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Chapter 12

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“You bastard!”

Jung Yi Joon, whose face was bright red, stomped towards me. I was surprised; I’ve never seen him so angry before. Jang Eui Yeol stepped in front of me to stop him.

“What are you?”

“Stop it. He’s scared.”

“What? The fuck are you talking about?”

Despite Jung Yi Joon’s vicious attitude, Jang Eui Yeol did not step aside.

Seeing that his clenched fists were shaking, I felt like he was going to hit Jang Eui Yeol, so I came out from behind him.

I know that Jung Yi Joon at least won’t hit me.

There was a leash between him and me called a contract. However, Jang Eui Yeol didn’t.

“It’s okay. I know him.”


“It’s okay.”

Jung Yi Joon’s face gradually turned expressionless as he saw Jang Eui Yeol trying to come forward and protect me. However, his emotions remained the same, so he was still angry.

“Fuck. You’re kidding me.”

He threw what he had in his hand down to the ground. Rolling in the dirt with a thud was the Melona ice cream.

The melted, light-green liquid contents flowed out of the bursting envelope and seeped on to the dirt.

Only then did I look straight at Jung Yi Joon. Despite shivering in the cold, he had thick drops of sweat on his face.

I felt sorry for him. I thought of him running around the alley looking for me, holding the Melona I’d wanted to eat in one hand.

“Ki Yoon Jae, you bastard.”

He glared at me fiercely before turning around and going back down the alleyway. When I tried to chase after him, Jang Eui Yeol grabbed my arm.

“Let me go.”

“H-he looks dangerous…”

When I turned around, I was met with Jang Eui Yeol’s worried expression. It was true, Jung Yi Joon was dangerous. He was not an ordinary person, he was gifted.

But it was my fault. I upset him.

“It’s all right. This is my fault, anyway. Let me go.”

At my words, Jang Eui Yeol released my arm. While I was talking with him, Jung Yi Joon had already moved far away, so I had to run to catch up with him.

“Jung Yi Joon!”

I called him but he didn’t look back.

“Jung Yi Joon! …Oof!”

While I was running, I called him once again. Then, I tripped over my feet. Of all things, this path was downhill, and the road was in bad shape. I raised my arms reflexively to cover my face, thinking that I would get seriously hurt. But contrary to my thoughts, I didn’t feel any pain.


“A foolish bastard who can’t even walk properly.”

Jung Yi Joon was reaching out his hand, stopping my body from falling. When he waved his hand, my body floated until I was upright again.

Jung Yi Joon’s ability, psychokinesis, supported me so that I wouldn’t fall. After stopping my fall, he didn’t move. He must have thought I might fall again if I hurried after him like before.

“Jung Yi Joon.”

I closed the distance between us and called his name, but he didn’t answer or make eye contact. He just turned around and walked downhill again.

However, the only difference from before was that he didn’t go down quickly.

“Jung Yi Joon…”

Jung Yi Joon still ignored me. I grabbed his sleeve, but he shook it away lightly. Thinking about what to do, I held onto his hand.

Jung Yi Joon was surprised when I grabbed his hand, but he didn’t shake me away like when I grabbed his sleeve. I clasped his fingers and held him firmly.

“Jung Yi Joon.”


“I’m sorry.”


“It’s my fault.”

“You really are a bastard.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It makes me feel like a dog.”

Tears fell from Jung Yi Joon’s eyes while he gritted his teeth. Tears welled up in both his eyes, like a damn had broken.

“You bastard.”


“I look like a dog.”


“How much I.. darn it…”

All I could say was sorry to Jung Yi Joon, who wiped his face on the sleeve of the other hand that was not held by me.

* * *

JUNG YI JOON’S POV (flashback)

“I want to eat Melona.”

I was puzzled when I heard Yoon Jae’s words.

This bastard’s saying he wants to eat it?

Yoon Jae was used to eating in opulence. Even the homemade hamburger patties made by the chef at the mansion were made of high-quality wagyu from Kobe, (not from Australia, as that would be too cheap). Everything he wore was luxurious.

It’s a biased thing to admit, but… I thought that eating real melons would suit Yoon Jae’s aura more, rather than a common ice cream that crudely mimics their taste.

I couldn’t even imagine Yoon Jae eating those cheap, hard candy bars sold at a corner store.

