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Chapter 426: 426

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Chapter 426 Jade Emperor’s Death, Becoming the Heavenly Dao

Hearing Fang Liang’s words, Li Xuan’ao’s expression instantly turned ashen, as if he had been struck.

He had actually doubted it before, but there was no response. He could only give up. Li Xuan’ao and Li Daokong had already entered the calamity. It was too late even if they wanted to retreat.

Li Daokong slowly said, “I wonder if Your Majesty is fighting for yourself or for the Sages?”

Fang Liang chuckled. “Why ask so clearly? The two of you have been under the protection of the Human School and have grown up before you even experienced it. You can actually feel what I want.”

Li Daokong frowned.

Li Xuan’ao was furious. He drew his sword and said, “Fang Liang, you’re really arrogant. Do you really think that the two of us are your subordinates?”

Fang Liang shook his head and said, “Am I not respectful enough to the two of you? It’s just that it involves the Sage’s plan. I have no right to say anything.”

Li Daokong turned around. “Junior, let’s go.”

Li Xuan’ao glared at Fang Liang before turning around.

After the two of them left, the smile on Fang Liang’s face vanished. He clenched his fists in his sleeves, thinking about something.

Ten years later.

The Hidden Sect’s hundred-year competition had just ended. Among Han Jue’s disciples, no one could defeat Li Yao.

Jiang Yi fought with Li Yao for a long time.

After this battle, he could no longer remain calm.

He was the number one prodigy of the Golden Crow Divine Clan. How could he be caught up by a junior?

Most importantly, the other party was only a woman.

Xing Hongxuan didn’t participate in the competition, but she was stunned by the simulation trial. She was very curious about Han Jue’s cultivation.

She had never seen such a Mystical Power in the human Holy Land.

She had heard that Han Jue had already reached the Zenith Heaven Realm.

Such speed…

Too ridiculous!

Xing Hongxuan was already a prodigy, but she knew that Han Jue was younger than her. When the two of them first met, he was still a youth.

Han Jue didn’t pay attention to this hundred-year competition. It was organized by Murong Qi and there was no reward. However, everyone from the Hidden Sect looked forward to it.

On this day.

Han Jue stopped cultivating and took out the Book of Misfortune. He cursed and checked his emails.

The war between the humans and the Heavenly Court continued. It was impossible to tell who would win for the time being.

Li Daokong was still fighting Jiang Dugu. He had also been severely injured.

Han Jue couldn’t understand the thoughts of the cultivators of the Human School. They seemed to be even more excited to hit their own people.

This time, Han Jue planned to curse Jade Emperor Zhou Yan for fifty billion years.

However, Han Jue’s lifespan had just decreased by 40 billion years when he saw an email.

(Because of your curse, your enemy Jade Emperor Zhou Yan suffered an attack from negative karma. His Dharmic powers surged and his last trace of will was devoured by the Heavenly Devil. He died and his Dao dissipated.]

He was finally dead?

Han Jue hurriedly checked his interpersonal relationships. Jade Emperor Zhou Yan’s portrait had completely disappeared.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

Another six-star aggro user was killed by him. This was the true path of cultivation. Anyone else could die but myself!

Han Jue chanted the Tathagata Incantation and used it to send Jade Emperor Zhou Yan off.

Although Jade Emperor Zhou Yan was already dead, Han Jue would feel better if he did this.

After all, this was a mighty figure, the Immeasurable Emperor, a terrifying existence that shook the world!

Han Jue felt a little sorry for making him die without anyone knowing.

This guilt did not last long, though.

There was another person to curse now.

Great Nine Heavens!

Continue cursing!

Five days later, Han Jue put down the Book of Misfortune and continued cultivating to break through to the mid-stage Golden Immortal Realm.

At the same time, the two blobs of Fiendcelestial Qi in his body were still constantly absorbing the nebulous Primordial Qi in the Stellar Universe.

