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Chapter 32

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Xia Ming’s warning was obviously effective.

Lin Shuwu stood there blankly. She lowered her head and looked at the child who had buried his small face in her waist. He had delicate features and a supple personality. From childhood to adulthood, this is a beautiful child who looks good. Whoever sees him has to look at him a few more times.

And beautiful boys of this age are far more attractive than undeveloped girls of the same age. Especially the indisputable charm of her child can easily catch people’s attention.

Han Shihao has fucked all kinds of girls. Even if it’s just a few days, she won’t be able to look after her own child all the time. If such a tender, innocent and cute boy is placed under that beast’s eyesight, what will happen?

She just imagined the scene. Her whole body trembled with fear and her hand that was holding the child turned white. Reminiscing about the “sin” that Xia Ming had just told her, she keenly remembered yesterday afternoon that Jin Hong, the eldest master of the Jin family, had followed Han Tianyu upstairs and never went downstairs again all day.

He hadn’t come downstairs even though he was called many times for dinner. The maids were making fun of the young couple that something unspeakable must have happened so that they had forgotten to eat the meal. The maids were not allowed to go upstairs to disturb them.

But she always felt that something was wrong. She knows that girl Han Tianyu too well. She often speaks badly to her fiance at home telling him he is fat, stupid, and unqualified. Sometimes she even gets emotional and even blurts out the cruel words, “He is not even worthy of lifting my shoes”, ” Sooner or later I will castrate him”.

But yesterday, she smiled abnormally and wore a beautiful skirt, inviting her fiance to stay at home for some days. Faced with the invitation of his sweetheart, Jin Hong naturally smiled, and agreed without hesitation, and ordered people not to go upstairs to disturb them.

Connecting the two floors was a wooden spiral staircase. The girl’s skirt was fluttering and her steps were light. She walked like a string of beautiful music, while the man’s body was bloated. There was a heavy sound every time he stepped on the stairs. In this way, the two totally disagreeable people went upstairs hand in hand like a couple in love.

The room Jin Hong stayed in happened to be opposite her son Yin Minglu’s room. Is this really a coincidence? Did something happen to Jinhong? The Han family wanted to imprison their mother and son and push all of their crimes to her son? No wonder although they were going to get divorced, Han Shihao tried to keep them there using all kinds of excuses pretending to miss them.

Thinking of this, when she saw her foot that had almost stepped into the wolf’s den made Lin Shuwu pale. Her chest was violently beating and her hand holding her son was also trembling desperately. It took a long time for her to recover.

Amidst Han Shihao’s ”caring” atmosphere, she tried to calm herself down and coldly said to the man: “I suddenly remembered that I have to go to MY house. Don’t bother to come and pick us up. A lawyer will come by tomorrow. Remember to sign. If you don’t sign, we’ll see you in court!” As she said, she took her son’s little hand and walked to the other car in high heels.

Han Shihao’s smile slowly diminished. When they were about to leave, he quickly reached out and tried to hold her. He looked a little flustered and said: “Shu Wu, stop making trouble, didn’t you agree to stay before? As long as you stay and we spend the last three days of married life together, I will sign and never break my promise. ”

From the attitude of the man, Lin Shuwu immediately realized that there was a problem with it. This remark was not like a deep affection for her. Instead, he was using an excuse to keep both of them.

With cold eyes, she slapped away the man’s hand mercilessly. While beckoning to the security guard of the restaurant for help, she hurriedly pulled her son into Xia’s car. Xia Ming helped her by the side and after carrying the little guy up, he quickly locked the door. Han Shihao, who was slower, could only pat the window desperately outside.

The security guard of the restaurant also rushed over, waving his truncheon fiercely, as if asking why Han Shihao was pestering a woman in the crowd. Han Shihao had to explain in a panic.

Taking this opportunity, Xia Ming said coldly to the driver in the driver’s seat: “Are you silly, why aren’t you driving?!”

Hearing the young master’s urging, the driver returned to his senses. He quickly started the car, turned the steering wheel, and left. After driving for a while, he said in a daze, “Master, where should we go?” Should we go back to Xia’s house or send the Yin family back first?

Before Xia Ming could answer, Xia Ming’s father in the passenger seat was upset and reprimanded him: “Mannerless idiot! Ms. Lin and Young Master Yin must be sent back first!”

The driver was scolded. So he nodded quickly.

After that, Father Xia turned his head to greet Lin Shuwu graciously and then said: “Ms. Lin, were you pestered by that ass just now?” Sure enough, a beautiful woman had better not walk outside alone, it was simply unsafe.

Lin Shuwu smiled tiredly, “Yes, thank you very much for your help. I don’t know what’s wrong with my driver. He didn’t come to pick us up.”

Father Xia listened and cursed, “What kind of driver is that ass! He just wants to take the money. Ms. Lin, don’t be so kind, you should expel such lazy and slippery employees! ”

Hearing this, the driver of the Xia family shrank his neck and honestly did not dare to speak.

Lin Shuwu nodded and sneered. Isn’t it true that he has been driving for the Yin family for several years? Which of the salary and benefits did he not get properly? He always gets gifts on New Year’s and holidays, but when it is critical, that guy doesn’t even answer her phone. Even Han Shihao’s words are more effective than her. It seems that she was really too softhearted.

