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Chapter 676: A Mountain of Criminal Records

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The police chief smiled and picked up a document with dozens of pages and handed it to Feng Qing. “Someone happened to print out some of Mo Yi’s criminal records. Madam Xie, take a look.”

As a lawless third-generation heir, Mo Yi had lived a luxurious life since he was young. He had also developed an arrogant and domineering personality. He had done too many evil things such as hitting people, drugging and raping young ladies, and hit-and-runs. In the past, Mo Yi had never offended anyone powerful. No one can touch him even if he had broken some of the laws. This was because the Capital’s Mo family was very powerful, and the police also turned a blind eye to it. However, this did not mean that the police did not have any criminal records or evidence of Mo Yi’s crimes. The old scores had naturally been dug up since Mo Yi had offended the Xie family.

In the corridor, Mo Yi’s parents arrived immediately. The person who received them was the deputy chief of the police station. Mrs. Mo said in a mean and sharp voice, “What is your police station doing? Han Jintian beat my son up in public and almost killed him in broad daylight. Shouldn’t your police station give our Mo family an explanation? Also, my son was beaten up because of that little slut called Feng Qing. I request that your police station arrest that woman called Feng Qing immediately. If anything happens to our Mo Yi, I’ll let that little slut die with him!”

The deputy chief’s face was expressionless upon hearing this, but he disdained them in his heart. Wasn’t he just beaten up? It wasn’t like he had been stabbed dozens of times. What was there to make a fuss about? They made it sound like Mo Yi was about to die.

The deputy chief said, “Mrs. Mo, Miss Feng Qing didn’t do anything to Mo Yi. She was even pushed down the stage by Mo Yi. If we really want to pursue the matter, then it should be Mo Yi who has to give Miss Feng Qing an explanation. Moreover, everything Miss Feng Qing did today is reasonable and legal. No one can arrest her without evidence.”

Mrs. Mo raised her eyebrows. “How can there be no evidence? First, she barged into my son’s press conference and even brought people to cause a scene at the press conference. This is a crime for disturbing social order. Then, that little slut released a photo of my son naked in public. This is called violating other people’s privacy, and it’s also a crime. Just these two points alone should be punished.”

With that, Mrs. Mo looked straight at the deputy chief and said with a sinister expression, “Our lawyer is already here. Since your police station doesn’t care, I’ll sue that little slut.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Feng Qing’s clear voice sounded in the corridor. Her voice was too pleasant to the ears. It was clean, refreshing, and sweet and warm. Hearing it made one’s ears feel like they were pregnant.

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Everyone looked over and saw a cute and sweet little girl walking over with a hint of charm between her brows. Feng Qing’s eyes were very pure and clear, without any impurities, but the way she curled her lips was a little charming. Only she could perfectly combine these two feelings.

Mrs. Mo sized Feng Qing up and couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows. She naturally recognized Feng Qing at once. The only thing that surprised her was that Feng Qing was actually so good-looking in person. She was far better-looking than on television. However, she wasn’t in the mood to praise Feng Qing for being good-looking. She wanted to seek justice for her son.

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“Mrs. Mo, you want to sue me? Please go ahead. I promise I won’t stop you,” Feng Qingyou said softly.

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“Feng Qing! You shameless slut, how dare you let someone hit my son!” Mrs. Mo scolded.

Feng Qing still smiled faintly, but her eyes were filled with coldness when she heard Mrs. Mo curse. Mrs. Mo was instantly angered when she saw her like this. She took a step forward and raised her arm to slap Feng Qing. Feng Qing only took half a step back and dodged this slap. Then, she threw dozens of pages of information at Mrs. Mo’s face.

Mrs. Mo was stunned by Feng Qing’s action and subconsciously caught the information because she realized that there was Mo Yi’s photo on the information. She flipped through the information and her expression turned even uglier.

Mrs. Mo looked at Feng Qing. “What do you mean?”

Feng Qing said coldly, “Your son, Mo Yi, is really notorious for his misdeeds. He has been breaking the law since he was twelve years old. Not only did he eat, drink, and gamble, but he also dared to rape female students and bring people to do drugs with him. There were no less than three drunk-driving accidents. Three years ago, your son was even suspected of raping a minor. Your Mo family paid the other party three million to suppress the matter later on. Two years ago, he was high on drugs while driving and was found by the traffic police officer. In the end, he forcefully escaped and dragged the traffic police officer for more than two hundred meters, causing the traffic police officer to be paralyzed.”
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