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Chapter 139: Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, Buddhist Sect

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Chapter 139 Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, Buddhist Sect

When Han Jue found the Six Paths Insignia on the Devil Master, he realized that there was another Six Paths Insignia beside him. He sensed carefully and realized that it was Mo Zhu.

He immediately connected with the Heavenly Puppet in Mo Zhu’s storage ring and heard the Devil Master’s words.

The devil race was not giving up!

Hearing the Devil Master’s posturing, Han Jue couldn’t listen anymore.

Go and die!

Enough is enough!

Shooting him with a single finger was a good chance to scare Mo Fuchou and the other two, telling them that it was impossible for the devils to succeed!

Mo Zhu was the first to recover. She swallowed and said, “He died just like that?”

The black-robed woman was horrified.

She was the second-generation head of the Mo Family, Mo Youling. She was at the fifth level of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

Her cultivation level was the highest among the three, so her feelings were deeper.

The Devil Master made her feel extremely powerful, even suffocating.

Such a powerful existence was instantly killed by the mysterious Sword Cultivator!

How strong was the attacker?

“Fortunately, we didn’t agree directly, or we might have died.” Mo Fuchou smiled bitterly.

Evil cannot triumph over good!

Mo Fuchou strengthened his Dao heart. Even if he was a True Devil, he had to be one with a righteous heart!

Mo Zhu hurriedly bowed in all directions and said, “Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for your forgiveness! Thank you for your forgiveness…”

She was afraid that the expert would attack again.

Han Jue couldn’t help but laugh when he heard her words.

The three of them left immediately.

Mo Fuchou looked at Mo Youling and asked, “Where are we going next?”

Mo Youling took a deep breath and said, “Find the clansmen scattered throughout the world and then return to the Mo family’s territory. The Mo family is very big, and only a small portion of the clan remains in your Great Yan. As the main clan was slaughtered, the other clans should have also followed in their footsteps. However, like you, there will always be people who survive.”

Mo Fuchou nodded.

Mo Zhu hesitated.

She wanted to say that since the Mo family no longer wanted revenge, could she return to the Jade Pure Sacred Sect?

However, on second thought, the Mo family still needed to be saved, and she couldn’t give up now.

After so many years, Xing Hongxuan and Chang Yue’er must have become closer to Han Jue. Would she become more distant from him?

Thinking of this, Mo Zhu was worried about her gains and losses, and her expression was filled with disappointment.

After killing the Devil Master, Han Jue felt much more relaxed.

It was good to kill him as soon as possible. Otherwise, this fellow would cause trouble again and affect the situation of the world, affecting his cultivation.

But then again, how strong are the devils?

Why aren’t the Immortal Gods intervening?

If Han Jue was the Lord of the Heavenly Court and saw the devils attacking the mortal world, he would understand that the devils were developing and would definitely stop them.

Han Jue felt that there might be a problem.

Should I ask Zhang Guxing? Han Jue felt that it was feasible, so he began to comprehend the Three Pure World Cleansing and attempted to elevate this Mystical Power.

A month later.

The natural phenomenon caused everyone in the world to discuss. Combined with the culture of the world, most cultivators believed that another peerless genius had been born in a certain Holy Land!

Han Jue came to the Sword Dao River again. Passing by the various sword shadows, Han Jue saw Zhang Guxing. “Brother… Senior, long time no see.” Han Jue smiled.

No matter how the mortal world surged and how the world changed, Han Jue would always encounter this sword immortal guarding the Sword Dao in the Sword Dao River.

Zhang Guxing was no longer surprised by his arrival. Instead, he asked casually, “You’re at the third level of the Mahayana Realm. Aren’t you going to ascend?”

Han Jue smiled and said, “There are enemies in the higher realm. I don’t dare to ascend.”


Relying on the fact that Guxing didn’t ask further, Han Jue knew he obviously didn’t want to get involved. In any case, he didn’t expect him to help.

Han Jue said, “Our mortal world has been invaded by the devils. Why don’t the immortals and gods take action?”

