The Top Efficiency Cultivator

The Top Efficiency Cultivator
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Lin Shuang, is an avid planner and master of time management in the field of science and engineering.

She suddenly finds herself transmigrated to a world of cultivation and becomes an outer disciple, considered slow in cultivation progress and lacking talent by her fellow disciples.

The stern and dignified senior in charge warns her, “If you don’t make progress soon, according to the rules, you’ll be expelled from the sect.”

The genius junior sister, aspiring to be a powerful figure, remarks, “With such weakness, going outside might result in being sacrificed by evil cultivators.”

The inner disciple, who values money and tops the assassin ranking, sneers, “Hmph, wasting resources! Give me those spirit stones!”

The disciples from rival sects all mock and make fun of her.

Lin Shuang smiles and says, “Don’t worry, it’s all part of the plan.”

“Every breakthrough requires burning incense and bathing, wasting time. I plan to hold it in until the Golden Core stage and break through all at once, saving a hundred tomato timers (25 minutes each).”

Everyone: “???”

Turning around, they see her accumulate qi for ten years, erupting a hundredfold, and smashing the Golden Core evil cultivator into a pit.

Everyone: “??!”

Several years later, rumors spread throughout the cultivation world about an abnormal and extraordinary elder who disguises herself as a Qi Condensation female disciple each year.

Acting weak, she becomes the champion in the sect’s competition, overturns the evil cultivator’s base, and takes the Demon King as her dual cultivation partner.

Lin Shuang claims, “I’m innocent; I am only at the Qi Condensation stage.”

She’s simply a diligent cultivator, efficiently managing her time.

Senior Brother: …

Demon King: …

A hundred years later, the Sect Master comes out of seclusion and asks, “Has Lin Shuang made a breakthrough?”

Disciple: No. This time, she plans to wait until the Golden Core stage to ascend. Oh, she plans to do it tonight!

Sect Master: ???

Lin Shuang smiles, “From Qi Condensation to Ascension, I’ve had 1230 breakthroughs, saving at least 6000 steps in total!”

All the antagonists who thought she was weak and kept getting beaten are now crying.

Even the celestial beings who welcome ascenders shed tears, “Finally, the legend has reached our realm.”

Later, a book titled “Lin’s Fastest Cultivation Methods” spread throughout the cultivation world.

It includes minimalistic cultivation steps, mind map-style cultivation, Ebbinghaus memory curve, tomato timers, balancing work and rest, multitasking, and more.

Junior disciples: We give up.

Nine-Tailed Fox Demon Emperor, Fu Yuan, possesses ancient bloodlines and can help others with their breakthroughs. During his childhood, he had his eight tails forcibly severed.

In this life, he hates cultivators the most and only wants to perish together with the enemies who exterminated his clan.

But then, a figure in green clothes appears—

“As long as I haven’t removed you from my tomato timer plan for a day, you won’t be able to die.”

“No one can take you away from me!”

Everyone covets his ancient bone bloodline.

But she draws a blood-stopping charm on his bleeding hand, and the dan furnace dances as if a flower blooms in the endless glacier.

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