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Chapter 1002: 1002

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After all, it was still their child regardless if the baby was a boy or a girl. They would love the baby all the same.

She no longer troubled herself over this matter after thinking it through. She said, “I’ll be giving birth in another three months. Your Majesty will need to give the baby a name soon. It would be best if you prepared one boy’s name and one girl’s name each.”

Long Yang laughed. “There’s a few more months to go. What’s the hurry?”

Lu Liangwei had a sudden inspiration and her pretty eyes curved into crescent shapes. “You’ll be in charge of the official name and I’ll give the baby its nickname.”

Long Yang replied with interest, “What sort of nickname do you plan on giving them?”

“What do you think of Bun and Bread?” Lu Liangwei joked.

The corner of Long Yang’s eye twitched as he frowned. “Not good.”

Lu Liangwei was enjoying herself. “What’s wrong with them? I think they sound adorable. Long Bun and Long Bread. It sounds like a lot of fun.”

Long Yang darted a look at her. He could not bear shooting her down when he saw her talking about this so happily, but he still insisted, “They sound like names that were not seriously thought through. Our child would blame you for that in the future.”

Not to mention, how could a son or daughter of his take such a name?

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His child would not appreciate it when they grew up.

Lu Liangwei was just having fun with the names, but decided to stop joking around when she saw Long Yang’s reaction.

“I was just joking. You shouldn’t be so serious about it.”

Long Yang rubbed her head and said gently, “We shouldn’t joke around with our children’s names. It is something that follows them for the rest of their lives. We need to be serious about this.”

Lu Liangwei agreed. “Alright. I’ll heed your words.”

Even a common family would take great care when giving a name to their child, let alone a child born into the imperial family.

Nevertheless, His Majesty would be the one in charge of this. With him on naming duty, their child should have a decent name.

Even though Long Yang claimed they were not in a hurry, he already began to think up several names when he had some time that day.

After he was done with lunch, Long Yang got Zhao Qian to move the Palace Memorials to Grand Phoenix Palace.

At the moment, Lu Liangwei was flipping through a book idly. She did not fiddle with any medicinal materials during this time because they had a strong scent and she was worried the chemicals would affect the child in her womb.

Long Yang entered the room and immediately spotted a jade vase filled with peach blossoms on the table.

However, it did not matter how beautiful the peach blossoms bloomed, they were still not as beautiful as the woman beside them.

Lu Liangwei toyed with the petals of the peach blossoms and, when she saw him come in, she asked, “Aren’t they nice?”

Long Yang walked over and leaned over her with his hands perched on either side. His soulful eyes burned with passion as he looked at her. “Yes, they are.”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback, but quickly responded as she said a little shyly, “I was talking about the peach blossoms in the vase.”

She was not a narcissist.

However, she knew the man was doing this on purpose when she saw the teasing look in his eyes.

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She was about to say something when Long Yang said, “Weiwei is the nicest in my eyes.”

A small smile appeared on the corner of Lu Liangwei’s lips when she heard this. She wanted to laugh, but when she met the man’s gentle, affectionate gaze, her heart began beating wildly.

Her feather-like eyelashes batted slowly. She always found it hard to breathe when His Majesty looked at her this way, as if she was about to drown in the pool of his eyes.

Long Yang leaned in toward her and pressed his forehead against hers. His voice was husky and seductive. “Ever since meeting you, my eyes have never been able to look away from you.”

Lu Liangwei’s pretty eyes blinked slightly and her face suddenly turned red.

Was His Majesty sweet-talking her? He sounded so explicit.

She coughed. She did not really want to ruin the atmosphere, but she could not help saying, “This is just an ‘if’. If I was ugly, would your eyes still be unable to look away from me?”

She looked at him expectantly as she asked.

Long Yang was taken aback. “There’s no ‘if’ here.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes and continued stubbornly, “I’m saying ‘if’. If I was ugly, would Your Majesty still be attracted to me?”

Long Yang leaned closer and pecked her lips, which were soft as petals. He asked, “If I was an ordinary-looking man, would Second Miss Lu still be willing to marry me?”

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