“Hurry up.”

But, I can not ignore Yoon Jae’s prodding.

Because Ki Yoon Jae was like… a king. A man who could give any order. Meanwhile, I, Jung Yi Joon was just his employee, a man who sat at the bottom.

Am I crazy…?

Strangely, I felt that Yoon Jae’s pestering and urging was cute rather than aggravating. Normally, it would have pissed me off, but instead, I became strangely relaxed. But when I returned with the ice cream he wanted, he was gone. There was no one in the place where he should have been standing.

“Fuck… Ki Yoon Jae?”

Are you kidding me?

Ki Yoon Jae’s personality was fickle, but he’s not the type to suddenly leave. Was he hiding just to mess with me?

I looked around and called Yoon Jae’s name, but he didn’t pop out saying, “Haha, surprised you!”

What now? Ki Yoon Jae had many enemies. I’d heard that he had been kidnapped a lot before I met him.

Lately, he’s even been attacked by gifted people like me… Was this a kidnapping?

My legs trembled at the thought. I turned pale, and when I came to my senses, I was already running between alleys.

“Gasp, gasp…! Fuck, Ki Yoon Jae!”

Stop fooling around and come out. I was so anxious that I felt myself starting to tear up. I felt like I had gone back to when I was a little kid.

Strangely, I was reminded of a miserable memory. I was abandoned and left alone. I  entered an orphanage but was not chosen by anyone. That is, until I was chosen by Yoon Jae.

“Ki Yoon Jae!”

I was abandoned by my parents, so I thought no one would want me. But then, one day, a boy came who needed him. The boy, as pale and pretty as a porcelain doll, said that I had a special ability, an ability that he needed.

That was my first meeting with Ki Yoon Jae. Upon hearing those sweet words, words that said he needed ‘Jung Yi Joon,’ and not someone else, I signed the contract that he offered without a second thought.

His words gave me hope. I was a person who had always wanted to be special to someone else while also cherishing a special person. However, I was disappointed to learn that there were more people like him. At first, I thought I would be the best among them, but…

Ki Yoon Jae didn’t see us as people. For him, the others and I were tools. So, I was disappointed.

I thought I’d have someone special…The relationship between the two of us was just of tool and a master.

He’s changed recently, but…

Those indifferent eyes contained emotions. He didn’t treat me like a tool anymore. So, I wondered what kind of joke it was, and I got hopeful again. Maybe it was because I was so relaxed, I lost him while I was off guard.

What do I do? What should I do?

Ki Yoon Jae didn’t know what to do because rarely moved on his own. So, I had no choice but to go around and find Yoon Jae.

As I ran around while holding back tears, I found Yoon Jae standing on the top of a hill.

“Ki Yoon Jae!”

I was relieved that he seemed safe. I was still angry that he disappeared so suddenly, but he’s okay…

But Yoon Jae was not alone. He was with someone, and seemed to be pretty close. As soon as I saw it, my heart tightened as I felt my anger boil.

Did you just leave me to meet this bastard?

Yoon Jae’s request to buy Melona and his sudden disappearance were all done impulsively, but Jung Yi Jun didn’t know that.

It was a situation where he had no choice but to misunderstand that Yoon Jae had deliberately left him to meet with someone else.

When I thought of that, I still couldn’t throw away Melona, which was completely melted. I got angry, feeling like I was some kind of fool.

“Hey, Ki Yoon Jae, you fucking bastard!”

I had no intention to harm Yoon Jae. I didn’t know why I was so angry with the two, but either way, Yoon Jae did something wrong, so my anger was justified.

But when that fucker stepped between Ki Yoon Jae and I, it felt like the top of my head was spinning. When I saw Yoon Jae’s startled expression hiding behind his back, my heart got heavy. I felt like I’d become a villain.

Well, fuck, this bastard is a prince on a white horse, isn’t he?

I didn’t want to see anyone trying to protect Ki Yoon Jae in front of me, or Ki Yoon Jae who comforted me by saying, “It’s okay.”

I threw the Melona to the ground with a thud before turning around. I still couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad.

Fuck… Fuck!

While walking away like that, I thought, “What if Ki Yoon Jae doesn’t follow me?” If he didn’t… I’d be so miserable.
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