Nestled next to his mother, the child seemed to be sleepy. He yawned a little. His long eyelashes were like two small brushes, shaking gently. He said to his mother: “Mom, Can I see Uncle Zhang and Uncle Li when I’m afraid at night while sleeping? Without them, I’m afraid~”

These two were Yin Minglu‘s bodyguards and they were also old employees of Father Yin when he was alive. Lin Shuwu touched her son’s little face and nodded. She always felt that it was not safe enough for the two to guard her son. She still had to put a few bodyguards inside the Yin family villa so that she could be completely relieved.

At this moment, the mother and son were cuddling together and the small rear seat was suddenly full of warmth as if it has become a world of its own.

Even Xia Ming next to him couldn’t get in. He couldn’t help feeling that different people have different families. There are people who are born to be disabled, but they have an extremely warm family; some are extremely smart, but the family is divided.

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His parents had divorced and remarried many years ago. The connection between them was weak and they never talked together except for the usual greetings on holidays. He lives in an intriguing big family. His father regards him as a tool for fame and fortune. He needs to win international awards to consolidate his glory. Apart from talking about competitions and performing shows, the two of them can’t talk about any other thing all year round.

Sometimes, his father even scolds him, saying that their divorce was all because he was so smart when he was a child. He could tell the truth of his father’s cheating from his tie and beard at a glance. So he told his mother about it, which led to the family split. That family split caused his sister to lose the warmth of the family as soon as she was born, saying that his cleverness had ruined the family.

And these words once became the knot of his last life.

Thinking about it now, it’s really ridiculous. It’s not his fault that his father cheated. Why did he punish himself by carrying the mistakes of others on his own body?

So after returning to the first life, he did not hesitate to tell the story of his father’s derailment and used his previous life experience to fight for his mother’s greatest rights and interests in this divorce lawsuit. But in the end, his mother didn’t appreciate him, and instead complained to others: Xia Ming, this child is terribly clever, almost like a beast. When she sees his eyes, her whole body trembles.

At that moment, he finally understood that the word family warmth would never have anything to do with him in this life.

Xia Ming, who was immersed in memories, suddenly felt movement beside him. He lowered his head but found that his hand was being grasped by someone. It was a tender hand with a warm palm, holding him very hard. That hand was small but it was full of dependence.

He smiled and shook the hand back tightly as if he was holding a small sun that had landed in the world.

On the other side, in the Han family mansion.

Han Tianyu called in horror and covered her mouth in a small voice: “Uncle, haven’t you brought that fool back? Jin Hong is going crazy! He suspects I’m lying to him! Uncle, think of a way! “Aren’t they supposed to deceive this fat man according to the plan?

And Jin Hong, who was tied to the bed, his bloody lower body was briefly treated, and the blood was temporarily stopped, but he was still soaked in the bandage. His hands and feet were tied to the head of the bed. He could not move at all. Biting a piece of cloth in his mouth, the pain made the whole person sweat profusely. He had maintained this posture for a day.

He looked at the woman next to him. His eyes were full of bone-cutting viciousness and the expression in his eyes almost made the blood cold and hard to breathe. Because in the early hours of this morning, he became a cripple!

He had become very happy when he had received the “hint”. So he had tried to ”do” his sweetheart at night that night. As a result, he fainted. When he woke up, he found that he had lost a man’s most precious thing! Pain and shame made him feel piercing sorrow!

Seeing Jin Hong’s red eyes and a mad look that he was about to break free and rushing over, Han Tianyu snorted and said quickly: “Jin Hong, I was wrong, you hold on, I didn’t lie to you! That little fool Yin Minglu will be back soon. As long as you point out that he made you this way, we can share half of the Yin family’s wealth together! That pair of orphan and widow are easy to kill! I didn’t lie to you, he is coming soon, maybe they are on the way! As soon as he comes, we will go to the hospital immediately! ”

Hearing Yin Minglu’s name, Jin Hong’s breath gradually weakened, and the bloody expression on his face faded away again. His eyes were fixed on the photo on the bedside: Above was a black-haired and snow-skinned teenager with cute eyebrows and a slick face. He was mesmerized by that small body. That boy was far better than those women. The image of that mature and sexy young woman was also attractive.

If it were not for that photo, he would have hardly survived!

Han Tianyu told him that since he has become a useless person, it is better to blame that fool Yin Minglu. In order not to go to jail, Han Tianyu will definitely let him take half of the Yin family’s properties. That beautiful and easy-to-handle little fool can then enter Jin’s house and take care of him for a lifetime! Otherwise, after the Jin family knows about his incapability, he will lose more if he can’t get the property of the Yin family, such as the position of heir, the strange vision of outsiders, and the half-brothers who are like wolves and tigers underneath.

The other people in the Jin family didn’t know that he was here. But as long as he, the subject, tells them, his family will definitely investigate this Han family till the end. They will ruin this Han family!

Thinking like this, Jin Hong was initially shocked and wanted to choke Han Tianyu to death. But during the whole day, Han Tianyu took that photo and talked desperately about the benefits to him, who was weak and spirited. Gradually, he listened and couldn’t help but nod. When his life was on the verge of ending, that photo, the Yin family’s money and hatred for Han Tianyu became his last obsession and a tool to continue his life. He closed his eyes and thought: When he gets half of the Yin family and that little fool, he will torture Han Tianyu, that bitch woman to death!

But in the end, he couldn’t wait until the end. He……….died.

When Han Tianyu, who had been busy on the phone, came back to her senses, facing Jin Hong’s breathless corpse, her mind was thunderous. She collapsed to the ground, thinking: I……. I’m finished!

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