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Chapter 330: 330

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Chapter 330 The Magus Race Submits, Empress Houtu

“This aura… is at least a Rank Nine Immortal Emperor!”

Han Jue opened his eyes and frowned.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked nervously, “Master, are we running?”

Han Jue shook his head and said, “Let’s wait and see.”

If there had been a battle here, no one would come for a long time.

Han Jue checked the nearby experts. (Diamond Rage: Rank Nine Immortal Emperor, Thunder Dao Grand Magus]

[Green Blood Ghost Deity: Rank Nine Immortal Emperor, Ghost Deity of the Underworld)

They were indeed Rank Nine Immortal Emperors!

Han Jue immediately started the simulation trial.



Not bad.

They were insta-killed!

Han Jue couldn’t tell who was stronger and who was weaker. He could only wait and see.

The battle between Diamond Rage and the Green Blood Ghost Deity did not affect Hidden Sect Island for the time being. With their cultivation levels, they couldn’t sense the island’s existence.

Han Jue only hoped that they would leave as soon as possible.

The Hidden Sect disciples were also discussing this battle. They didn’t panic. Han Jue didn’t control the Hidden Sect Island to escape, which meant that the enemy was not as strong as him.

The Black Hell Demon Lord sighed. “Recently, the netherworld has been less and less peaceful. Fortunately, we stayed in the Yellow Spring.” The Black Hell Chicken asked, “Big Brother, can you defeat the fellow outside?”

The Black Hell Demon Lord shook his head.

“You’re so weak.” The Black Hell Chicken couldn’t help but ridicule.

Why did it feel like other than them, this big brother couldn’t defeat anyone else?

The Black Hell Demon Lord had been here for a long time and knew what it meant.

He glared at the Black Hell Chicken. This fellow was so despicable.

Ever since he had joined the Hidden Sect, the Black Hell Chicken had been disrespecting him even more.

Tu Ling’er muttered, “There’s an aura outside that makes me feel close. Could it be a Magus?”

Li Yao frowned and asked, “Don’t tell me you want to save him?”

Tu Ling’er shook her head. “I don’t even know him. Why should I save him? Don’t cause trouble for us. I only recognize the identity of a Hidden Sect disciple. What Magus Race? All of them can go away!” The others shook their heads and laughed, not refuting

After following Han Jue for a long time, they were all afraid of getting into trouble.

Especially with Xun Chang’an’s tragic case and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog’s experience, they increasingly believed that they could only obtain the Dao by imitating Han Jue.

At least he was already a successful example. Until now, they had never seen Han Jue in such a sorry state. The enemies either couldn’t catch up to him or were insta-killed by him.

Within the Five Elements of the Three Realms, he came and went without a trace.

This was a person who had achieved the Dao!

The battle lasted for an hour before Diamond Rage and the Green Blood Ghost Deity finally left.

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief.

He didn’t want to attack rashly. Once he insta-killed the enemy, this place would be exposed.


When could he be invincible?

Han Jue couldn’t help but think of the mighty figures outside the 33rd Heaven.

Their Dao Field was there. Everyone knew, but no one dared to provoke it.

No matter how crazy the Demon Emperor was, he had to stay in front of the Great Ultimate Hall.

Han Jue’s current goal was to become the next Ancestor Xitian.

After Diamond Rage and the Green Blood Ghost Deity left, Hidden Sect Island returned to normal.

Han Jue continued his boring cultivation life.

The Hidden Sect disciples were the same. It was worth mentioning that the Black Hell Demon Lord had been stimulated by something and had begun to cultivate diligently. He often appeared in the simulation trial.

Han Jue could see the scenes of the others in the simulation trial. This fellow was very hardworking That was good.

The Rank Five Immortal Emperor was very strong back then, but now, he was nothing in Han Jue’s eyes.

Cough cough!

He had become arrogant.

During the boring cultivation sessions, Han Jue liked to play with his inner thoughts. At least, it could satisfy his psychological needs.