Zhang Guxing replied calmly, “The Upper World is in chaos. The Heavenly Court can’t even take care of itself, so how can they care about the mortal realm? However, before long, the Heavenly Court will restore order.”

The Upper World was in chaos? Han Jue asked curiously, “The Upper World can still be in chaos? What happened?”

“A Greater Demon Saint appeared among the demons. He refused to obey the Heavenly Court and wreaked havoc in the heavens. There might be a powerful faction backing him, making it impossible for the Heavenly Court to suppress him in a short period of time. However, with the Heavenly Court’s heritage, it will be dealt with quickly. Wait patiently. As for the devil race, their era has long ended. The Demonic Palace is only a second-tier faction in the Upper World.”

“After we mortals ascend, will we directly join the Heavenly Court?”

“In your dreams. Many Ascension Platforms in the Upper World connect to the thousands of mortal worlds in the universe. Most mortals can only join the cultivation sects in the Upper World after they ascend. A small number of talented people will be chosen by the Heavenly Court, the Buddhist Sect, and the Divine Palace. You can consider it. With your potential, you will definitely encounter such a choice. Once you choose, it will be very difficult to change factions.”

Relying on Zhang Guxing’s words, his eyes revealed anticipation.

He was looking forward to the commotion when Han Jue ascended.

Such a prodigy was rare even in the Upper World.

Han Jue asked, “Senior, which faction do you think I should choose?”

Zhang Guxing rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t think too much. I’m alone in the heavens and don’t have any background. You’re a human, so it’s best if you choose the Heavenly Court and Divine Palace. From the current distribution of power in the Upper World, the Divine Palace, Heavenly Court, and Buddhist Sect are the three top parties. They’re on par with each other. However, the Upper World is very big. There are also thousands of races, such as the Dragon Race, Phoenix Race, Golden Crow Race, Qilin Race, Asura Race, and so on. There’s also the mysterious Dao Sect and the Ancient Immortal Sect. Since we share some affinity, I’ll give you a piece of advice. If you are not a Grand Unity Heaven Immortal, it’s best to stay low-profile.”

Han Jue smiled and said, “Senior, you’re indeed my kind. To be honest, I have never left my sect in my life. Cultivating is common for me. Even if I become a Grand Unity Heaven Immortal, I won’t go out.”



Using his fingers to calculate, Zhang Guxing sighed. “You’re so boring.” Han Jue almost vomited blood. What the heck?

Han Jue changed the topic and asked, “Senior, have you heard of Profound Truth Divine Emperor?”

“Eh? How do you know about Profound Truth Divine Emperor? He’s the Unparalleled War God of the Divine Palace. He died a long time ago, but he was once an invincible existence among Immortal Emperors.” “How are you compared to him?”

“Far inferior.”

“How is the relationship between the Profound Truth Divine Emperor and the Divine Palace?”

“I’m not sure. It’s said that the reason why the Profound Truth Divine Emperor died was due to the internal strife within the Divine Palace. He was surrounded by many Immortal Emperors from the demon race, but the Divine Palace did not provide any assistance. After the Profound Truth Divine Emperor died, the Divine Palace did not create a statue for him either.”

When Han Jue heard that, he knew that something was wrong.

Murong Qi had a blood feud!

He couldn’t go to the Divine Palace!

“Hurry up and ascend. Don’t waste time. With your potential, as long as you join a major faction, those enemies won’t find trouble with


Han Jue said, “My enemy is the Vermilion Bird.”

“Vermilion Bird? Then don’t bother ascending, just wait and die in your current world.”

Zhang Guxing asked with a strange tone, “How did you provoke the Vermilion Bird? The Vermilion Bird is a divine beast of providence. Even the Heavenly Court, Divine Palace, and Buddhist Sect would fawn on their race. If a Vermilion Bird causes trouble for you, the three major factions will probably turn a blind eye. No matter how talented you are, you’re still from the mortal world. You can’t compare to the Vermilion Bird.

“Listen to my advice. Disperse your cultivation, jump into the cycle of reincarnation, and change your identity.”

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