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Chapter 678: Pure and Natural Beauty

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Ignoring the Mo couple, Han Jintian looked at Feng Qing. “Lass, let’s go!”

Feng Qing : “…”

Before she could react, Han Jintian pulled her arm and left. She was a little confused when she looked at Han Jintian’s back. Other than Xie Jiuhan, Han Jintian was the first man to call her lass.

Han Jintian wanted to bring Feng Qing away, so the Mo couple naturally didn’t dare to stop him. They couldn’t afford to offend Han Jintian, but they didn’t want to let Feng Qing off just like that. It was obvious that they were unwilling. Mrs. Mo looked at Mr. Mo and said with a puzzled expression, “Why are you so weak? What’s the point of begging him at this point? No matter how big the Han family is, can it be bigger than Xia country’s laws? Our family only has Mo Yi. Our Mo family’s bloodline will be cut off if anything happens to him. Moreover, he was the one who beat our son up. Even if our family is destroyed, we have to make Han Jintian pay the price!”

Upon hearing this, Mr. Mo couldn’t help but curse, “Enough! Hurry up and shut your crappy mouth! If you hadn’t spoiled Mo Yi since he was young, would he have caused so much trouble outside? I’ve long said that if you spoiled him like this, he would cause trouble sooner or later. The entire Mo family will be unlucky too because you’ve offended the Han family. At this moment, you still don’t know how to reflect on yourself and actually want to fight with the Han family to the death. Why did I marry you? Let me tell you, I’ll divorce you now and sever my relationship with Mo Yi. I’ll let you and him fend for yourselves outside!”

Mrs. Mo was immediately dumbfounded upon hearing that Mr. Mo wanted to divorce her. She looked at her man in disbelief. She never dreamed that he would choose to abandon her and their child at such an important moment.

At the entrance of the police station.

The police chief was accompanying Feng Qing respectfully. “Madam Xie, there are reporters outside the police station now. If you want to leave, you should take the underground passageway.”

In order to protect some people’s privacy, they specially designed an underground exit when they were building the police station. When they walked out from below, they would come out of a dealership across the street.

Feng Qing nodded. She had already made a name for herself and had also cleared Han Jintian’s name. Her business today was considered completed, so there was no need to go out and face the reporters’ interviews. Therefore, under the personal escort of the police chief, she went to the underground passageway with Han Jintian.

As soon as they came out of the underground passageway, Feng Qing looked at Han Jintian and smiled. “Fighting is like burning money these days. Tell me, how much was the fine just now?”

Han Jintian beat Mo Yi up in public at the press conference. Due to the power of the Han family, he was exempted from detention, but he had to pay the fine. Otherwise, the police station would not be able to answer to the public. After all, the police had to protect their image and credibility.

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Han Jintian rubbed his nose and smiled. “Not much, just five million.”

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth curled up. “Yes, the fine is too little.”

Han Jintian : “…”

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Thinking of how he had beaten Mo Yi up just now, Feng Qing smiled and said, “But this money is worth it!”

Han Jintian said coolly, “I’m already giving him face by beating him up. If not for the public image of the police station, I would have asked him for five million. But you’re right, this five million was well spent!”

Feng Qing smiled sweetly and walked out of the shop first. The shop owner was not surprised to see them come out of the secret door. Instead, he ignored them as if they were invisible.

On the street, Feng Qing’s petite body was covered in a layer of gold under the golden glow of the sun. The faint smile on her face was warmer than the sun, as if the Sun Goddess was smiling.

Suddenly, Feng Qing’s ears twitched as she caught the sound of a phone taking a photo. She turned around and was caught off guard by Han Jintian.

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Feng Qing subconsciously covered her face with her hand. “What are you doing?”

As Han Jintian admired the photos he had just taken, he said, “It’s nothing. I’ll take a few photos of you and send them to the production team so that they can photoshop you when they’re making posters. Your popularity is better than many big celebrities now. It’s a waste not to take advantage of you.”

Feng Qing : “…”

Feng Qing said unhappily while frowning, “Why didn’t you tell me in advance that you were going to make a promotional poster? You should have let me dress up before taking the photo. Moreover, you did not use any filters. Hurry up and delete all of this.”

Han Jintian shook his head and hurriedly put his phone away. “What do you know? Using the features of the beauty filter will ruin your beauty. Let everyone see what natural beauty is when the time comes.”
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