at his cultivation.

[What are you doing here with just a 5th layer of Profound Heaven cultivation? It couldn’t get you even to the outer sect.]

Gui Hu shook his head, “Ma Sanpao, are you messing around again? You’re no Steward Zhuo…” (StarReader: the name lit. means dull horsie)


The noise jarred the ears of the others and the next thing they knew was something red flying over. Ma Sanpao was flung into the ground, dead, even as his excitement remained in his eyes.

Gui Hu squinted and turned to the source of that Yuan Qi. Chi Feng had a nasty grin while lowering his palm.

“What, didn’t you used to do the same, Gui Hu?” Chi Feng taunted.

Gui Hu stood silent, forgetting about him and focusing on his heart, at the sudden rage coming over him and he clenched his fists.

Kui Lang shouted, “Senior brother Chi Feng, how can you be so heavy handed when you’re just here to test us?”

“Humph, what could a rejected laborer possibly amount to?” Chi Feng patronized, “Anyone else up for a test?”

The disciples flinched back twice, looking at the pair in fear. [Are they really here to choose candidates?]

The two showed boundless ridicule, but no one stepped up, not with how one move killed someone already.

Not even Kui Lang’s group. These two were definitely here to pick a fight.

Yujuan’s twisted smile grew as her shifty eyes roamed the crowd before stopping at Tie Ying, “Senior brother Tie Ying, you were such a mighty hero once, the best in the outer sect, so how come you’re down here, in the Labor Office? Are you suddenly a chicken too? Where’s all that courage gone?”

“Say that again!” Tie Ying roared and raised his fists, “Bastards, being elites doesn’t make you the strongest. I’ll fight you even in the Profound Heaven Stage…”

“Tie Ying, stop with the trash-talk, will you? A Profound Heaven cultivator going against a Radiant Stage one? Who are you, Steward Zhuo? Don’t waste your breath.” Gui Hu shouted over him, while Kui Lang kept giving him signals not to fall for their taunt.

[Bro, they’re riling you up. Don’t let them get to you.]

Tie Ying grumbled and remained silent. Yujuan’s mockery never ceased to come, “Ha-ha-ha, senior brother Tie Ying must be so scared of me. Tell you what, since you lost three years, I won’t use any soul attacks. If you can’t even take me on like this, then you’re a hopeless coward.”

“Shove it, bitch. No matter if it’s two stages or 5 layers difference, I’ll still take you!” Tie Ying roared and clenched his fists, “Pang Yujuan, let’s do this.”

Gui Hu’s side sighed.

Yujuan and Chi Feng grinned, [The dumbass fell for it at last.]

Under the tense gazes of others, Tie Ying exploded with power as he clawed at Yujuan’s throat.

She merely giggled and pushed him back with her full cultivation.

No matter how much nerve he had, Tie Ying knew five layers couldn’t just be overcome so easily.

The instant their attacks met, he slipped past her palm and grabbed her wrist.


Yujuan wailed with pain at having it broken.

Gui Hu’s side approved with bobbed heads. [That’s the top outer disciple for you, well seasoned.]

The only difference between Profound Heaven Stage and Radiant Stage was soul power. With that out, Tie Ying might stand a chance after all.

Obvious by his current advantage.

They didn’t get to rejoice though as Yujuan’s eyes raged with bloodthirst.


A sudden wave sent Tie Ying flying, his head a mush and blood leaking from everywhere.

“That skank cheated. She used a soul attack!” Kui Lang flew over to help but then someone jabbed his chest.


Spurting blood, Kui Lang slammed back down as Chi Feng snickered from above, “You’re actually dumb enough to believe a Radiant Stage expert wouldn’t use soul attacks? Taking such a retarded bet will never make you elites!”

“Ugh…” Kui Lang raved, “Is this how you choose candidates, by crippling them?”

“Humph, choose candidates? From a bunch of rejected laborers dreaming the impossible? We came here to warn you to stop wasting your breath and know your place!” Chi Feng’s twisted smirk was ever present.

Yujuan got next to Tie Ying in two jumps, her eyes shone with bloodlust noticing his damaged soul and struck his chest.

Blood spurted from his mouth because of the heavy pressure. This palm might very well be the last he’d see on this earth.

Yue Ling though had a say in this, meeting Yujuan’s attack. While the two separated, she took Tie Ying away.

Yujuan was annoyed at having her pray slip away but someone blocked her, “I’ll do it!”

Chi Feng flashed before Yue Ling and Tie Ying with a creepy smile and pointed, “Profound ranked martial art, Flaming Finger! Die!”

Yue Ling panicked. She had no way of blocking an 8th layer of Radiant Stage cultivator’s attack.

“Profound ranked martial art, Underworld Fiend!”

Gui Hu popped out of nowhere, meeting Chi Feng’s attack.

Gui Hu fell back ten steps and spat blood while Chi Feng stood still and taunted, “Gui Hu, I wasn’t your match back then but I’ve been an elite for a longer time and my power control surpasses yours. Yours is just scattered, ha-ha-ha…”


The shockwave sent Yue Ling and Tie Ying into the ground, spitting blood.

Gui Hu glared at him, “What do you mean scattered?”

“Ha-ha-ha, you’ll never understand with that heart!” Chi Feng mocked, “Your savage energy used to scare me, but only in the elite area did I realize the truth. You just don’t know how to use it, simply showing it off. Why else do you think I’m having an easy time beating you when you’re a layer higher than me?”

Gui Hu gnashed his teeth. [The heart again!]

“On account of the Grand Elder, I’ll leave you be. But get this straight, it is you who challenged us when we came to merely test you. This isn’t on us, but you. If anyone twists it…”

Chi Feng exploded with bloodthirst, making the other disciples shiver.

Chi Feng flicked and a few heads rolled onto the ground. Everyone nodded in panic.

Chi Feng and Yujuan cackled. While Gui Hu’s side could only stew in anger.

“And another thing, as laborers, you are the filth of the sect, not worthy of being elites. Try it and you’ll be squashed like a bug!” Chi Feng threatened.

Everyone lowered their heads, unable to retort.

While Sect Leader wanted laborers to become elites, the elites came over to rob them of their courage.

They knew they weren’t welcome in the elite area, only surrounded by dangers.

Laborers were the lowest rung and nothing would change that. The inner and outer disciples who came here were gripped by remorse.

They got the demonic treasures and pills but lost a glorious future.

A laborer was but an ant to an elite, even if it was an outer disciple in the past.

The two took in their despair and grinned savagely before leaving.

Yet Gui Hu’s side was filled with rage.

The elite area and the Labor Office were at war.

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