Apart from the Reroll World, these stars had yet to give birth to any living beings. They were like reserves of Dharmic powers.

Han Jue had an idea.

If this universe of stars formed a living universe, wouldn’t he become the Heavenly Dao?

Was there a possibility that the so-called chaos itself was the body of an unimaginable existence?

Thinking of this possibility, Han Jue couldn’t help but shiver.

How strong was such an existence?

As a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Han Jue was not only powerful, but he could also see through many Heavenly Dao rules and karmic fate. However, he couldn’t sense what was outside the Heavenly Dao, like the Dark Forbidden Zone. Once it involved the Heavenly Dao, he couldn’t sense anything. This was the difference in cultivation level.

Perhaps when he became a Sage, he would be able to sense existences outside the Heavenly


It was said that the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End was hidden in the Dark Forbidden Zone. Han Jue had yet to encounter it.

Immortal World, Human Race.

On an altar, Zhou Fan stood proudly. Thunderclouds rumbled in the sky, forming a huge and terrifying vortex.

Mo Fuchou and the geniuses of the various races stood below the platform discussing.

“Brother Zhou is really impressive. He can actually trigger the Heavenly Dao.”

“It’s said that he has already obtained the Human Emperor’s inheritance. I wonder which Human Emperor it is.”

“This is the golden age of the human race. With the inheritances of all the past Human Emperors, we will definitely be able to defeat the Heavenly Court.”

“Sigh, ten million people have just died in the seventh level of the battlefield. It’s too tragic.”

“Can’t both sides negotiate?”

“We can’t. It’s said that the Sages want to change the protagonist of the Heavenly Dao. Our human race has been abandoned.”

Hearing the geniuses’ discussion, Mo Fuchou couldn’t help but shake his head. In the battle between the humans and Heavenly Court, he couldn’t say who was right and who was wrong, but both sides had their own ambitions.

At this point, it didn’t matter who was right or wrong.

Zhou Fan suddenly turned to look at Mo Fuchou and smiled. “Brother Mo, what do you think of the Heavenly Dao? Can it defeat Han Jue?”

He raised his right hand, and all the Heavenly Dao lightning interwove in his palm.

At this moment, he was like a god.

Mo Fuchou smiled. “Why are you always thinking about winning against him? You obtained so many opportunities, but he has always been in seclusion. It’s not fair to think about him again.”

Zhou Fan was already an Immortal Emperor and there were very few opponents among the Emperor Realm. No matter how talented Han Jue was, he had always been in seclusion. How could he compare to Zhou Fan? “For some reason, I feel that I’m not his match.” Zhou Fan shook his head and smiled.

He felt that he had been tortured till insanity.

Apart from Han Jue, he was confident in dealing with anyone, even if they were ancient mighty figures. However, every time he thought of Han Jue, he inexplicably lost his confidence.

Mo Fuchou didn’t reply. Instead, he looked up at the rolling thunderclouds with envy. He also wanted to be like Zhou Fan, but his providence was inferior and he was not as ruthless.

There was once a fortuitous encounter that appeared in front of them. The two of them endured the pain together. He was the first to retreat. Zhou Fan gritted his teeth and endured it until he finally obtained the inheritance.

After that, Mo Fuchou knew that he would never catch up to Zhou Fan.

He was also filled with anticipation for him. As long as he survived this Immeasurable Calamity, Zhou Fan would definitely rise.

At that time, they would realize their ambitions.

At this moment, a figure flew over on a sword. A powerful aura directly dispersed the Heavenly Dao Thundercloud. Everyone turned to look

“It’s Zhao Xuanyuan!” someone exclaimed. Everyone became nervous after hearing this name.

Zhou Fan turned around and frowned.

Zhao Xuanyuan was handsome and graceful like an immortal.

He came to the top of Zhou Fan’s head and said condescendingly, “You, come out with me. I’ll give you an opportunity.”

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