This S.O.B. System

This S.O.B. System
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Book 1: The Porn Star System
Systems are awakening in people as the world slowly changes. As unique as a fingerprint, these Systems are often custom made for individuals. When one particular System awakens in Asher Whitmore he has to struggle with his morals to level up. Caught between one hard decision after another he will learn the fun way that the world is wilder than he imagined. Will he let the system call the shots, or make a stand for what he believes in?

Book 2: Systemic Trials and Errors
Asher Whitmore is thrust into one Trial after another to represent his people. Will he succeed and make it back to those he left behind? Or will he create more enemies leading his home to destruction?

**There is some minor traumatizing content that I didn’t mark. If marking is required let me know. I felt like it hits harder without the warning. There are also religious undertones. I don’t try to beat it into the story, it is just a part of the protagonist's background that I feel is important. I really want to convey his transformation of a quiet churchgoer to one of the most ruthless System holders in the world. Also I find his background and system hilarious.

*I do not own the cover art*

*I doubt I need to point it out but I do not have permission or own the rights to the franchises mentioned in the story. Including but not limited to: Gantz, Predator, Batman, Superman, John Wick, Dragon ball Z, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Naruto, Rick and Morty, One Piece, Marvel Comics characters, unmentioned DC comic characters, and the Matrix.

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