Of course, his Dao heart could not change.

If he really encountered a Rank Five Immortal Emperor enemy, Han Jue would definitely use the simulation trial first, just in case.

In the blink of an eye.

Another ten years passed.

The battle in the netherworld could be considered to have completely begun. Every few months, auras would pass through the sky above Hidden Sect Island. They were strong and weak. The strongest even made Han Jue feel danger.

Fortunately, Hidden Sect Island was really tiny in the Yellow Spring. With the concealment effect of the Dao Field, Hidden Sect Island was not discovered.

The days passed without incident.

On this day. Diamond Rage was here again

He was severely injured and had fallen into the Yellow Spring. He wasn’t far from Hidden Sect Island.

Han Jue was stunned. What was going on?

Acting pitiful?

Han Jue was alerted.

Diamond Rage sank deeper and deeper into the Yellow Spring.

Han Jue felt that it was not a coincidence that he came here. After thinking about it, he still moved him into Hidden Sect Island.

Diamond Rage had already fallen unconscious. Han Jue extracted his soul and placed it in the world of stars, using the nebulous Primordial Qi to suppress it.

The other disciples gathered when they saw his body.

Han Jue let the Black Hell Demon Lord watch the body while he returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

He probed the world of stars with his consciousness and discovered that the Grand Magus’ soul was slightly different. This soul was very weak, far weaker than a Rank Nine Immortal Emperor of the same realm. It felt similar to the soul of an early-stage Emperor Realm cultivator.

After a long while…

Diamond Rage woke up in anger and was shocked when he saw the countless stars and nebulous Primordial Qi around him.

Thinking of something, he hurriedly shouted, “Are you Fellow Daoist Han Jue?”

Han Jue’s voice sounded, “You came specially to find me?”

Diamond Rage heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s right. The Magus Race was surrounded by the netherworld. Before Meng Po died, she asked me to come and seek refuge with you. She used her great Mystical Power to sense that the descendant of my race was near this Yellow Spring. I don’t know her exact location and could only come here. I couldn’t hold on any longer when I first arrived.”

Han Jue immediately checked his interpersonal relationships.

Meng Po’s portrait changed.

Her face seemed to have become younger, but he could tell that it was very similar to the past. (Empress Houtu: Cultivation unknown. Connate Ancestral Magus, Lord of Reincarnation. She is hidden in the netherworld and holds the responsibility of reincarnation. Her wish is to strengthen the Magus Race. Current favorability: 3 stars]

Empress Houtu?

Han Jue showed a frown.

From the looks of it, Meng Po had really died. After the clone died, the favorability would become the favorability of the main body.

Han Jue asked, “The Magus Race was destroyed by the netherworld?”

Diamond Rage said angrily, “Our Magus Race is already struggling at death’s door. We rely on the protection of the Reincarnation Order to survive. The King of Hell and the Divine Palace Master, Zu Tu, have joined forces to break through the Reincarnation Providence. Although Empress Houtu has remarkable abilities, she was restrained by some force and cannot protect us. In our race… only I have escaped!” Han Jue frowned even harder.

How troublesome. So troublesome!

Han Jue was worried that the enemy would follow Diamond Rage to find him.

This was not good. “Before Meng Po died, she asked me to tell you that as long as you can protect me and Tu Ling’er, she will definitely help you in the future and become your backing!” Diamond Rage continued.



Han Jue was speechless.

Even Empress Houtu is being held back. How can she be my backing?

However, Meng Po treated him quite well. Before she died, she entrusted him with something, so he could not refuse.

Han Jue said, “Stay here first. I’ll let you out after a while.”

“Thank you!”


(Diamond Rage has a favorable impression of you. Current favorability: 5 stars] Such a high favorability?

It didn’t seem like a lie.

Han Jue looked at Diamond Rage’s introduction. He was indeed not lying.

Then again.

How strong must Empress Houtu be if she was the Lord of Reincarnation?

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