The Strongest System - Chapter 172

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Chapter 172

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"Transcend everything… Conquer everything freely... Eternal freedom… Who can easily claim eternity as eternity or freedom as freedom? In Glory Sect’s grand history of tens of thousands of years, we have tons of ancestors above us. Which of them could have claimed eternal freedom? Elder Liang, could YOU claim to live on for eternity? If so, why do we cultivate ourselves then? Of course, it’s to push the limits of our body… to be able to repay gratitude and seek vengeance for ourselves as and when required, to protect anybody who we care about. Your freedom is gone the moment you enter a sect. However, no matter if you’re a genius or a servant disciple, you’re still a part of the sect. If the sect is strong, you’re strong. If the sect dies, you die. As a member of the sect, you then have you use your life’s efforts to glorify the sect. What sort of freedom were you talking about then?"

Lin Fan just smoked as hard as he could. It didn’t matter if anyone understood a word. The most important thing was to first have the other party be at a loss for words.

Of course, Lin Fan agreed with what he said about eternity and freedom whatsoever. If one didn’t seek out those things while cultivating, what the f*ck else would they seek out?

But since this old fella was being so cocky, he naturally had to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Even though this might irk the old man, Lin Fan could not care less. After all, he was a disciple of Glory Sect, not Jiuxiao Sect. It wasn’t like the old man could make things difficult for him anyway.

"Bravo! Junior Master Lin’s speech is the best!"

"That’s right, Junior Master Lin! It’s to protect people and things we care about! Since my cultivation base isn’t that high anyways, how can I ever attain eternal freedom anyways!"


Even though the Glory Sect disciples were on Junior Master Lin’s side to begin with, his words still gave them a big morale boost within their hearts nevertheless.

It was especially true for some of the disciples who had low potential and could never level up their cultivation bases even after diligent hard work; eternal freedom was just a fool’s dream.

But through Lin Fan’s words, they now had a newfound goal in life: to glorify the sect.

Naturally, as disciples, the only way the sect could make it big was through their efforts and dedication in building it up.


Liang Yichu too was dumbfounded by Lin Fan’s speech. To be at a loss for words after this junior’s rebuttal…

Especially what he said about ‘could YOU claim to live on for eternity?’, he could not find a way to answer that. Throughout the long history of Jiuxiao Sect and its ancestors, which of them could claim to be capable of doing that? Truly none.

Could he do the same? To gain eternal freedom? Of course, he couldn’t. It was a fool’s dream.

Even if he wanted to get back some face, he could not claim eternal freedom.

"Sigh…mere mortals would think that being able to cultivate is a good thing. But little do they know that it is a never-ending abyss… Nothing as simple as they would expect." Lin Fan continued while he shook his head like an old soul.

This act was blown right through the skies at this moment.

Even Wuya looked at Lin Fan in surprise. To think that this fella could come up with such a speech of such quality. Furthermore, the logic was somewhat sound as well.


Just then, a sharp and violent Sword Will erupted through the air.


A long sword appeared out of thin air and the luminous edge seemed to rip through the thin air. The air it passed by was vibrating, as though it would be ripped apart at any moment.

"The worth of creatures is determined by the Heavens, as the strong devour the weak. Only the weak constantly seek excuses to escape from everything. The strong remain resolute within their hearts. Thus, eternal freedom is the highest state one could ever hope to achieve. To live a life without regrets, even if one were to fail, at least they would live up to their conscience. Do you dare to take a receive a sword from me?"

The sword stopped on Xinfeng’s hand as he pointed it at Lin Fan.

"Do you dare to receive a sword from me?" Xinfeng asked coldly.

He was thoroughly incensed in his heart. Not only was this guy cockier than him, he even caused Elder Liang to be speechless in front of such a large crowd. As a genius of Jiuxiao Sect, he had an obligation to win back some face for his sect.

He would use his strongest Sword Will to let this man understand the disparity in power levels. He would be made to realize that no matter how sound his logic was, he would still bend and kneel down in the face of absolute power.

Liang Yichu was actually gloating within his heart, but none of that showed on his expressionless face as he commented, "Dear disciple, how could you behave as such? If you were to give these Glory Sect disciples a shock, then you’d be committing a grave mistake!"

Xinfeng did not waver from his mentor’s words as his gaze was still fixated on Lin Fan. After following Elder Liang for tens of years, he already knew the hidden meaning behind his words.

While in the open, he asked Xinfeng to keep his blade, his actual meaning was closer to this, ‘Let loose. Show them your true strength.’

Some of the disciples of Glory Sect with lower cultivation bases were pale, and their foreheads were filled with beads of sweat under this repressive aura of Xinfeng. It was as though a gigantic buddha statue was crushing down on their soul.

Furthermore, the razor-edged blade seemed to be ripping their hearts apart, causing them to be extremely fearful.

On the other hand, Jiuxiao Sect disciples were breaking into a smirk.

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Now that Senior Brother was enraged, it was time to show them the distinct difference in their strength.

Before they had arrived, Elder Liang had long laid things out for them: The genius of 3 years ago, Mie Qiongqi, had been imprisoned for killing one of their own, and Glory Sect no longer has any strong support of their own. While Zong Hentian could be considered strong, he was nothing compared to Xinfeng.

Xinfeng continued to expand out his Sword Will to encompass the entire surrounding area, forcing it upon every single disciple present.

"This sword seems extraordinary. What is it?" Hands behind his back, Lin Fan stepped forward as his calm eyes slowly surveyed the gleaming Xinfeng.

"A sword is a sword…" Xinfeng replied coldly as two swords appeared within his pupils, emitting strong aura of their own.

"Hmm, no harm receiving a sword of yours anyways. Give it to me." Lin Fan’s aura exploded with dominance, as though nothing in this world could faze him.

Xinfeng snorted coldly as the sword left his hand and flew towards Lin Fan’s hands.

"The sword has only one master in a lifetime. Do take care of your hands." Xinfeng stared at Lin Fan fixedly. The sword was filled with unparalleled Sword Will. In the hands of anyone other than its master, the wielder of the sword would suffer immense mental torture from the Sword Will emitted by it. But even then, Xinfeng did not care. He just had to show Lin Fan some pain.

Lin Fan held onto the sword and smiled.

‘Ding…Eternal Demon Body experience points +1.’

Upon touching the sword, Lin Fan could feel the powerful Sword Will surge through his body. But alas, it was of no use to someone like him.

Looking at someone other than Senior Brother Xinfeng holding his sword, all the disciples of Jiuxiao Sect were completely dumbfounded.

The smile on Elder Liang’s face gradually vanished. There was something wrong with this disciple of Glory Sect. How could he wield the sword which was infused with the Sword Will of his own disciple after countless years of being together with him?

Furthermore, he wasn’t even experiencing any adverse effects at all?!? Something was not right!

Just then, something even more shocking happened.

Lin Fan lifted the sword and swung it towards his chest.


The sound of metal breaking rose, silencing the entire crowd.

The moment Xinfeng’s sword touched Lin Fan’s body, it shattered into pieces, and only the handle dropped onto the floor.


Everyone dropped their jaws. Even Wuya and Liang Yichu were somewhat stunned.

"Do you dare to receive a brick from me?" Lin Fan pulled out his right hand holding onto a red, shiny brick.

The brick looked extremely ordinary, without anything special about it.

But a normal brick as such coupled with Lin Fan’s imposing aura was enough to give everyone a repressive feeling.

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