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Chapter 118

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Golden Retreiver

Well, I don’t really understand, but producing counterfeit money seems to be an excellent strategy. When I got shot down, I thought my plans were awful, but I kept pushing for it. Yukime also gave her seal of approval, now we just have to wait for the counterfeit money to be made.

I have a bit of free time, but I will be busy once the counterfeit bills have been made.

My work is mainly to end those who try to locate the source of counterfeit notes.

I will remove the enemy agents stylishly, and I can have fun and complete work that is suitable for a super elite agent.

Fufufu, how shall I dispose of you?

You cannot use a sword to guard against the shadow bullets. In other words, that means I do not have to stick to swords, this time I can use a new style of battle.

Late at night, while walking in the kingdom, I spotted some dog ears in the distance.

“Delta……? “

The moment when I murmured a little, those dog ears suddenly moved.

She turned around and looked, it’s definitely Delta.


She moved her lips.

And in the next moment, she appeared before me with a quadrupedal dash.

Aa, that good for nothing speed. Ordinary people would not be able to catch her with their eyes.


“Now, it is not Boss.”

“Ahu……Sid! I missed you!”

BunBun, her tail is swaying around.

Her face is full of smiles, but then her expression stiffens in the next moment.

“Sid……Stinks like a fox……”

I had forgotten, Delta has an annoyingly keen nose.

“I..I was hunting a fox.”

“Fox hunting, Delta also! “

Delta’s face brightens in response.

“Unfortunately, I have already hunted the fox.”

“Ahu… then go fox hunting now.”

“Yeah, we will try that next time. Also, stop trying to mark me as your territory.”

(TN: marking, I don’t know If English had such use of marking. マッスル.  The raw was: うん、今度しよう。あ、マーキングは止めろ)

I push away Delta who is trying to rub her body all over me.

“But Sid, fox stinks.”

“It’s alright.”


Gui Gui, I push away the approaching Delta with more force and keep her at arm’s length, I change the topic.

(TN: Gui Gui sound of using strength)

“Why is Delta in the royal capital?”

“Ahu……Sid, too strong.”

“Why is Delta in the royal capital?”

“Nn? Why? “

“Why is Delta in the royal capital?”

“Delta got up, sort of early, today and ate a lot of meat, I came to the capital after a long time.”

“Why is Delta in the royal capital?”

“Well, Delta had gone hunting for…… “

“Here In capital?”

“Outside, it was fun! Lots and lots to hunt for! Sid hunt together?”

“Why were you hunting?”

“Sid lets hunt together!”

“Why were you hunting?”

“Alpha-sama said to do so! Sid lets hunt together?”

“Well, if Alpha said so.”

“Yeah, Sid lets hunt together!”

“What are you hunting?”

“Bandits-tsu! Sid lets hunt together?”

“Bandit hunting!”

“Sid likes hunting bandits!”

“Un, I like hunting bandits.”

“Let’s hunt together!”

“I got a bit of free time right now, so let’s go hunting together.”

“Yeah! (Yattaa!)”

Delta pulls my hand and tries to drag me along.

“Wait wait, It’s impossible right now! I gotta go back to the dormitory first.”


“Delta has errands to run at the capital right?”

“Do I?”

“Didn’t Alpha ask you to do something?”


“You forgot?”

“Telling Her, will she get angry?”

“What about it. The sooner, the better to go by.”

“But bandit hunting…”

Delta looked downhearted, and I see that.

“I’ll be free for a while so let’s do it tomorrow. After you’ve finished your errands.”

“I know! Sid, wait!”

“I’ll be waiting in the dormitory. Come secretly.”

“Go secretly!”

Delta dashed on all fours into the cityscape of capital with tremendous speed.

It is a very conspicuous way of running that would grab anyone’s attention, but ordinary people cannot perceive her ridiculous speed in the first place, so it’s okay.

Seeing her I remember the golden retriever that I once had in my previous life, I let out a sigh.

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