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Chapter 272: Kill?

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Chapter 272 Kill?

Two streams of red were flowing down his nose.

The power behind Chen Feng’s punch seemed to have destroyed all of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear’s defense and strength!

The Siberian Burst Bear did not react after this punch.

His body was like a scarecrow. After his only support was cut off, he was completely defenseless.

He collapsed heavily onto the ground!

Given his massive physique, it was likely that he would not be able to stand up after this slash.

Of course, all of his reactions had been calculated by Chen Feng in the power of his punch. This punch would not directly kill him. It would only knock him unconscious.

The power that was added to that punch had a trace of skill. After that power entered the enemy’s body, it would follow the enemy’s weakness and destroy the enemy’s defense and power from the inside out.

Although the right arm of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear looked extremely terrifying, he only needed to use a few healing potions to quickly recover.

“I’m in a good mood today, so I came to fight with you. Does anyone else want to come up?”

Chen Feng retracted his right fist and turned his head to look at the surrounding audience.

Most of the Resistance remained unmoved. Although their leader had been knocked down, they seemed to be simply excited about such a battle.

He did not care who fell.

Since there were people who did not care, there were naturally loyalists of the Resistance.

Just then, someone moved. That person moved his feet and picked up an ax with his right hand with a ferocious look on his face.

Beside him, another burly man snatched the baseball bat from his companion and started running

One, two, three… In the next instant, there were more than ten of them!

There was no one else!

Upon the sight of the dozen or so people rushing out, Chen Feng understood that this mission would be over as long as he defeated all of them.

Chen Feng threw a left hook forward, striking the first burly man who ran towards him with an ax in his right hand!

After breaking the handle of the ax, he was also knocked down.

Chen Feng looked at the other burly man that followed closely behind. His left leg kicked upwards as he sent the man flying.

He thrust his right fist forward, spun his left elbow, raised his left leg was raised and moved his knee forward. His right leg was drawn in a circle, and a strong man was sent flying out from behind him…

In the span of three punches and two kicks, Chen Feng had already completed all his fights. No one had the strength to resist him!

Chen Feng was not surprised by this outcome!

That was because the strength of everyone here was weak in comparison to him. They were so transparent and vulnerable!

After they all fell, Chen Feng felt that the Siberian Tyrannical Bear, who was now lying on the ground, seemed to start moving again under the effects of his healing techniques.

Chen Feng planned to stay here and continue waiting

It seemed that the leader of the Resistance, the Siberian Tyrannical Bear, would be able to stand up again in a few minutes

Thus, he decided to renegotiate his thoughts with the other party.

At that moment, the group of people surrounding Chen Feng suddenly moved apart.

This was similar to when sharks hunted in the ocean. A gap would appear in schools of fish when the fish that were the prey of sharks dodged their attacks instinctively!

Chen Feng looked in the direction of the opening. There was a group of strong men that were clearly different from the others. They were walking together.

All of them were wearing metal armor and silver helmets on their heads. Every step they took seemed to carry a tremendous force!

However, with every step, a small cloud would splash on the ground. It was a cloud made of yellow dust.

It was a cloud that could only float five to six centimeters above the ground even if it flew to the highest point.

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Each step that they took was especially slow and firm.

In fact, when each of them walked forward, their steps were uniform, and the distance between each step was fixed.

For some reason, Chen Feng suddenly felt like he was watching a military parade. He could even feel the ground trembling.

Who was this person?

Who were they?

Such a group movement looked very proper!

Could this be an army?

Chen Feng wondered.

However, considering the location and the identity of the group of people in front of him, Chen Feng felt that such a thought was unrealistic. At most, they could only be considered as part of the more well-trained group of supernatural beings.

They were probably not qualified enough to be called an army albeit for the fact that their individual strength might have surpassed the strength of the regular army as far as they knew.

Although they were all meticulously dressed, the details of their armor were different. It seemed like their weapons and armors were tailored for each of them.

It seemed like their overall strength was much stronger than that of the group in front of them!

Chen Feng’s heart stirred.

Behind Chen Feng, Blake, Finn Ernest, and Pu Yunmo exchanged glances.

After a few moments of hesitation, Blake opened his mouth several times. He looked like he wanted to say something, but he didn’t.

Meanwhile, Finn Ernest and Pu Yunmo simply trusted Chen Feng.

They trust his decision, his strength, and his ability to easily solve all the problems in front of him. They also trust that everything happening before his eyes had not exceeded his expectations.

“They’re here, they’re here. The Siberian Tyrannical Bear’s personal guards are here.”

“Oh, good fellow, I can finally see the group of Siberian’s strongest warriors again.”

“How rare. Who took the initiative to call them over today?”

“Although it seems like their appearance is a good thing, I don’t know why I have a feeling that someone didn’t trust the strength of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear previously. Otherwise, why would they call them over when their boss is still here and hasn’t even fought with the enemy?”

“Yes, I think you’re right. Who has so little trust in the Siberian Tyrannical Bear? We should capture it and turn it into a skeleton so that it can be decorated on the Iron Throne of the Siberian Tyrannical Bear.”

“Exactly, exactly.”

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