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Chapter 677: I Dote Her

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“These things happened before your son debuted. He debuted later on. Your Mo family and his management company spent a lot of money to help him eliminate the case records, but what you don’t know is that Mo Yi’s criminal records are in the police big data system. As long as one wants to check, they can still find it.” Feng Qing explained.

“What do you mean?!” Mrs. Mo said with a gloomy expression.

“Nothing, Mrs. Mo. Feel free to let the lawyer sue me. I’ll also hand this information to the marketing accounts. I believe those people will definitely be very interested. The current popular young celebrity is filled with evil and has committed monstrous crimes. Your precious son’s dream of being a celebrity would also come to an end.” Feng Qing said with a smile.

There was something else she did not say. Once this information was announced, their Mo family’s reputation would also become the target of public criticism. It would not be impossible for the entire business world to ostracize their Mo family if she operated it properly. At that time, the Mo family would also fall into the abyss and be consigned to eternal damnation.

What were the wealthy families most afraid of? Naturally, it would be the anger of the public. Once they angered the public, just the public opinion would be enough to make the Mo family suffer. If the matter blew up and alarmed the higher-ups, just one sentence from them could instantly subvert their Mo family.

Mrs. Mo was also a smart person who had lived her life, so she naturally understood what Feng Qing meant. She also knew what wicked things Mo Yi had done a few years ago. If these things were exposed, be it Mo Yi or their Mo family, they would be finished. This price was too high, their Mo family couldn’t afford it.

She wanted to slap Feng Qing again, but she endured it and put her hand down. Feng Qing had so much evidence that was not good for Mo Yi, so she had no choice. However, she felt very unconvinced in her heart. “Little girl, I think you’re not even twenty years old. Do you know what you’re doing? Don’t you think you’re very laughable for daring to threaten our Mo family? Do you know that the last person who threatened our Mo family has already been in the mental hospital for three years?”

The police chief walked out of the office. His expression was gloomy, and his temples were twitching. He wanted to ask Mrs. Mo how much courage she had to actually dare to speak to Madam Xie in such a tone. However, before he could speak, a cold and arrogant voice sounded. “So what if she threatens your Mo family? Feng Qing is a friend of our Han family and I dote on her. What right does an ugly person like you have to come to the police station to posture?”

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Han Jintian walked over with a cold face. He looked at Mrs. Mo condescendingly and walked past her to Feng Qing. He had just finished cooperating with the police’s investigation when he heard Mrs. Mo shouting, so he hurriedly came over to help Feng Qing.

Mrs. Mo was instantly a little listless when she saw Han Jintian come out. She didn’t dare to say anything when Han Jintian scolded her for posturing. After all, she knew what kind of person Han Jintian was.

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Mrs. Mo said, “Young Master Han, I know that Feng Qing has a good relationship with you, but she’s too arrogant. She actually threatened our Mo family…”

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Han Jintian snorted coldly. “Mo Yi fooled me so badly. Shouldn’t your Mo family give me an explanation? A mere Mo family dares to be arrogant in a place like the Capital. I really don’t know who gave you the courage, especially your precious son. He’s only been a small celebrity for a few days, and he dares to publicize that he’s the number one young master in the Capital’s entertainment industry? I think he’s tired of living!”

Mrs. Mo’s heart skipped a few beats and she panicked upon hearing Han Jintian’s words. Mr. Mo’s knees went weak and he knelt down. Mr. Mo begged, “Young Master Han, our Mo family was wrong this time. Our Mo family apologizes to you. I hope you can give our Mo family a chance and not attack our Mo family. You can deal with that brat Mo Yi however you want. Our Mo family will pretend that we don’t have an unfilial son like him.”

Unlike Mrs. Mo, who only protected her child, Mr. Mo only had the safety of the Mo family in his heart. He could have another child again if the child was gone. If Mrs. Mo couldn’t give birth, he could find another young woman to have a child with . However, there would be no future if the Mo family fell. Compared to the Han family, the Mo family was a small fry. They were not on the same level at all. If the Han family blew on them, the Mo family would tremble.

Han Jintian looked down at Mr. Mo, who was kneeling on the ground, and said coldly, “Why did you beg for mercy now? Why didn’t you come over to beg for mercy when Mo Yi framed me? Your precious son even dared to push Feng Qing off the stage. I’ll kill him with this!”

Mr. Mo was dumbfounded. Han Jintian had said this firmly, leaving no room for them. Now, he regrets giving birth to Mo Yi.
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