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Chapter 344: Tit for Tat

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Chapter 344 Tit for Tat

Following Huo Qing’s words, Kang Ting couldn’t help but laugh. “Ms. Mo, I think you might have misunderstood this matter. The current situation is that Huo Xuan bullied my daughter and needs to give the Kang family an explanation. It’s not that the Kang family owes the Huo family!”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she raised her eyebrows and waved her hand disapprovingly. “I’m not negotiating with you about who’s right and who’s wrong in this matter. Your mouths are all on yourselves. It’s your own business how you want to argue. I only want your attitude on it now.”

After a pause, Mo Zhu put on an impatient expression and continued, “Are you going to take the initiative to agree to this compensation to solve the problem peacefully, or are you forcing me to do it personally?” After saying this, Mo Zhu casually glanced at the ugly expressions of the Kang family. She took out her phone lazily from her pocket and turned on the screen to look at the time. “I’ll give you three minutes to consider. I’ve always been impatient.”

Upon hearing this, Kang Ting’s anger rushed from his chest to the top of his head. He raised his hand and slammed it on the armrest of the corridor beside him. He said angrily, “What a joke! What a huge joke. A little girl dares to talk about conditions in front of me so shamelessly. Alright, so what if I don’t agree? I want to see what you have!”

Kang Ting looked coldly at Huo Tao and Chen Man, who were standing firmly behind Mo Zhu, and continued, “Since the Huo family is so insincere in solving matters, don’t blame us for being ruthless!”

When Huo Tao heard this, he knew that Kang Ting’s words were for him. Considering that the other party might want to attack the Huo family, he quietly leaned close to Chen Man, who was beside him. He touched the woman’s arm and said softly, “I’ll watch Xiao Zhu here first. Hurry up and inform the Huo family. Ask half of them to guard the Huo family mansion to protect the old man while the other half come to the Kang family to provide support. From the looks of it, the Huo and Kang families have no choice but to fight today.”

Chen Man nodded and looked around cautiously. Then, while everyone was looking at Mo Zhu and Kang Ting, she secretly moved to the corridor and made a call.

When the people from the Kang family heard Kang Ting’s words, they naturally understood that the Huo family had really angered the master. They were not anxious anymore. After all, Kang Ting had relied on his decisive and efficient personality to become the master of the house.

At the thought of Kang Ting getting angry, everyone looked at the Huo family with pity.

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Seeing that Mo Zhu was standing neither servile nor overbearing and was not affected by his words at all, Kang Ting raised his hand and waved a subordinate to his side. He instructed the person softly and looked up at Mo Zhu with a benevolent expression. He reminded her, “Girl, don’t blame me for bullying you as an elder. How about this? I’ll give you five minutes to consider it. If you kneel down and apologize for your actions just now, perhaps I can forgive you for this matter!”

When Mo Zhu heard this, she did not even look up. She did not spare Kang Ting a single glance as she stared at the time on her phone.

Soon, three minutes passed. Mo Zhu lazily placed her phone back into her coat and looked at the Kang family nonchalantly. She walked to the side and made a call.

A few seconds later, the call was picked up. Before the person on the other end could answer, Mo Zhu’s cold voice came first. “Listen up. From this moment onwards, I want you to immediately buy the companies and industries under the Kang family. The money needed to buy the industries can be doubled and deducted from the old man’s treatment fees. If you can destroy the Kang family, I won’t take a single cent of the fees we discussed previously. Besides that, I’ll treat your illness for free!”

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